Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh the places we will go.....

This is turning out to be the year of travel.... here's what 2012 has going on so far.


We headed up to Omaha for Nordy and Julie's Wedding.  Needless to say.  We. Had. Fun.

This month we didn't go anywhere super duper exciting.  But we spent a lot of time in Wichita! This past weekend We got to spend some quality time with these folks....

We have NO plans for traveling in march.  And that makes me happy.  However....i should be getting a visit from this piece of work....

She has to take her series 7 test first....then she's all mine :)

Two fun things in the books for this month....first up...

In Kansas City....with this pretty lady!

Our mother in law will be joining well as Jenna Reyes herself :)  It's going to be a blast.

And then..... a couple of weeks after that.  Trav and I will head here.....

and the best's free!! A drug company is taking us.  One of the perks of working at a feedyard I guess!  Whatevs....i'll take it!!

This trip has been a while in the making.  Well sort of.  Ok maybe not really.  We just started talking about it this past one was sure we'd actually do it.  but i took the reins...planned it, booked it, and we're off on the 23rd for 5 days of awesomeness here....

Maui, HI.

With the majority of these fabulous people! (All the young ones.  The elders stay home!)

June will take us BACK up to KC...this time for a colorful activity!
Anyone ever done this??? Me and the girlies are partaking, and I think it's going to be the bee's knee's.

This is the month of my father's birth.  And every year we go spend several days here....

Brekenridge Colorado....or Heaven.

July also brings up another favorite trip of mine.....Girls Weekend, or GW12.

These girls.....

In this little townhome.... for 4 days!

With a little bit of this mixed it!! Tablerock here we come!!

The rest of the year is a little more far.  Oh well at some point my sister is getting married (i think sept. is the tentative date there....)
So we'll all head to Crested Butte for that....

September will also bring on......

Which pretty much consumes our weekends for 4 months!!! Eeeeek, i can't wait!!

So to recap...this year. is. CRAZY!!! I think maybe 2012 will redeem itself....and we'll be friends after all.