Friday, February 26, 2010

I may have lied!

Sooooo i know i said i'd post pics and stuff from St. Louis last weekend......well obviously i haven't. I'm a busy girl you know. We're moving (like today) so i've been packing, cleaning, complaining and drinking. I PROMISE to have a nice long time consuming post after this weekend. If your lucky...i may post some pics of the new crib. Hope you all have a super duper weekend.... we'll be moving.... in the snow.....


Speaking of Biatches...... i miss these ones :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I just got home from a wonderful weekend getaway in St. Louis. I'll give the the whole low down tomorrow, but for now i'll give you a sneak peak!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Would you like a side of fries with that???

This is what i'm resorting to...... fast food industry. Seriously, it pays well, has benefits and most importantly....they HAVE THINGS TO DO!!! ok, fine....maybe i won't work at mcdonalds.... but i've got to do SOMETHING!

PROBLEM #1: I have no flipping clue what i want to do. Makes looking a bit difficult. I still really want to teach, but we're just not in a place right not that we can afford me going to school full time. plus hubster gave me an ultimatum. Baby or School. Damn damn Damn.

PROBLEM #2: Money. Ahhhhhhhh, the stem of everyone's problems. Well....i need some. More. I don't make much, so finding something that pays more shouldn't be too hard. If McDonalds can do...others can too!

PROBLEM #3: Me. I'm stubborn..... duh. I don't want to have to work nights..... i like my routine. Gym, Dinner, Snuggle, Bed. Mainly i like Travis. If i worked a weird schedule i'd never see the turd....and we just can't have that. Weekends? Forget it....i have skiing, traveling, rafting and napping to do.

PROBLEM #4: Spoiled. Yes....i'm spoiled. But i'm not talking about material things here.... i'm talking travel time. Currently it takes me all of 5 minutes to get to work. When we move next weekend (BOOOOOO!) i'll be about 15-20 minutes depending on traffic. All very do-able. But say i found a kick ass job bueno. Have you ever driven in that traffic. I will kill someone.... no questions asked.

Soooooooooooo. Ya. This shall be interesting.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stunting Stalking is a Habit!

I'm a're a creeper.....we're all just a bunch of creepers. And I personally am ok with that.

I'm going to run you through the beginning of my work day. (DISCLAIMER: and if you're someone from work, it's all made up!)
8:15am Stroll into work....never mind that i am technically supposed to be here at 8.
8:20am-8:30am Say S'up to Paul...little chit chat....then settle in at my trusty ol desk. (Lamp on, radio on, computer on, water bottle full!)
8:30am-8:35am Check work email, usually nothing good, maybe an email from travis the day before and maybe a reminder from the boss about something cool going on (she'll be late). Start my two morning tasks....print event signs and make drink coupons for Priority Club. FUN!!!
8:35am-8:40am Finish my two morning tasks..... yep that's about all i'm in charge of.
8:40am-8:50am Check my personal email. follow up on anything cool there....usually nothing. but if i'm lucky there will be a family email....or something about a lesbain dating service (seriously??? how the heck did they know my secret!!)
8:45am-9:10am FACEBOOK..... i update myself on on the amazing things my 2,000 close friends were up to since they last time i checked.... and then proceed to work on my cafe world and farm till i'm satisfied that i'm beating all the important people.
9:10am-9:30am Creeping even more!! I get on my blog, see who's updated, and then proceed to snoop. I also like to read random people's blogs.... you've done it, don't judge. I've actually really started to follow a few, some people's lives just seem soooooo much cooler then mine (hard to imagine i know!)
9:30am-9:45am Now here is when the REAL work begins.... I continue my creepy mccreepsterness by checking up on all my other friends....the famous ones.

So to sum it up. I am a creepster. And if you know of any other cool things i can creep on it would be mightly selfish of you not to share.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Some random thoughts...

First and most importantly......

Hope you have a fabulous day cousin!!!

Sarah and I at my wedding! She's always been such an amazing friend, I am truly blessed to have her in my life!

At my wedding shower! Isn't she pretty!!!

Not only is she an AMAZING friend and really pretty....she's uber creative! Every year she does a family themed halloween!! This is last years!!

Alright, so she's a great friend, pretty, creative AND a great mother!! This is her oldest Rileigh.... she donated her hair to locks of love....and it was all her own idea! These girls don't know how lucky they are to have such an amazing mother! (and father too!!)

And this here is Ms. Addie Sue..... the poop hiding, dead rodent licking adventurous one! I like to think she's Sarah's payback :) Anyways..... Look at that cake! Sarah made it all by herself! So to recap....AMAZING friend, SUPER pretty, UBER creative, BEST mother, and RIDICULOUSLY amazing in the kitchen! Are you sad she's not your friend and cousin...... i would be!!


