Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bumpdate: 35 weeks

How Far Along: 35weeks and 3 days (1/31/2013)

Size of Baby M:Baby M is the size of a coconut! And fun fact of the uterus is 1,000 times it's normal size.  Ginormous i tell you.
Weight: Uhhhh at 13 pounds.  I have no clue what's going on there.....I'm a bottomless pit most nights.  I've read that it's normal to have no weight gain or a loss at the hopefully all is ok.  I'll ask at my appointment next week. (I also could blame this on the tummy troubles... if you know what i mean)

Exercise:  Haven't missed a day this week :) (only one session saturday and sunday and tuesday) Still able to run...which makes me one happy girl.  Trying to take it somewhat easy, so i don't get an injury... but i managed 30 miles since last Wed.!! Trying to work in some weights as well, but let's be honest, that's not happening a whole heck of a lot!  Ohhhh and guess what I got last night?!?!?! MY PUSH GIFT :)

I think this bad boy will come in super handy once the little guys here.  I can just go downstairs and get in a quick workout while he's sleeping!! Haven't tried it yet....but i plan on doing that tonight!!! 
Symptoms:  I've been really crampy.  Period like cramps... which is super annoying.  Back pain, fatigue, heartburn, diarrhea (TMI?).......grumpiness from being so uncomfortable.  He's constantly trying to move...but has no room, so its just shifting my business around, which is not comfortable.  I'm just going to complain from here on out k?  Oh and the BH are getting more times.

Cravings: Nothing in particular.

Sleep:  Up every couple of hours.... mostly to pee.  But sometimes I'm just up.

Stretch Marks: No battle wounds yet!!!

Gender: Still a little guy....and still on name number 2.

Maternity Attire: Still trying to wear all my maternity tops.  Pants are mostly mine still....but an occasional maternity pair here and there.

Looking Forward To:  Well being that I'm grounded we have no where to go this weekend again.  The plan is to organize/clean the storage room this weekend....exciting stuff.  We may try and venture to a movie....out to dinner....all depending on how i feel.  Right now.  I just want to lay in bed with a heat pad on my back and complain (poor trav).  Sunday we'll head to a Super Bowl party where trav will compete in a Rib Contest.  The guy who hosts it hasn't lost yet.... hopefully trav will give him a run for his money :)

Next week we have an ultrasound to see how big this baby is..... I'm guessing somewhere around 6 pounds at this point.....any guesses???

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bumpdate: 34 weeeks

How Far Along: 34weeks and 3 days (1/24/2013)   I don't feel like i look bigger...maybe it's because he's dropped....or because i can't possibly get any bigger.
Size of Baby M:  He's the size of a butternut squash!! He's also urinating about a pint a case you were wondering.

Weight: No gain still at 13.5 pounds.  Doctor said she wasn't worried about this, as long as baby is growing....and oh boy is he!

Exercise: Well again we traveled this past weekend...but i still managed one workout a day while gone...wanna know what i did?!?!! I FREAKING RAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am beyond excited to be back at it.  First things first though.  Past week i worked out twice everyday except Friday, Saturday and Sunday (was in wichita)...running a total of 26.5 miles!  While in wichita, i had no option but to work out outside....plan was to walk.  Maybe try running, just see how it feels....but man once i got to going I did NOT want to stop!!! Only reason i did was because there was a shower being held in Baby M's honor and I needed to be there!! Oh man oh man i've missed it.  I was starting to have dreams about going all office space on an elliptical....bat and all.  Now hopefully I can keep it up till little guys here...which shouldn't be long!!!!!!!!!!

Symptoms:  Still feel huge.  But that's probably because I am :)  Let's see.... still have a few incidents of acid reflux happening....maybe just twice this week.  I've been really crampy (period like cramps) and having a lot of lower back pain (just dull).  Baby M has officially started to schooch his way down (he measured smaller this week compared to two weeks ago, but only because his head has started making itself comfortable as in, it aint coming back no way we'll have a breech baby...that's good news.  Other than that...i'm just uncomfortable. 

Cravings: Nothing in particular. 

Sleep: Being so uncomfortable makes it harder and harder to sleep.  I just wake up uncomfortable.  Or I wake up to pee.  Or I wake up hungry.  Or all three at the same time. 

