Thursday, February 6, 2014

Declan - 11 months

Holy Hannah how are we already at 11 months???? So crazy…so so so crazy.

Weight: 25lbs (home scale)
Height: No clue…will try and get later!

Sticking your tongue out just like Daddy when you concentrate.

This was SUCH a fun month with you!!! You are SO active, SO visual, and just SO damn cute :)

You are still wearing size 4 diapers.  Both daytime and nighttime diapers…. You wear mostly 12 mo clothes ( also some 12-18, and a few just 18).  You don't wear shoes much, but when you do they're 3's i believe.  

My dapper little guy at Children's Hospital in Denver.

We traveled to Denver yet again, for a few more appointments.  This time we spent the whole day meeting with your Audiologist, Dr. Yoon, Speech therapist, and also a Social Worker.  We were just going over all the details of your surgery, the results of your scans, and what to expect after.  It was the final piece to your hearing adventure puzzle!!  Your surgery is scheduled for March 4th!! (I know that's your birthday, and I sorta feel bad about this…but what better gift is there then giving you your hearing?!?)

Already a ladies man….oh boy.

After your appointments we stayed in Colorado and had Christmas with your Godparents!! Aunt Sadie came to visit all the way from Chicago too!!!   Once again you were a spoiled little turkey!  You were a peach the whole visit…road trip and all! (we're so spoiled!)

You officially started walking this month!!! I can't tell you the exact date because it was in "steps" (literally!).  You started taking a few steps on your on the end of December, but quickly started getting braver, and day by day you were taking more steps!!! By the end of January, I would say you were officially walking! It is just the cutest damn thing.  You remind of me Frankenstien…all stiff legged and what not! You get soooo excited as you get close to your target, you start to try and run…and will usually fall, but sometimes you can catch yourself!  I can't believe we have a walker….ugh your growing up too fast!!!

You are still my little eater… LOVE LOVE LOVE your fruit.  Breakfast is your best meal of the day by far.  Sometimes i have to cut you off :)  You are down to about three full bottles a day.  Once before your morning nap (which is still averaging around 2 hours), once before your afternoon nap (about an hour) and then one before bed (usually you go down around 7:30)  Soon you'll be getting whole milk…and honestly this worries me! Your tummy took a while getting used to yogurt, so i can't imagine what will go down with whole milk!

You love to stack things, and put things on your head.  Everything goes on your head.  Everything.  Your Papa started this game with you and now it's an obsession.  Dog bowls, blocks, socks, hats, you name it and it's on your head! If it's not on your head, you're trying to put it on our heads.  I think maybe you'll be hat obsessed as you get older.

You like to be chased.  You giggle and crawl away as fast as you possibly can…stopping occasionally to make sure we're still gonna get you.  You are SO ticklish.  Especially your feet! If dad rubs your feet on his face, you lose it.

Your other obsession is lights.  You LOVE to turn them on, turn them off, and repeat…over and over.  You've figure out how to turn the living room light and fan on from the remote, and constantly want to do that.  If you can't find the remote you will sit on the floor and point at the light…look at us, grunt a little, then point again…we get it buddy…you want the remote :)

You hair is out of control.  OUT OF CONTROL.  Your dad has talked me in to getting it trimmed before your birthday.  We'll see if I actually go through with it!! 

Lovin on your buddy at daycare….you LOVE animals!

Daily you amaze us.  You are learning things so quickly…. i may be biased, but i think you are a very smart kiddo.  I'm excited to see what the next month of life brings you…so many changes coming your way! I have faith that the choices we've made are the right ones, and I know you will be in the best of hands through all of this….I'm just sooooo excited for you to finally hear us tell you we love you.  Because we do buddy.   To the moon and back.