Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let's recap...mmmmmk?

Look people (AMY!!!) I'm a very important person, with a lot of very important things to tend to on a daily basis, so blogging just isn't a priority. 

Ok, maybe not....maybe not even a little.  But I have been busy!!  (This is not an excuse to not blog, i have a lot of down time at work!)  And you would think these activities would prompt a post.... enter LAZINESS!  Let's recap what i've been doing....cause i know you care.


2: Surgery:  Some day when you're old enough i'll tell you about it.

17-19: My favorite brother-in-law is coming for a visit!!  He came, he saw, he conquered.


 24-26: Manhattan to play with the in-laws and maybe visit Stampede  Ohhhhh how i love this town.  There was no Stampede action (which is probably for the best) but there was a lot of this:


7-10: GW11. Also known as Girls Weekend 2011. Tablerock won't know what hit it.  By far, one of the best weekends with my girls!!! The cottage, the conversation, the beer, the cheez-its, the zip lining, the catching up, the rum in my tequila, the rowdy beaver, the boat that almost crashed into the rocks, the sunburns, the bears....I love these girls, and CAN.NOT.WAIT until GW2012

** Jamie, could you please quit freaking my friends out and acting like you know them just because you saw them on here? STALK MUCH???? :)  i kid, it made them feel famous!**

 This apparently is something that the boys at J's work like to do...strange.

Champagne while floating is a must for us girls!

Cause we're the threefour best friends that anyone could have!

19: Wichita for the day. (i sure have been taking off a lot of work....hope no one notices!)

21-25: Brekenridge with my's a new tradition and I LOVE IT! **Just booked massages for Friday, sooooo excited!! We'll hike, bike, eat, sleep, drink, and probably do puzzles!!**

29-30: Jenna and Ryan visit! (Stopping thru on the way to a wedding!)  I was informed that Ryan wants to smoke cigars and gamble....ummmm DONE AND DONE!!!

So that's July..... and somewhere in there i'm supposed to be training for a 1/2 that i'm running IN ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!! I immedietly regret that decision.  Well maybe.... a little.....i'm scared, hold me.  I ran jogged 7.25 miles this morning, in 1:12.  No way i'm finishing in 2 hours, cause i was pretty much DONE (like i wanted to stop at my parents house and make them drive me the rest of the way home) at mile 6.  I told myself i'd run long runs (when i say long i mean over 6) once if not twice a week, gradually getting longer will i hit at least 11.  Ohhhhhh good lord help me.

Other then that the McGuire's have just been chugging along.  Trav's almost done working outside and he COULD NOT be happier!! It's flipping hot out there people!  He's also been a little less then impressesed with his yard lately....due to the weather of course, not the lack of trying! Just can't seem to water enough! 

Welp...that's my update, Amy i sure hope this made your day!!!!