Friday, January 22, 2010

Cross Canadian HERE WE COME!!!!

AWWWWWW aren't they pretty :) We're headed to the Grizzly Rose tonight for a sweet concert!! It's been quite a while since we've seen them..... well since the Elaine incident in P&L with Jessi (favorite jessi night EVER!!). It promises to be a great night again..... good friends, great music and about 5,678 other cowboys. Ok maybe not that many, but the stock show is still in town so i'm sure the crowd will be mostly cow people!!

PS.... did you know that Cody cut his hair (the lead singer!)....GASP!!!!
I'm sure this won't hinder him at all....he'll still smoke and chug Jack Daniels all the same :)
I"ll post pics of the concert later!!! Happy FRIDAY everyone!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Our VERY eventful weekend!!

So this weekend was jammed full of good stuff..... i shall start from the very beginning!

Friday our dear friend Tim Fitzgerald was in town.... well if you don't know this man.... i will tell you one thing.....he can drink ALOT of vodka. (Here's a pic....just for fun!)We headed out to dinner downtown and then out for a few (and when i say a few a mean i've never seen a bar tab quite that high) It's always a good time when we get together with Fitz.... and there are always MANY stories to be told after! He was also kind enough to score us some free tickets to the game on Saturday in Boulder.....which was a little to close for comfort in my opinion!! It was a lot of fun's been too long since we'd been to a KSU sporting event!! So Saturday consisted of a quick nap, a K-State win...and another nap :) Like a said....Lots of vodka when that mans here!! We woke up bright and early Sunday and headed up the pretty mountains to Brek.

Can you see my hubster there??? he's pretty B.A. if you ask me!! I on the other hand could use a few more times on the slopes before i'll be doing any sweet jumps!! We had a really good time, the weather was was a little crowded, but if you stayed off the greens you were fine!! So needless to say, i was POOPED yesterday when we got home. Shower...PJ's....Couch. Did not move until 9 when i went to bed.....i'm lazy like that :) Trav actually went BACK up the mountain lastnight to stay with some peeps from Mulvane and ski again today. I'm expecting him to be super duper pooped when he gets back. Too bad for him....we have plans tonight!!! Tomorrow is the wonderful Breanna's birthday!!

Pretty huh?? Ya....that's my sister :) We're headed to the Rio in Boulder for dinner and some margarita's!!! I think after that we have a few days with nothing planned (my mother and granny are here, so i'm sure that will change!!) Then it's off to see Cross Canadian Ragweed Friday downtown, and back out to Brek for more skiing..... man...... i'm tired already!!! Hope you all have a fab week!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A few forgotten ones.....

So...while i sit here at my desk.....being ohhhhhhhhh so busy!!! I realized i forgot a VERY big plan for this year (as if getting knocked up wouldn't be big enough!!)

MOVING BACK HOME!!!!! When i say home, by no means do i mean Dodge City. Well, not unless something cool dad gave trav the feedyard!!! (still, i'd hesitate!!)... Anyways, the plan is to move to Wichita. At some point..... this year..... All depending on the always so fun Job Hunt!!!!! What shall make this so hard you ask?? (Besides the booming economy???) IF we get knocked up....i'm going to need now. So before we could pack up and leave our jobs (which have quite nice insurance plans!) we'd need to have a job lined up that has insurance options as soon as we start. Well at least one of us would. If Trav did, i'd just get on that. Silly kid...already messing things up and they haven't even been conceived yet! SOOOOOO if something nice like that were to come up, we're there. If not, we may just have to stick out up here in the mountains for the time being!!! Sooooo keep your ears to the ground.... i'd love you long time :)

KEEPING IN TOUCH BETTER! I'm not the only one that's bad at this..... but i'd like to make a good effort in keeping in touch better with friends and family!! (not limited to those in the picture....actually i dont' even like them....why did i put that up there????) Yes facebook is nice...but it's not the same as a nice long phone call, so they can hear my ohhhh so soothing and lovely voice!!! So if you start getting random phone calls from me don't you dare ignore it.... i'm calling cause i want to talk..... and i'll keep calling till you answer and listen to me damn't!!! And if we get to move....don't be surprised when i show up at your humble abode.....( i promise to always bring wine!). I'm serious people.....

As far as our other goals.... i went to the gym yesterday and did my usual cardio and LIFTED!! go us.... now hopefully i can keep it would be legs and ohhhh how i hate legs. We watched our usual amount of tv... i told trav we could shut it off and read (not funny apparently). He says it will be easier when it's not dark at 445pm and we can go out and do stuff like hike after work. I agree. ok....i'm done rambling. Have a SUPER Tuesday!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hello 2010!!

