Thursday, June 6, 2013

Declan - 3 months

Well...another month in the books! Another month we've survived being first time parents, another month of falling even more in love with you you!!

Weight:  11lbs 11oz
Height: 23 in. (total guess)

What you've been up to:

-Sleeping ALL night!!!! This makes momma SO happy!!!! We put you down after your last feeding between 9-10pm and you sleep until 6:45am usually!! Sometimes you'll stir around 4 or 5 in the morning, but usually giving you back your binky fixes that.  If not, then I'll bring you back into our bed with us (bad i know, but if it gets us a couple more hours of sleep I'm doin it!)  Momma likes her THANK YOU!

-  You nurse 4 times a day from me.  Once in the morning, once at lunch, and then twice in the evening.  All the other times Gramme feeds you 4oz.  There for a while you decided you needed to eat every 2 hours, must of been a growth spurt!  You're back to eating great from me.  Again, THANK YOU! It was so frustrating to fight you ever time you were trying to eat! 

- You're still quite the story teller.  You just get to jabbering and it's the cutest thing! 

- You obviously smile quite a bit too :)

-Gramme said today that you belly laughed.  I'm going to pretend that didn't happen so i can be the first to hear it...k?

-Still wearing size 1 diapers.  Thinking you'll be in these for a while...especially since you're a little guy!

-Clothing.  Ugh, still having a little bit of an issue, but it's getting a little better.  0-3, and 3 month onesies are fitting great.  BUT pants...not so much.  They're bare able finally, but at least 1/2 of your collection is still too big.  Needless to say, you wear a lot of the same bottoms!

-STILL having issues with your ears.  We met with an Audiologist in Garden City this week, and she referred us on to a specialist in Wichita.  They think it's a super easy to fix issue, so that's a blessing.  Apparently having super small ear canals isn't a good thing for drainage!  We'll get ya fixed up don't worry!

-eyes still blue!! HURRAY!!!

-You're balding.  Boo.  You have a U shaped bald spot.  On the back, because that's how you sleep, and then on the sides of your head because you like to nap on your tummy and turn your head.  But at least you don't have flat head!!!

- You took another long road trip! This time we went to Denver to spend a few days with your Aunt and Uncle (Bre and Ben)  You did GREAT on the way there...not so much on the way home.  You just do NOT like your car seat all that much! 

-Your dad seems to have the magic touch lately.  If i can't seem to calm you down, i pass you over to him and you immediately calm down (more times then not).  That's fine...but you're still going to be a momma's boy.

Here's some pictures from the past month....

This just melts my heart :)
Striking a pose!! Such a ham!

Rockin the sunglasses on a run with mom!

Our not so little buddy James!! (to be fair, he is 2 months older then you!)

Our other little buddy Easton!! (also 2 months older!)

Uncle Ben has the magic touch!!!

You're first time at Avery Brewery in Boulder!

Mom...stop taking my picture!!

We found our hand...and now constantly want to it in your mouth!!

Love those baby blues!!!!