Stretch Marks: No battle wounds yet!!!

Gender: Still a little guy....and still on name number 2.

Maternity Attire: I've been trying to wear as much of it as I can.  Mainly because it's sort of hitting home that I don't have much longer.... maybe i'll try and work some of it into my daily wardrobe after ... ya know, for fat days!! Or maybe i'll just get knocked up again asap.
Looking Forward To:  Well....I was looking forward to heading up to KC tomorrow to go to a fancy dinner with friends, and do some last minute baby shopping... BUT, doc says no.  She said i'm too close, traveling is a no go from here on out.  Well shoot.  Thank god for online shopping. Anywho...i don't know for sure what we'll do this weekend now.  Maybe organize the storage room, go to church, go to target (garden is only 40 minutes away).  Oh trav's going to smoke ribs Saturday.  He's in a competition Super Bowl weekend so i get to taste test!!! No complaints here. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bumpdate: 33 Weeks

How Far Along: 33weeks and 3 days (1/17/2013)  So close....yet sooooo far.

Size of Baby M: He's the size of a durian....what the heck is a durian??? Anyway...he could apparently grow up to a full inch this week...that's cray.  There's not an inch to spare in there i tell you!
Weight: No still right around 13.5 pounds. 

Exercise: Well even with traveling this past weekend I managed to get my workouts in!! I made it twice a day everyday except over the weekend, just once on those days....there was just too much Mel time to be spent :)  My back's not near as bad as it was.  It's actually a whole different kind of discomfort.  So i think whatever was pinched before is better, and now I'm just uncomfortable from him.  I may try running this week....just a little, see how it feels. (mel...did you catch that?)

Symptoms: If being larger then a house is a symptom, then i have that.  Several people have seen me lately (people that don't know me well) and said...Oh any day now huh?  I still have a while peeps...but thanks for making me feel super great about it!!! Turds.  Like i said above, back aches... a few random bouts of heartburn....and the Braxton Hicks have picked up a bit.  I should take a picture of my super creepy shaped belly and show's not pretty.  Thank God i wear shirts :)  Other then that...still TONS of movement.  I love it...but man sometimes it's super uncomfortable!!!

Cravings: Nothing really comes to mind.  I suppose I've requested homemade nachos more then usual this past week.... and my newest candy obsession is the flavored fish (not just the red Swedish fish, but the one with all the flavors).  So that's fun.  Oh and i tried the white chocolate Reese's last night....holy hell those are amazing.  Must stay away from those.

Sleep: Still waking up at least twice to pee.  I've been getting hot while sleeping as well...which is weird.  Rolling over is a whole production, poor trav gets woke up a lot with me huffing and puffing trying to situate myself.

Stretch Marks: No battle wounds yet!!!

Gender: Still a little guy....and as of this week we're still on the second name.  We shall see!!!!!

Maternity Attire: I decided this morning that I'm going to wear a maternity shirt every to get use out of those babies!!!! Pants are frustrating to me still.... maternity one's don't fit right...look dumpy.  And my prepreggo one's fit every where but my belly....duh.  So i either look dumpy or am uncomfortable.  Bleh.

Looking Forward To:   Heading to Wichita this Friday for a fun little weekend!!! I'm hoping to talk Travis into taking me for sushi when we get in town....and Orange Leaf.  Oh it's been too long since I've had orange leaf!!!  Saturday we have maternity pictures with the super talented Amy Hall.  I actually met Amy a few years back when i was waitressing at Willie's in Manhattan!! He husband is an owner, and her two sisters (whom are super awesome as well!) worked with me!  She just took the leap and started her own photography business, and I'm super excited to be a part of it!!!!

Saturday afternoon I shall dine with my's only been about a month and a half since we were all together...but damn that's too long!!!! Savannah's all serious about her Nursing school....Jenna travels and works more then any one person should, and Mel's just busy being awesome after passing her tests.... so getting us all in one place at one time can be tricky!!! But it's happening this weekend....and I'm PUMPED!!!

After lunch, we shall all head to Mulvane for baby shower #2.  This one's a little different!! It's a couple's shower, and we're celebrating it with my brother-in-law and his wife Bridget! Their little one will be here February 18th!!!  The boys will all probably hang downstairs, drink beer and do man stuff while us ladies get to business talking babies, eating cake and enjoying each other's company!!! I can't wait.... so much to celebrate and be thankful for!!