Alright.... on to my other random thoughts of the day.

MOVING BLOWS!!!! We aren't even supposed to move until the end of this month and i'm already soooooo over it!! We thought we'd get a jump start on things and pack up randoms..... do you have any idea how many f'ing random things i own??????? Someone should be on the phone with Hoarders.....seriously..... or maybe call Lindsay Lohan and ask her how she deals with her hoarding problem (i have a feeling it involves booze and some good old fashion self medicating...i'm down!)

For example.....we have in our possesion....50 bath towels. SERIOUSLY??? What in God's green earth am i going to need 50 bath towels for? (sidenote: we actually threw some out last year!) Ugh.... Ohh and i also have some where in the vicinity of 50 picture frames. Sadly they all had a spot too..... any spare inch of space at my house is usually covered in a picture frame..... I like my friends and family, and enjoy seeing them every single stinking moment of every single stinking day. ..... Anyone need a spatula? We have 10. Mixer? You can borrow one of my THREE. Serving dish??? Sure....take one of my 12. How about a sangria set? No...ok maybe a soup serving set? Or just a glass pitcher? I have 8. Have a made my point?

Dogs. I have a love hate relationship with mine. And i've been quoted as saying life may just be a bit easier if we didn't have them. Well saturday night i got a glimpse of what that would have been like and i DID NOT LIKE IT! Our dogs take any and every chance they get to run away. No, we're not bad parents, we don't beat them, we feed them regularly...bathe them.....and even take them to the dog park. What the heck else could they need??? Well anywho.... they got out Saturday night. Normally we'll find then within 30 minutes and all is well. Not this time. We searched for almost 2 hours....Nada. I was NOT ok. I was convinced that someone upstairs REALLY has it in for me lately. This my friends, would have been the last latch on my straight jacket.....for shizzle. I wanted to stay up all night and look for them.... wait by the back door, something anything. Trav talked me into sleeping. Or pretending to....either way. Slept on the couch just in case they came scratching at the back door. They didn't. But a few inches of snow did. Great, Grand WONDERFUL. Lillie has enough body fat to make it....Knox, not so much. So again with the histarics..... My heart just hurt. I couldn't imagine not having them around. Snuggled up to us on the couch.... licking our faces....begging for scraps....peeing in inappropriate places.... waking up at the butt crack of dawn to play. So it was then that i realized...I LOVE MY ANNOYING SMELLY DOGS!!!

So....anyways. After gathering myself as much as possible we headed out with some quickly made signs and a plan to go make some really big and bright ones with pictures and all! $50 later we're back home starting these pieces of art. Phone Rings.... Man names Justin.... has dogs... THANK GOD!!! Little shits weren't all that far away...and happy as can be. Must keep reminding myself that I love these annoying smelly dogs......I love these annoying smelly dogs.....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fantastically Fabulous February!!!

....well hopefully! Last month was such a bad month for us that this month just HAS to be better!! I'm not giving it an option!!!

We started it out the right way....SKIING!!! I took off yesterday to head up to Brek with some friends that were in town from Manhattan. (I'm NOT going to throw this person under the bus for NOT bringing me some of my FAVORITE pizza that he so happens to make.....butthead.) It was a PERFECT day!! Not too cold, not crowded, little bit of powder....Awwwwwww perfection!

Here's the low down on the rest of our weekends in Fantastically Fabulous February :)
-Next weekend my dearest friend Lindsay Stamper will be in the area for a ski trip so we'll pack up and head that way to meet them and show them how it's done!!
-Valentines...duh! Trav hates this holiday....he says we don't need one day out of the year to express our love for eachother, we should do it everyday. Gag me with a spoon....and send me some damn flowers boy!
-ST. LOUIS!!!!! I am sooooo super excited for my trip out to St. Louis!! I can hardly wait to spend some quality time with one of my favorite cousins and her super amazing fam!!! We're not sure what we'll do....but i'm fine with just hanging, drinking some wine and making fun of Justin :)
-Vail/Beaver Creek. With our passes we get 10 days at Vail, and 10 at Beaver Creek (unlimited to Keystone, Brek and A-Basin). I've never been to either of these places, and have heard nothing but amazing things about them. So i think we're going to take a whole weekend and hit both!! It promises to be fantastically fabulous!!

So besides our busy weekend schedule and all the skiing what will we be doing this super month?? Well, we're on a mission to find some where to live! Our lease is up at the end of this month and we've decided to NOT sign the extension and just get the F out of there!! Our dogs need a dang yard...they're driving me bonkers. Bad news is this more then likely means we'll be here for another year.....but that's another ski season so we're ok with it for now! Hmmmm other then that we'll be nuring ourselves back from January.....i'll be damned if I have to go to the damn doctor as much this month!

Ohhhhh and Lost starts today.....I already LOVE February!!!