Today is officially my first day of the new year. I decided to NOT count the last 10 days.... they weren't fun, and not something i want to start my new year out I made the executive decision that 2010 would start on January 11th. Got a problem with that??? I didnt' think so.

Since apparently it's the cool thing to do at the beginning of the year.... we're going to tell you our "goals" for the next 12 months.... these are just simply things we'd like to do.... If it doesn't happen i won't jump off a bridge...might push travis, but i'll stay dry :)
I'll start with the hubby mchubbsters.....
1. He states he'd like to watch less TV. We tend to sit our butts on the couch from about 7pm till 9pm everynight....then go up to bed, turn on the tube and fall asleep. I don't think that's too horribly much, but i'll humor him. (I have DVR....i'll just secretly record my shows and watch them while he's sleeping!!)
2. Get out on the Mountains more. We have a pass....we spent lots of money on it....we need to use it...period. HOWEVER....the snow has been super shitty.... and that's a no go. Plus his wife just so happens to be a big baby and can't stand to be too cold.... so there a few times that have beem great skiing conditions.... this weekend is supposed to be one.....we're there man!
3. Photography. We got a new camera (just like the picture!!) recently and he says he'd like to become a superb photographer! He was actually reading the manual last night..... so he must mean business.4. Meet more people. ok.... so in all honesty we've pretty much failed in the friend making department since we've been out here. Ya, we know a handful of people.... like 2 (but who's counting). And i suppose i should take some of the blame for this. We've had a few opportunities to go places with people....but i get all weird about it. For example.... we were invited to a birthday/halloween party. I do not like dressing i knew we'd be two of the only people NOT dressed up, and we'd only know the host of the party. So i just kept visualizing trav and i sitting in the corner twiddling our thumbs looking like losers. So i said no. I shall try to say no again. 5. Start a Family. I'm not making this list up people.... i'll attach the email if you don't believe me. But it's true....we've decided that 2010 will be the year off the McGuire offspring... prepare yourselves accordingly. (Notice it's a girl.....that's our only option in my opinion)

Ok....well i don't think Trav's list was too bad..... (probably why i did his first...mine's more cliche)

1. Eat Healthier. We really aren't all that bad....most of the time. During the week we eat every meal at home. Breakfast is usually Special K omlett (we share) or a egg and cheese muffin. We come home for lunch every day (except friday) and usually eat Turkey Sandwiches. Dinner is usually something with either Ground Turkey meat or Baked Chicken. It's really the weekends that get us..... 2. Lift more weights. We're pretty good about getting to the gym during the week.... but i've been slacking on the weight lifting. I just like to do cardio.... and be done. And because i know the benefits of weight lifting....i shall do more.3. Find a church....and go. I"ve never been good at the whole church thing. To be honest the only reason i went when i was younger was because i had to....or it was Christmas. I'd like to explore my spirituality a little this year. Try out a few different churches...maybe even religions.

4. Work on my Cussing. As you all know....i love the F word. I'd like to work on that. Especially if we'll be having children soon.....i would hate for their first word to be F*CK!!

And for my last two...i'm just ditto-ing trav..... make more friends.....and work on the whole baby thing.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on how our goals for the year are coming along!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Goodbye 2009!

Well even though it's already January 8th, we're officially just starting our "new year". There were a few things happening this past week that we didn't want to associate with we are clumping all that crap in with 2009 and starting anew....right meow.

First of all.... are we supposed to say twenty ten?? or two thousand and ten?? is there a politically correct way?? I would hate to be laughed at behind my back (no one DARES laugh at my face...i'm scary! try it, see what happens!!) for using the wrong term. hmmmm well anyways.
2009....what a flipping year huh?? ok, maybe not that exciting. But i did get to marry my best friend, so that was big! And i got to go to Ireland, which if i haven't told you, WAS THE BOMB DIGGITY!!! Wait, i'm getting ahead of myself......I will now attempt to do a year in review with pictures (I'm well aware that i would lose all of your attention if there were not big colorful pictures....duh)

Ummmmm....apparently NOTHING, cause there are no pictures....strange.

A trip to Vegas to visit two of my favorite people!

A trip to Manhattan to celebrate Fake St. Patty's with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world!


A visit from Kayden and his Grandma!


Sadie Graduates....we see Dane Cook....he's pretty.


We get Knox.... mistake? somedays!! My bridal shower in DC.


Bach. party in KC!! Crazy times!!


A visit from the McGuires, with some white water rafting, A visit from from the Fitzgeralds, and our first ever float trip.


Married my best friend.... Ireland and Oregon for Julie's wedding.

A broncos game (we shall not talk about what happened there) and another Doll wedding.


Trip to good ol Manhattan for the KSTATE KU game.... and Meghan and Jade out for Thanksgiving.


**See post below....i'm lazy**