Friday, April 12, 2013

Declan - 1 month

Soooo this is a little late.  My bad :)

We haven't been to the doctor since your two week check up: 7lbs 15 oz, and 21 inches 
Most current weight (4/10): 8lbs 12 oz.  
Height:  I have no clue.  But my guess would be 22.5 inches.

What you've been up to:

- Eating.  Lots and lots of eating!  Your mom feels like a milk cow most of the time!! You've been eating every three hours, and sometimes I'll let you go a little longer at night (one night i didn't set the alarm and you went 6.5 hours!! Scared me!)  I still pump after most feedings to help keep my milk supply high, and to get some stored milk for Grammy to use when she starts babysitting you this coming week! (we have over 50 4oz. bags already frozen!)

- You LOVE tummy time.  If you get fussy, we put you on your tummy and all is right in the world.  You've been able to hold your head up for several weeks now, but we continue to work on it!

- Clothes...oh this has frustrated me!  For some reason you fit best in the Newborn clothes still.  Most of the 0-3 stuff is just too long still.  This baffles me.  And annoys me.... mainly because I'm totally over all those outfits and can't wait to get you into some of the adorable 0-3 and 3 month outfits we have!

- Speaking of clothes, you have more than your mother.  We may need to trade closets.  It's quite ridiculous really.  Mom just loves to shop for you....

-Diapers.  We just moved you into a 1 this week.  Mainly because we ran out of Newborns and I really didn't want to spend more money on any when we have quite a few 1's already!  They look big to me, but we haven't had any blowouts yet, so i guess they're doing their job!

- You're starting to be awake for longer periods of time.  Usually an hour... but sometimes (usually after your 8pm feeding), you're up for 2-3 hours.  You just babble away and look around...  you especially like to look at the lights!

- You had your first road trip already!  We actually left on your one month birthday!  We went with Grammy to KC to pick up your Aunt Sadie from the airport and spent the weekend shopping, eating, and lounging in the hotel!  You did better then i thought you would!  By the end of the weekend you were pretty over your car seat the ride home was a bit rough.  Nothing a bottle of boob milk couldn't fix though :)

-You hate Wal-Mart.  Seriously.  You hate it.  I've taken you twice by myself, and each time you have FREAKED!!!! You wait until I've got you inside, and am just starting shopping....the only thing that calms you down is getting you out and holding you.  So there I am in Wal-Mart....holding you, dragging a big ol cart behind me, grocery shopping.  It's quite comical.  Safe to say, I will be making your dad come with us from now on unless it's an emergency!

-You seem to be stuffy all the time!  Especially after you've been laying down.  I'm not sure what this is all about.  You were better when we were in KC, so Grammy thinks its the dogs (she always has a theory).  We got a humidifier last week, and it seems to help a little. 

- You spend lots of time with Grammy and Papa.  They're quite obsessed with you little guy!  Papa won't go more then a day without seeing you.  He'll stop by after work, or during lunch!  You even have a Tuesday night tradition with him already...watching NCIS :)  They also get to watch you every Thursday night while me and your dad are in Spanish class!  It's really been a blessing to have them so close and able to help so much!  I just don't know what we'd do if we lived some where else!!!!

-I go back to work Monday.  I cry just thinking about it.  But don't worry buddy, we aren't just leaving you with some random babysitter.  No sir....only the best for you!  You get to stay with Grammy!!! We are so blessed that she offered to watch you full time!! There's no one else I'd trust more watching you everyday...i know you'll be taken care of (and super spoiled!)

-  You make the craziest faces....i love it. 

- here are a few pics.... (i only have like 600 on my phone!)
One of your walks with mom!

You def. have momma's nose!

You love your napper....

Your first walk

And here are some of the professional pics we had done....I LOVE THEM!!! (mainly because you're just too stinking adorable!)