Monday, January 18, 2010

Our VERY eventful weekend!!

So this weekend was jammed full of good stuff..... i shall start from the very beginning!

Friday our dear friend Tim Fitzgerald was in town.... well if you don't know this man.... i will tell you one thing.....he can drink ALOT of vodka. (Here's a pic....just for fun!)We headed out to dinner downtown and then out for a few (and when i say a few a mean i've never seen a bar tab quite that high) It's always a good time when we get together with Fitz.... and there are always MANY stories to be told after! He was also kind enough to score us some free tickets to the game on Saturday in Boulder.....which was a little to close for comfort in my opinion!! It was a lot of fun's been too long since we'd been to a KSU sporting event!! So Saturday consisted of a quick nap, a K-State win...and another nap :) Like a said....Lots of vodka when that mans here!! We woke up bright and early Sunday and headed up the pretty mountains to Brek.

Can you see my hubster there??? he's pretty B.A. if you ask me!! I on the other hand could use a few more times on the slopes before i'll be doing any sweet jumps!! We had a really good time, the weather was was a little crowded, but if you stayed off the greens you were fine!! So needless to say, i was POOPED yesterday when we got home. Shower...PJ's....Couch. Did not move until 9 when i went to bed.....i'm lazy like that :) Trav actually went BACK up the mountain lastnight to stay with some peeps from Mulvane and ski again today. I'm expecting him to be super duper pooped when he gets back. Too bad for him....we have plans tonight!!! Tomorrow is the wonderful Breanna's birthday!!

Pretty huh?? Ya....that's my sister :) We're headed to the Rio in Boulder for dinner and some margarita's!!! I think after that we have a few days with nothing planned (my mother and granny are here, so i'm sure that will change!!) Then it's off to see Cross Canadian Ragweed Friday downtown, and back out to Brek for more skiing..... man...... i'm tired already!!! Hope you all have a fab week!!

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  1. I'm proud of you for staying in the arena the entire game (: