Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We're officially B.O.M.P's

There are a million things we could do to celebrate New Years....a billion even. What do we choose to do???? Nothing. Nada. Not a damn thing!!
And that is perfectly A-OK with us. I hate the crowds, I hate the cover charges, I hate the girls dressed like strippers, and I hate the $20 rum and cokes. (Plus it's supposed to be brrrr cold, no bueno....nope)
So if you need us Friday, you'll find us snuggled up on our couch, in sweat pants, playing Donkey Kong or Big Buck Hunter on the wii, with a cocktail in hand. If we're feeling crazy, we may bust out sparklers at midnight :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We FINALLY did it!!!!

After two years of making payments....a few slip ups here and there (I love shopping, it's a problem!) and some sacrifices....We FINALLY did it!!! WE ARE DEBT FREE!!!!!

No more credit card debt!!! No student loans (we were lucky enough to NEVER have any!!), No car payments (again, TOTALLY blessed).....NOTHING!!!!!!!
Now it's time to save save save!!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Guess what I did today.....

Well....besides get lots of super awesome gifts and lots of quality family time.....

I accidently ran 7.56 miles.
I know what your do you accidently run anything??? Well i set out on a mission to run for ohhhh about 40 minutes...and the route i had in mind was what i thought 2 or so miles one way, so my plan was to run to the end of the road and back. Turns out that little road was over 3 miles....and the road i was taking to cross over, another mile. The thing about running can't just stop and go home. Before i knew it, i had been running for an hour....only stopped once, and that was to figure out what the hell i was going to do cause i had to go to the "bathroom" SUPER bad. (Run thru it...that's all you can do!) So i think i can officially say......i'm a fan of running outside, WAY more than i'm a fan of running inside. (Plus, running in Kansas after running so much in high alititude in Colorado is NIIIIIIIICE!)
Now if it just wasn't sooooooo flipping cold out i'd be running outsides #1 fan!!!

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you all had a Merry Merry Christmas!!!!

The most amazing dad......
The most AMAZING husband.....
Um......who's that guy??? (Just kidding!!) The most amazing quasi brother in law!
BY FAR....The MOST amazing family.....
And last but certainly NOT least....The MOST amazing COUSINS!!!
We are beyond blessed!!!
(And no, we don't just have horrible fashion sense, we just thought it'd be funny to wear my mom's gross old christmas sweaters to the Doll family Christmas!! The boys took the cake for sure!!)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy 27th year of life to me!!!

Well two weekends ago was the big 2-7 for me. I'm not sure how i feel about being that much closer to 30, but i do have a feeling my 27th year of life is going to be a big one!!

My birthday weekend was celebrated with amazing family (THANKS AGAIN JESS!!!), lots of coffee, AMAZING sushi, some K-state basketball, tequila and one HUGE culture shock :) oh and a little bling as well!!

I was horrible about pics this weekend...sorry. But just picture all the things i mentioned above and you'll be fine!! Instead i thought i'd make a list of what i'd liket o accomplish this year....

1. Start a family. This is a work in progress for us. It's weird to actually want a problem, at least that would explain whats going on with me. But nope, everything so far has come back just hunky dory!! We've met with a specialist and had some options laid out..... I have faith that we have a good team behind us and sometime in 2011 we'll be announcing baby mcguire :)
2. Start making strides towards my career. I've mentioned before that'd I'd LOVE to go back to school for Elementary Education. It's just not possible for me to quit and go back to school full time. I've found a pretty respectable online program that I think would be a great fit for me and I hope to get at least a few classes under my belt this coming year.
3. 1/2 marathon. I'm looking at the Colfax Marathon in May. I haven't registered yet or anything crazy.... there's a few things that need to be straightened out before i make the commitment to run something in Denver!
P.S. Jess...i'm on the hunt for a 5k!!
4. Better relations! No no no....not that kind of relations. Although i'm sure my husband would gladly welcome it :) I REALLY want to make an effort to be in better touch with friends in family. No emails or texts....I want a full on phone conversation!! I'm thinking about making a chart even....I mean business people.
5. Debt. By my 28th birthday I want to be COMPLETLY debt free. (Sidenote: Travis is planning on going back to school starting this coming summer, so there will obvisouly be some school loans....that's ok with me. I just want all the other crap gone!)
You can go ahead and count this as my new years resolution list as well.....basically the same thing!! And now i'll leave you with some pics of recent happenings!!

Great times in Chicago with an amazing group of friends!
Maybe there was a little tatoo action while we were there....

Wrigley field!

Trav's latest toy....Big Buck Hunter for the Wii. It's seriously just like the real game.... if only our house smelled like stale beer and B.O. we'd pretty much be at the Lou!

My birthday surprise from Trav!!!!

And last weekend we made our first trip up the mountain!! (this is a pic from last year, i was lame and didn't take any!!)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Still trying to Catch up!!

I'm soooooo behind on all my posts....i officially suck at blogging :)

But in my defense i've been busy.... work, family time, cooking, more work, chicago, and work.
I just got back late last night from a fun filled (and food filled, HELLO gym time!) weekend in Chicago with some of my best girlfriends!! I'm EXHAUSTED. They don't believe in sleeping in, which is really unfortunate when you're up till 3am!!! So i'll have a post on that soon.... and then just a catch up on our lives!!

And because he hasn't made an appearance for a while....Mr. Knox!!

I tested my cooking skills....homeade Bierock!! YUMMO!!!

And of course, there will be many chicago pics to come!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gobble Gobble....

In my effort to catch's my Thanksgiving post :)

This year for Thanksgiving we made the 4 hour drive to Wakeeny Kansas to meet up with the whole McGuire clan! It was a quick trip (left wed. at 4 from denver, and came back friday morning!) but TOTALLY worth it! I'm truly blessed to have such amazing in-laws!!!
Here's how the holiday went down.....

There was a lot of strategic planning for early morning shopping in Hays America!!

There was some serious Go Fish going on.....and later we tried our luck at Pitch. I wouldn't recommend asking me to be your partner....just saying.

The boys went out and killed some stuff.....

And of course.....there was copious amounts of food.....and you're not even seeing the desserts!! (there were enough pie's that we could each have our very own....and maybe we did, don't judge!)

And some brotherly bonding :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Girls Weekend...

I'm going to be playing catch-up for a few bare with me!

Well the girls have come and gone....and i'm STILL feeling the aftermath of it!! WOW!! What an amazingly ridiculous weekend, JUST WHAT THE DR. ORDERED!!!!
Mel and Sav got in Thursday night. My amazing husband picked them up at the airport with a bottle of champagne and a 6 pack of beer....isn't he the best!
Now for the weekend in pitcures....

Me and my beautiful friends at Jing Thursday night.

Budda's Belly....a drink that comes with a eat it, mouth goes numb....weirdness follows.

We decided after dinner we needed to try out Four Loco's.... we later find out why they are banned.

Friday night, heading downtown for the Alumni Pre-Party...the girls LOVED the lightrail :)

We Love us Some Willie!!

And Willie loves us too!!!

Willie loved us so much he force fed us our beers.....twice.

Yay!!! Can't you tell i'm pumped for this neon blue shot!!

Being force fed beer + Blue Shots = Not being able to sit up on the light rail!

Not to self....Four Loco's makes your balance HORRIBLE! I could NOT do an "S" to save my life!

I love me some Savannah!!

The girls had NEVER shotgunned a in the world we've been friends this long i have no idea.

Some Senior pictures in the tree...

A bottle of champagne in the car, a bloody mary, and some more beer.....and THIS is what the night ends like :)

AMAZE-BALLS.... that's all i have to say about that weekend!!!!

P.S. Do you know what a Wenis is???

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jibber Jabber....

These two hotties are headed my way TOMORROW!!!!

I sure hope she brings that'll be a hit at the tailgate :)
We have a weekend of sushi, drinks, shopping, drinks, tailgating, drinks, football, drinks, and snuggling planned!!!! Ohhhhh how i need some girl time!!
We've been busy....and we'll continue to be busy till after Christmas it seems!!
i went home last weekend to help my mom clean out her basement....that lady has A LOT of stuff!!! I think my parents are having a midlife crisis. They have redone their whole upstairs (new floors, new furniture, new kitchen appliances, new toilets, and they even took off the popcorn ceilings!!) Now mom's focusing on the basement....which holds a LOT of stuff. It'll be weird to come home for'll be a whole new house!! THEN they up and bought a new fancy car yesterday...... midlife crisis i'm telling you!! (or their bored....either way!!)
This weekend my peeps are here....
Next week is Thanksgiving....we're headed to Wakeeny to hang with the McGuires.... and hopefully we'll be able to get some skiing in on Saturday!
Week after that we have an appointment with a specialist!!!!!! and then i'm headed to CHICAGO!!!!!!!! Bach. party in the windy city...don't mind if i do!
Week after that is my Birthday.... i'll start excepting gifts any time :) No big plans as of yet... but i'm sure we'll figure something out!
After that it's Christmas..... geesh.....
And on top of all that.....i think we're going to start SERIOUSLY looking for jobs in Kansas. Either that or i'm going to need all my friends and family to start looking for jobs out here. I'm cool with either. Sooooooo if any of you Kansans know of any sweet jobs....let us know.
And....I think trav's going to go back to his masters. Exciting stuff!!! I think i may go back as for my masters. I've mentioned before that i would LOVE to teach...sooooo i think i'll start taking classes two or so at a time to get the ball rolling. Maybe by the time i'm done, they'll be hiring teachers again :) I just feel like i need some direction....a career....something!!!
Hmmmm well i suppose i've rambled on enough....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Why i HATE renting....

I feel as though i've touched on this topic once before....but i'm doing it again.
Guess what the temp. it is in our house right now.....go on....guess.....i'll wait.

it's 55 freaking degrees in there!!!
I like to be cold, i like to snuggle up in a blanket wearing sweat pants and a hoodie....but 55 degrees is NOT ok. I think i'm going to have to sleep in my ski gear.
We called the rental company last tuesday to let them know the heat wasn't working....that was almost a week ago. Trav got it to come on a few times....just long enough to heat the house for the night, but then it'd go off again. Great. And that was BEFORE it started snowing here!
So yesterday Trav woke up (i was out of town) and it smelled like rotten eggs.... called the gas company..... we have a bad boiler....and a leak. Great.
Called the rental company again today...sending someone....trav goes home and waits for hour and a half goes by....a furnace company comes. we don't have a furnace. Great.
Called the rental company AGAIN....they'll send a boiler company....trav will have to wait some more. Great.
I officially do NOT want to rent again. EVER

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wanna know what sucks???

When this is what your iphone looks like!

Yep....i dropped it....and apparently i dropped it just right....cause this is now what my phone screen looks like. Insurance does NOT cover this. I can get a new screen for $150. Or wait till i'm elligible for an upgrade and get the same phone for $100, or upgrade to the I4 for $200. I'm thinking i'll for big and get the I4.....we did after all just get a sweet check in the mail for a belated wedding present (Um...we've been married for over a year....better late than never i guess!). And the good news is i'm elligible for my upgrade TOMORROW.....perfect timing :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cowboy up!! i was going to try and be all crafty....i took pictures of every step of the recipe...finished product and the happy hubby eating the dip....BUT for some damn reason every time i try and put the pics in on our home computer explorer shuts down.... Sooooo no craftyness from me today, instead....generic pics off the internet!! (I promise you Jamie that the recipe will still be just as amazing!)

So here we go..... Cowboy Salsa!

1. Black Beans
2 cans, we usually drain and rinse one, just drain the other (the juice is helpful! plus tasty!)

2. Corn
1 can, drained.

3. Rotel
1 can, we usually get the Hot, but any of them will do!!

PS, don't you dare drain this!

4. Avacado
2 of these bad boys, chopped up!

5. Japs.
You can do fresh (they're hotter!) or the canned ones! Amount really just depends on how pick of a pansy you are! We like the heat, so if we do fresh we do about 4 (WITH the seeds!)

6. Onion
1/2 of one, chopped!! You can do red, white, yellow....whichever one you like best!
7. Red Pepper
Again, what's your flavor??? We've done Red, green and yellow before and to be honest i'm not real sure which is my fav in the dip, it's just whatever we have on hand!

8. Cilantro
Ok....there seems to be a theme with this recipe....basically that i don't keep measurements! I'd say we usually use about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of cilantro (chopped). If your a HUGE cilantro fan then you just go right ahead and use the whole dang bushel!

9. Lime juice
We don't do fresh....we're lame like that. we have the little squeezer deal, and i usually put about 2 tablespoons in there...

10. Italian dressing
Again...2 tablespoons should do the trick. You don't want there to be A LOT of juice in there. If you think you want more, i'd recommend waiting till you've let the dip set over night. Then see if you still want more!

Stir it all up....let it mingle in there for a bit.....then scarf it down with some chips!! YUMM-O!

P.S.This recipe really can be tweaked any way you want....we originally started out with a REAL recipe and have changed it several ways as we go! Let me know what you think!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Current Obsessions!!!

Sooooooo i really have nothing new to report, or fun to talk i figured i'd let ya'll in on what my current obsessions are!! (Not really in any particular order!!)

1. FroYo..... this isn't a new one....but it's a good one!!! I heart me some frozen yogurt!!

2. Body Pump..... If you've never gone to this class....Go. Get up right now and go!! We used to go at least twice a week, but with my new job i don't get to go as much....sad sad day.

3. Pretend house hunting. This obsession just started.... like yesterday. First things first though, we must get pre-approved!!
4. Cowboy salsa..... if you haven't had it. Make it... it's AMAZING!!! I can eat it with a spoon!

5. Pumpkin. It's that time of year!! Got my pumpkin spice candle goin....pumpkin cookies.... ohhh speaking of, YOU HAVE TO TRY THESE!!! You only need these two things....

Mix these two...bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes and VOILA!!!! You have these beauties!!

I'd recommend cream cheese frosting or maybe even just whip cream! YUM-O!!!