Sunday, March 27, 2011

The road to the Chicago 1/2

Welp, week one is officially over.  I didn't die.  Which is a bonus :) 

Monday:  3 miles.  I was an over acheiver on Monday.  I ran 4.25 miles and then did the good ol elliptical for a while.

Tuesday:  4 miles.  So 4 miles i ran....and elliptical for 75 minutes.

Wednesday:  Crosstrain.  45 min. on elliptical and 20 min. weights.  Be afraid of my massive guns.  Oh i ran over lunch too (3.5miles) i guess i failed on only crosstraining.

Thursday:  3 miles.  Ummmm i had a chiropractor/acumpuncture appointment after work.  I had planned to go work out after that.  But he said to take it easy, and to go home and ice my pelvis.  Apparently mine was out of line.  Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Friday:  Crosstrain.  I ran the 3 i was supposed to run on Thursday, then ellipticaled for 35 minutes.

Saturday:  6 miles.  This one sucked.  Especially since it was raining and i had to run all 6 on the treadmill.  To pass the time i count songs.  I go thru 16 songs in one hour....and it takes me a little less than an hour to run 6.... LONGEST 16 songs EVER.  And of course elliptical...for an hour. (i was bored!! everyone was napping at home! Plus i am reading a good book!)

Sunday:  Rest.  And body weight in crap.... it's what i do.

So i was supposed to run a total of  16 miles this week....and i ran 20.75.  Better than being under!!!! Next weeks the 5k.  I'm super excited to see everyone!! Mel's coming....Can. Not. Freaking. Wait.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This one to be exact!!!! (no, the boat doesn't come with it...damn the luck!)
We close on April 29th!! (the reason i will now NOT be running a race that weekend. Damn the luck again)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Run Run as fast as you can......

Welp...i suppose it's time to actually come up with a training plan.  Boo.

Here's what my schedule is looking like as far as time goes....

5k for Kenna....April 2nd.  Personally i feel like i got this....when i run, i try and always run at least 3 miles.  I know i won't die and/or look like a fool in front of the whole town of Bucklin America (ever been? it's ginormous!!)

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon/ Garden City 10k...May 1/April 30.  No I am not running both....there may be some circumstances that make one or the other a better option.  I really really want to run the Oklahoma City way in hell would i be ready for the full marathon, that's crazy talk.... heck i wouldn't even be ready for the half yet!! BUT you know what i would be ready for???? A RELAY!!!! They split the race up into 5 parts... 10k, 5k, 12k, 5k, 10k.  I would run one of the 10's probably.  I think it'd be super fun.  BUT...big BUT....i may need to stay here in town that weekend (I feel like EVERYTHING is happening on that same damn weekend, it's stupid!!).  I should know more in the next day or two if it's going down the 30th or not.... maybe someday i'll tell you the reason...maybe.

Rock n' Roll 1/2 Marathon Chicago....August 14th.  The MIL and myself will be heading out to the windy city (chicago has NOTHING on DC!) to run ourselves a little 1/2 marathon.  Scary

I realize that's three months inbetween the 10k and the 1/ i think i'll find me another race in there somewhere.  There's a few in Wichita i'm eyeballing. 

So i don't have a real plan.... but i'm going to attempt to make one up.  Cause i like plans....and i like to follow them to a T.  I get angry when plans are not followed to a T.....don't mess with my plans....seriously. 

ohhhhhh k moving on.  here's what i'm thinking for now till the 10k.  Someone tell me if this is stupid....or if i need to add things/take things out. (week 1 starts today...goes in order or day...duh)

Week 1:   3miles, 4 miles, Crosstrain, 3miles, Crosstrain, 6miles
Week 2:   3miles, 4.5 miles, Crosstrain, 4 miles, Crosstrain, 5k for Kenna
Week 3:   3miles, 5 miles, Crosstrain, 3 miles, Crosstrain, 6 miles
Week 4:   3miles, 5.5 miles, Crosstrain, 4 miles, Crosstrain, 7 miles
Week 5:   3miles, 6 miles, Crosstrain, 4 miles, Crosstrain, 8 miles
Week 6:   3miles, 3 miles, Crosstrain, 3 miles, Crosstrain, 10k in Garden, Oklahoma City
Not gonna lie, i'll probably still do the elliptical and what not on running days...i'm addicted :)  I think this plan is TOTALLY do able..... but we shall see.  I didn't start the week of very well....i slept thru my morning workout to the gym I go after work!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

