Tuesday, May 10, 2011

McGuire Casa

I suppose it's time to share pics of the new casa.  So here it is.....
**Side note;  We are SO not all the way moved in and decorated, so don't go thinking we're dirty ol slobs just yet!!***

 First things first....a kstate flag was hung outside so the neighbors know what's up.

 Right when you walk in the front door your in the living room.  Meet my new couch.  I love him.  He is not complete yet though.  He has two more pieces coming.... I will let you know when i name him :)

 Kitchen...small but gets the job done.  The fridge is new, i like it.  PS fridges are NOT cheap.

 Where we keep the muts all damn day while we're slaving away at work.  Also where a crap ton of water is going.  Someone tell my husband to chill on the watering....rome wasn't built in a day you know!

 One of two guest rooms.  This one is the only one that was decent enough for a pic.  We call this Mel's room.  Because we're hoping that makes her come stay ALL THE TIME :)  My mother is now obsessed with the animal theme....so get excited for updates on that!

 Master....where the magic happens of course!! (HA!).  We ordered new furniture, and it'll be here by this weekend.  I'm super pumped for it!  We ordered a sleigh bed, and two dressers.  I get the bigger one in case there was any confusion on that.

Did you just hear angels sing??? I swear i do every time i walk into the closet.  It's my happy place.  Now if i could just get it organized and kick the hubby out we'll be all set.

Mom and I spent Mother's Day decorating.  I swear it's what she really wanted to be doing :)  So it looks a little different then the pics....i'll update ya'll once we get everything done and all the new stuff arrives!!!

On a completely different page....WHAT IS UP WITH THE MOTH'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Moly.