Thursday, July 11, 2013

Declan - 4 months

(only a week late...not too bad!)

A quarter of a year old..... holy hannah!! I'd better get to planning your 1st birthday :)  
who am i kidding its already planned!

Weight:  13lbs 13oz
Length: 24in. (still just in the 25%)
Head: 16.25 

You are a growing boy!!! I swear in the last week you doubled in size!!! But from the way you've been eating that is no surprise!!! You've been wanting to eat every hour and a half, 2 hours if we're lucky!!  We've added in a formula bottle every now and then, it seems to hold you over a bit longer.  (Mom just can't keep up!! And you're tearing through my freezer stash super quick at that rate!)  I think we'll hold off on cereal for another month if not two. We shall see....

June was a busy month for you!  You had several doctors appointments in Wichita and KC so we were on the road A LOT!  I'd like to say you did well....but I'd be telling a little lie.  You just do NOT like your car seat!  I really wish we could travel with you in our laps sometimes...but that's against the law (and totally unsafe) and us McGuire's NEVER break the law :)
**Edited to add:  You're last trip to Wichita you did MUCH better!! Apparently you just need an iPad and a bottle and you're good to go!**

You're still wearing size 1 diapers, but it seems like you could switch over soon.  We do have quite a few 1's left so I'm going to try and get those used up first!!  As far as clothes go, we are FINALLY able to get you in those 3 month pants/shorts.  We were stuck in an in-between phase for a bit and it was just no good.  Still wearing your 0-3, and 3 month tops.  I feel like we may always be a size behind.  (Although with your recent growth spurt, and the way you've been eating, we may just catch up!!)

Your first father's day was a success!!! We spoiled your father something fierce!!!  You gave him a new driver, a shop vac, a kstate shirt, a sprinkler timer, golf club cleaner, and the above frame!! Out of all the gifts you gave him, this one was by far the favorite!!! We'll do it every year...and eventually I'll put together a book for him!  

You are still sleeping like a champ!! You usually have your last meal around 830-9pm and then off to bed you go! Sometimes you'll stir around 4am, but will go right back to sleep if i put your binky back in!  I LOVE that you're a good sleeper.  Momma likes her sleep so THANK YOU SWEET BABY!

(you obviously have your papa wrapped around your little finger.  that man just lights up when you are's pretty adorable!)

You are doing such a great job at sitting up (with assistance of course), and you LOVE to look around. You love to watch the TV (or iPad) if it's on, and lights are pretty much your fave.  You also REALLY like to be outside.  You and Gramme spend a lot of time out on the deck watching the trees.

(You really love bath time!!! I think you'll be my little swimmer when you're older!)

Your eyes are still a little gunky in the mornings, which drives me bonkers...but the doctor still says that's perfectly normal.  (riiiiight)  I really hope it goes away soon.

Speaking of your eyes...still the most beautiful shade of blue!!! You my son, are going to be a heart breaker with those big blue eyes.  

You think you're a pretty big boy, and hold your own bottle sometimes.

Granny K came this past month and visited you for a whole week and a half!!! We really loved having her here...she was here during a few of your appointments so she was a big help with traveling and taking care of you!  We really miss Granny K and wish she lived closer :(

Aunt Sadie came for a visit from the big ol Windy City!!! We've been a little spoiled and have seen her a couple times in the past few months, and we'll see her again on the family trip to Colorado!!  You got lots of kisses and snuggles from one of your favorite aunts....

We went swimming at the Country Club for the first time.  I had a feeling you'd love it, since you love bath time.  You were just in a daze the whole time....basking in the sun i guess :)  (and yes, your father has your binky in his mouth, he's a weirdo)

I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time at the Club next summer.... Can't wait!!!

I'll leave you with this video.  We tried out bouncing on the knee for the first time, and you my son...LOVED it.  I was crying because it just was too flipping adorable.  You are such a happy baby and that makes me such a happy mommy.  We love you the moon and back.