I'm very very much looking forward to working on the nursery now that the glider is here and all ready to go.  Just need to rearrange...and do some final details!! Maybe I'll share some pics soon!!!

And just for fun...a little 13, 23, 33 comparison! (i refuse to have a 43 week to add to this...yuck!)

oh and because he's just too stinking cute to not include on here.....

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bumpdate: 32.5 weeks

How Far Along: 32weeks and 4 days (1/11/2013)  8 MONTHS...someone pinch me.

Size of Baby M: Still feel like a house...a large mansion to be exact.  Buuuuut i suppose that's to be expected.  Baby M is head down, has been for a while now, and is def. running out of roon!!!  We'll get a sono in 4 weeks to know just what size of a baby we're dealing with here!  Baby M is the size of a squash...

Weight: I'm piling it on these days... up 13.5 pounds.  I'd really like to stay under hopefully we slow it down a bit!!

Exercise:  I am officially OVER the damn elliptical, i spent over 12 hours on the damn thing in the past week. I need something new to do.  I can do the bike for a while, (did about 2 hours total this past week and that was torture as well) but it's not the most comfortable.  Maybe i'll go swim (who are we kidding, i'm too lazy to do actually do that!)...  Anywho...i made it twice a day every day this past week except Friday (Trav talked me into being lazy after work!) and Sunday. 

Symptoms: I've decided it's the bowls of cereal before bed that cause the acid reflux.  Last night i had a small thing of yogurt about 40 minutes before bed and i was fine.  So no more cereal for me i guess.  Sorry Cheerios.  Let's see what back is STILL killing me.  The doctor today said it's probably because his heads in the canal, pushing on my pubic bones or something weird like that.  She showed me a picture similar to this one.  He's pushing shit out...and so therefor it hurts.  She looked at me, said i'm sorry to tell you this, but it's just going to get worse.  Gee thanks.
And he's now taken a liking to my ribs.  Little turd likes to stick his foot up in there and make me super uncomfortable.   He's still moving a TON at night.  Travis gets a kick out of feeling his little feet/hands/elbows run across my belly.  Pretty cool stuff.... 

Cravings:   I can't stop chewing gum this week.  I've literally gone thru 4 packs since Monday.  Sorry Mr. Dentist.  Still love oranges.  Oh and the candy Orange Slices....yes please!

Sleep:  Now that i think i've figured out what to do to NOT wake up vomiting stomach acid (no eating an hour before bed, stay sitting up, take 3 tums, and NO cereal!)  Sleep's been somewhat better.  I did wake up 3 times last night to pee.  That's fun.

Stretch Marks: Still nothing. But my lower Linea Nigra has made it's appearance.  (Dark line that runs from bottom of belly button down yonder)

Gender:  It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Just making sure you were still paying attention.  It's still a boy.  And as of today his name has changed yet again.  I'm sort of excited about this one....

Maternity Attire:  Still a good mixture.  Shirts are hard.  Pants are uncomfortable.  Good times.

Looking Forward To:  Heading out this afternoon to OKC!!!! I'm super duper excited to spend some time with Mel.  She has some super fun plans for always!! Tonight we have meet and greet passes to the Stoney Larue concert!!! He's red dirt country....and i think it shall be a great time!! I'm not sure if they get super preggo chicks backstage all the time, but they sure are tonight!!!  Tomorrow...oh tomorrow is jam packed! Shopping, KState basketball, yummy eating...and most importantly, we get to go see Sally and meet baby Easton!!!!!!!!! Oh i can't wait to get my hands on that little guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It'll be a quick trip, but probably the last chance i'll have to travel down there.  Our weekend are full up till February (next weekend maternity pics, and baby shower in wichita.  Weekend after that we're headed to KC to spend some time with The KC McGuires, visit Jenna & Ryan, and hopefully see Meghan and Jade...well actually we're going up there because i have a work thing monday and tuesday, but that's not the fun part!) 

Oh the glider for the nursery will be here Monday.  I'm super pumped to have the last big piece of the nursery we can focus on the little details!!!

