Monday, January 16, 2012

2012....we are NOT friends!

2012....ugh.  I thought this was going to be a FANTASTIC, AMAZING, BALLS TO THE WALL BEST YEAR EVER..... and i suppose it still could be.  But as of right now...January and 2012 aren't really on the best of terms.  Like...i want to kick it in the junk multiple times and then slap it's mother....yep, it's been that awesome.

I suppose the good news is it can only get i have that going for me!!! 

And the other good news is I have some pretty amazing people in my life to help keep me sane....distract me.... buy me pedicures....drink colt 45's.....redo my wardrobe (this is a whole other post, let's just say, i'm a weee bit behind on the times!!)... and just make me a little happier in general. 

(Oh and Mel..... you owe me AT LEAST $5.50 from this weekends cuss-a-thon.  Don't think i'm not keeping track.... )

Friday, January 13, 2012

Life Lately....

I'm a shitty blogger.  I'm ok with that.  It's not like i haven't been doing anything note worthy....i'm just lazy.  Sorry that i'm not sorry.

Shockling, i've been a bad photo taker as here's a lame excuse for a photo update.

 I made cin. rolls right before Christmas...for the first time.  And i'd have to say...i impressed myself.  I only ate 4 pans all by myself (i kid.  but may dad may have!)
All the kiddos home for the holidays.

Sushi night at Sarah's.  It.was.awesome.  I jsut need a rice cooker and i think i'll start making me some rolls at home!!! YUMMY!

OKC for a mini girls weekend to watch the Cotton Bowl.

Aren't my friends pretty!?!?!

They convinced me to buy my very first pair of skinny jeans and riding boots.  I'm still on the fence with this whole look.  Me no likely tight things on my legs!!

I was pretending to be James Bond, so i drank martini's.  I do have to say that after the first one they're not so bad :)

Went to a bar called Speakeasy.  It was a giant house.  I was litterally at a giant house party with bartenders.  It was neat.

And yep...that's it.  I'm headed to Wichita this weekend for some therapuetic (sp?) girl time.  It's been a rough week....and that means another weekend of girlfriend fun.  Poor Trav....poor bank account....but yea me!!!