I HEART St. Patty's day.... heart heart heart it!!!! Maybe i actually heart the fake st. patty's day....

 or maybe i actually heart green beer....or maybe i have a really big crush on a hot irish lad named Travis..... either way... I HEART St. Patty's day :)
 This year we didn't get to partake in any of the Fake St. Patty's celebrations....but we were there in spirit.....

You better believe that before I die....i shall hop the pond to spend a St. Patty's day in THAT has got to be ONE hell of a party!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The ABC's of Me!!

I"m fresh out of fun witty things today (or everyday for that matter!) so i'm jumping on the latest post bandwagon.... ready set go.

A....AGE;    27. I"m old....Travis likes to make fun of me....jerk. 

B....Bed Size;  Well this is tricky.  Currently we're staying at my parents, and i belive it's just a standard mattress (aka, SMALL!).  Which is fine, being that my husband likes to sleep on my side of the bed every night, with me still there as well.  Usually we have a Queen....but i'd LOVE a King.

C....Chore you dislike;  All of them??? Ok...well if i had to choose just one i'd say cleaning the bathroom...I REFUSE!!!

D....Dogs; Two super adorable (ok, one's super fat, but i still really like her!) Puggles...

E....Essential start to your day;  Well...first I pee.  Doesn't everyone??? Then i brush my teeth and head to the gym..... then coffee.

F....Favorite Color;  Um i always say green.  But if you look in my closet you'd guess purple.  Guess that's what being a HUMUNGO KSU fan does to you :)  GO CATS!!

G....Gold or Silver;  Silver...all the way.  I'm not fancy enought to pull off gold.  Plus i never wear anything besides my wedding ring and diamond studs...BORING!

H....Height;  Um...Well i always say 5'7....but if you must know the truth....5 '6 and 3/4. 

I....Instrument you play;  Currently??? None.  I can play chopsticks on the piano...  that's about it.  I used to play the Clarinet...that sucked.

J....Job title;'s technically HR Assistant.  But that could be argued :)

K....Kids; NONE...thanks for rubbing it in.  Geesh.

L....Live;  Just moved back to good ol SWK....Get the Hell Into Dodge!!!!

M....Mom's Name; Debra...Debbie....Momma Doll...The big D.

N....Nick Names; Don't really have any...some shorten my name...Ab...My friends call me Doll (maiden name!) aunt Kathy calls me AJ.

O....Overnight Hospital Stays;  Just one.  I was in high school and was dumb.  I weighed 72 pounds and my kidneys started to they hospitalized me for fluids and food.  Bleh.

P....Pet Peeves;  Chewing loudly...TRAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q....Quote from a movie;  "I love lamp"
R....Righty or Lefty;  Righty all the way!!

S....Siblings;  Two wonderful ones!! Breanna who is THIRTY!!!! and Sadie who is Twenty Three!

T....Time you wake up;  weekdays...5:45am (YUCK!) and weekends usually around 9.

U....Underwear; i heart thongs.

V....Vegetable you don't like;  I like most vegetables.  I wasn't a fan of kale though.

W....What makes you run late;  Um...if i can't find something to wear.  Or sometimes i loose track of time while reading the paper...that may or may not have happened yesterday.

X....X Rays you've had;  My arm (broke it when i was like 8), my mouth (duh!) and recently my uterus, my tubes annnnnnnd my ovaries.  Good times.

Y....Yummy food you make;  Everything i make is YUMMY!!! RIGHT TRAVIS??????  But i think my enchilada's are pretty stinking amazing...and my eggplant parm.

Z...Zoo animal;  I love penguins...they're cool.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend recap and Misc. Monday!