I'm also very much looking forward to picking up our new TV this weekend....the basement hasn't had much use since there isn't one down there....but with a new super big TV on the wall, i forsee us spending a lot of time down there!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bumpdate: 31 Weeks

How Far Along: 31weeks and 3 days (1/3/2013)

Size of Baby M:  if going by how i feel....GINORMOUS.  Ugh i feel HUGE lately.  I swear there was a growth spurt....

All 5 senses of Baby M's are developed and working, and he's going through major brain and nerve development this week!
Weight: Up 12.3 total.  My doctor is going to be sooo proud of me :)

Exercise: Can we just talk about this for a second.  I'm experiencing something new this week on the exercise front....i have SERIOUS runner envy.  All i want to do is jump on the treadmill and run...even if for just a few minutes....even if it's only a half mile....i just want to run!!!!!  I spend my time on the elliptical, staring at the runners in front of me, cursing them in my head.  Stupid back.  I'm starting to wonder if it's not a pinched nerve, if maybe the baby is to blame.  Cause hurts. And it's not getting any better.  I've been to the chiropractor twice now (will go again tomorrow) and it's not helping.  I've been icing three times a day as instructed and it's not helping.  I've been praying to the lower left back God's.... I've tried EVERYTHING to make this better.  I refuse for this to be the end of my exercising :(  Maybe I'll try a vodoo doctor next.  BUT i digress.... I managed two workouts everyday this past week except for that's awesomely fun.  ALL that time on a damn elliptical...i am starting to loathe that machine.  I've biked a little, but this belly just gets in the way so i don't do it a whole heck of a lot.  There's a different elliptical that i do here and there to break up the boredom....i make it like a ass thanks me for it.  It lookey like this....
It's hard.  Try it.

Symptoms: Still a movin and a shakin.  It's all day now.  I love it.  Although it makes my belly look pretty odd at times.  I'm tired all the time that's no fun.  And i do believe acid reflux has started.  I actually woke myself up last night because i threw my mouth.  It was gross....and it burned.  I ran to the bathroom and just started coughing and heaving.  Travis sat up...looked at me...said stop it...and layed back down.  Thanks hun. 

Cravings: I could eat oranges all day long.  I think this has replaced my grape fetish.  Well that and the fact that grapes suck right now.  I also enjoy all other kinds of my belly and weight will show you! 

Sleep:  Throwing up in my mouth wakes me up.  So that's fun.  And if it doesn't happen, I'm up at least twice to pee anyways.  Or sometimes i wake up because my back is killing me and i have to readjust.  In case you haven't noticed i believe I've entered the "All I'm going to do is complain" phase of my pregnancy.  Aren't you excited?

Stretch Marks: Still nothing.  But at the rate this belly is growing, i won't be surprised if they appear soon!

Gender: He's a boy....still.

Maternity Attire: I'm over getting dressed.  I'm going to wear sweat pants to work and see if anyone says anything.  Maybe I'll just start crying and they'll leave me alone... should work.  I'm uncomfortable, large and hormonal, no on wants to argue with me :)

Looking Forward To:  A weekend of NOTHING.  We seriously have NO plans, no visitors, NOTHING.  I'll probably be bored all weekend :)  I need to take down all the Christmas decorations still...clean...put away baby gifts.... and sleep.  That's all I'm putting on my list....nothing else. 

Next weekend I'm going to meet this little guy....
Say hello to Easton!! Sally and Chris welcomed him into the world on the 1st, and i can NOT wait to get my hands on him!!!! Plus I'll get to chill with Mel for a bit as well!!!!
Baby Shower #1 was a a big shout out to my amazing sisters for pulling that off!!! We were spoiled by our amazing family and friends :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Remember when.....

Everyone was doing those stupid 30 before 30 posts??  ( I think i did mine in November 2011).  Well i think since i just turned 29 (EEEK) a few weeks ago, we should see how that's working out for me.....
1. Start a family (dear lord PLEASE let this happen by 30!);  Good's happening :)  As we all know Baby M will be here in 9-ish weeks!!! Maybe i'll be pregnant with #2 before i'm 30...that could be a new goal!!

2. Learn how to Sew (Debbie Doll please!); Well i wouldn't say i "learned" how to sew....but i did sew this year... just ask Mel.  She has the mustache pillow to prove it!!

