Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We're alive!!!

Once again I've managed to fall off the face of the blog earth.  My sincerest apologies to all 3 of you that read :)

So, what have we been up to since you last heard from me?? (back in May?) Well.... we went to Hawaii. Had a blasty blast....

All the girl cousins!! Love these ladies!!

The Mr. and I at the Luau!

My favorite place to spend down time.....i miss it.

My sisters and I with the lady that made it all possible! Granny K!

Then towards the end of June, I packed it up and headed to KC to do the Color Run with my besties.  As usual, these ladies did not disappoint!

Before the chaos began.

Obviously after.  I apparently just dumped my bag of purple on my head.....opps.

Mel and I.....

And the whole crew!!! What a fun bunch!

And then just the other weekend we had a little shindig to attend to! The neighbor-boy from across the street (who ALWAYS cheated in flash light tag!!) got hitched!!

We're special.

Other then that...we've been doing some of this fun stuff....

For those of you unaware folk...that's sheetrock...for a bathroom....specifically in my basement.  They've been working full steam on the whole basement for the last few days, and I swear if i let them, they'd have it done by Sunday.  I'll show pics when it's closer!

Oh and as of today, Mr. McGuire is a local celebrity. 

I'd bet a million dollars he was already drunk in this picture :)

This weekend is the start of Dodge City Days.  It's a big deal around these parts.  The whole In-Law crew will be joining us this year for the festivities and we couldn't be more excited!  There will be lots of Testicle Festival's, Logan Mise, Parade's, Boothill, running, and Jerrod Neimann.  Yehaw!!!!!