This past weekend the hubs and I ventured east to the big city of Wichita!! The driving force behind this was i needed my hair a bad way!!! Our good friend Makenzie was happy to oblige and chopped off my locks.... like more then 6 inches. So far i still like it....i can even put it back in a pony still, so that's a bonus in my book :)

I did myself a little shopping after lunch....oh how i love von maur.  i should not be allowed in that store with my wallet.  I needed retail a bad way!

Trav was a lucky duck and got to travel up to Manhattan for the last home basketball game of the season with his pops.  He took ONE picture....just one....and it was no good.
I have gone wrong somewhere with him.....that'll be my new project, make travis a picture nazi.

A picture Nazi would have been nice to have along later saturday night.... i think i took THREE pictures all night.  What a shame.  We headed out to dinner with Jenna and Ryan...along with Melissa the Great.  It was a grand ol time!! Lots of food (sushi craving was fulfilled!) lots of beers and sake...and lots of laughs.  I really love that i'm so much closer to friends now! It's still a 2 1/2 hour drive to see Mel, but it's worth it :)  Especially when the Reyes make the trek from KC to play with us!
And because they're on the crazy train headed to fake st. patty's in manhattan this weekend, i thought it was only appropriate to post this picture from our first st. patty's together.  I was obviously handling the day quite well at this point....ahhhhhh how i loved college.

Okie dokie...well now that you know all about my food, fun and booze filled weekend....we can get on with the regularly scheduled program.

1.  I'm still not on the house buying wagon.  I used to be....but i promptly jumped off that wagon when i realized how STUPID home buying is!! HOLY stress batman!!  I think i'll just live in the parentals basement for a few years, then we can just buy a house with cash and not have to worry about mortgages and all that crazy sauce.  I wonder how Steve and Debbie will take that news.... maybe we could buy a double wide and park it in the backyard for a few years, would cost some money to purchase, but in the long run we'd still be saving :)  I'll look into that and let you know what happens!!
(SIDENOTE:  ummmm after googling doublewide trailer images.... i've decided that they're not as scary as i thought.  Well maybe this picture is....but there are some super nice ones!! So i am super sorry if i offended any doublewide dwellers.)

2.  How stinking long does it take to get a darn deposit back??? We've been out of our house in Englewood since February 6th.  It's been a month....isn't there some kind of rule about this sort of thing??? I'm calling my lawyer (Sarah, that's you!! and i'm kidding, i think they have another week or two, but wait patiently by the phone just in case!).  That money would be greatly appreciated....doublewide's aren't cheap you know.

3.  GAS IS OUTRAGOUS!!!!!!!!!!!  I filled up this morning before work.  57 big ones.  And the sad thing is...last tank I only made it 267 miles.  THAT IS STUPID!  (i have a 16 gallon tank do the math!)  So at this rate, with my commute, i'll be filling up every FOUR days!!  So pretty much SEVEN times a month!  That's just stupid.  I"m getting a skooter....or a motercycle..... OHHHHH a Prius, that's it, im getting a Prius!
That baby would get almost DOUBLE what my car gets.  Sign me the heck up!!!

4.  Do you ever just feel like your in trouble?? I have that feeling today.  I have no idea far as i know i haven't done anything wrong... but i just get the "I hate abby today" vibe around here.  Maybe i'm paranoid...or maybe it's because my boss is jealous of my new hair do....that's got to be it.

5.  Oh i signed up for a little race in August....

This should be interesting.  I have been running more than normal since i signed up for this thing....but still, 13 miles and some change is A LONG WAY!!! I'm going to copycat Jamie and do weekly postings about my training.....when i actually start following a plan.  HEY JAMIE.....yes i'm talking to you.... even though the race isn't till August should I start Hal's plan now or wait till it's 12 weeks away???  I need your expertise please....i consider you a professional.

Alrighty, well i could probably come up with 1,245 misc. thoughts today.... so i'll cut it short at 5.  Consider that your happy monday present.  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pity Party....

I'm having one....and you can come if you'd like.

There won't be any food, beverages or clowns....just me pouting.

So no fun fun at my pity party.

Why the pity party you ask?? Because I didn't get my way....

No house for me.

No baby for me this month either. (i'm seriously going to punch my ovaries....or maybe let mel, she likes that kind of thing.)

So.  If you're cup of tea is a party that blows..... join me won't you??