3. Travel to Europe (again) with Travis; Ugh, i don't forsee this happening before i'm 30, maybe before i'm 33.  Trav and I have talked a lot about going back for our 5th year anniversary, and that's in 2 we shall see.

4. Kentucky Derby...big hats holla!!;  Well, being that i'll have just birthed a child a couple of months prior, i'm not so sure this one's happening either....but my arm could be twisted!

5. Sky Dive; this one's really Travis' deal.  He's always wanted to....maybe i'll surprise him with a sky diving trip for his birthday...or for no reason.  I'm fun like that.

6. Bungee Jump;  If i don't die from sky diving, i could handle making this happen as well....
7. Get a Lab puppy;  You've all met Jordy no?? She's fo sho a lab puppy.....

8. Plant a fruit tree; we planted another was however, NOT a fruit tree.  We researched, and they just don't do so well here...damn heat.

9. Learn how to make cinnamon rolls (sarah doll!!);  I made them last Christmas...the one and only time i've done it...but damn it i did it!!!

10. Run a total of 4 1/2 marathons (one down, three to go!); Holy hell i don't think this will happen either.  I've already signed up for a 1/2 in September of next year.  So that will make 2.  I have considered signing up for the Spring Prairie Fire 1/2 in May, but that's only 8 weeks after my due date, and if i need the full 6 weeks to recover, that leaves me hardly any time to prepare..... we'll see.  I'd be ok with jogging/walking would still count right?

11. Take Trav to Chicago; We were there over Thanksgiving!!!

12. Visit Ranaye in Cali; Was there in March!!!

13. Visit Meghan in Mexico; Sadly i did not accomplish this!! And they're moving back to Kansas, so I don't think this one will get done....maybe i'll just change it to visit Meg in KC!

14. Ride my bike to Cimarron and back; As soon as my lady parts are healed, and it's warm enough...i'm making that countyline road my biatch :)

15. Take up swimming regularly; Ugh. There's just something about having to change, get wet, dry off, shower, change again...that makes me really not want to go swim.  Some call it laziness :)

16. Finish our basement (starting next week!); It's done.  BOOM!

17. Attend a FULL season of KSU football; That happened.  And will happen again next year!!! HOLLA!!

18. Meet Bill Snyder (; working on it....sometimes he comes for Catbacker stuff, so i'll stalk him then.

19. Make out with Bill Snyder....kidding.

19. (for real) Learn some spanish. I'm not committing to speaking it fluently, but at least understanding a bit!;  I'm all signed up for a spanish class at the community college....Boom.

20. Watch Savannah graduate from nursing school;  This will be when i'm 31....but it still counts.

21. Staying Debt free..(not counting mortgage); Remember when i said we finished the basement...yaaaaa, can't stay debt free with that! But hopefully we'll get that all taken care of ASAP!!!

22. Watch Mel get married.... hehe It COULD happen!; Well as of this morning...i'm not going to say it's impossible ;)

23. Run a FULL marathon...eek, can't believe i just said that;  Ok...i could do this.  It'll have to be in the fall...I mean I am having a baby in March, so i'll need a few months to recoup.  And i have that half in after that. 

24. Go meatless for a FULL week! (don't tell my dad); I forgot about this one...shouldn't be too hard!

25. Eat dinner at the table...for a week (this will be impossible!); Does lunch count? Trav and I always eat lunch at the table, with no TV.  It's lovely.  Dinner....not so much!

26. Visit Jenna in KC (at LEAST once a year!); Was there in July...shall be there this boom, once a year already done!!!

27. Attend church on the regular;  We're still in the process of finding a good fit.  Plus during football we're out of town A LOT on sundays so it's hard....but we're working on it!

28. Volunteer; Sadly i don't see this happening.  WIth a a new baby coming, and jobs, and football, and running....there's just never enough time!!!

29. Buy a Range Rover :) This should be on my 80 before 80 list, but hey a girl can dream right!; still on the 80's list :)

30. Find my calling. What i'm supposed to do with my life....a job that makes me happy!!; I am happy to report that I love my new job at the casino.  I don't see it being my permanent position...but only because I hope to move up in the HR department at some point.  But man do i like it a bijillion times better then my first job here in KS...yuck.

  Well, i'd say i'm somewhat on track to complete the majority of these.... at least I can cross some off already!!!! Goooooo me :)