Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jibber Jabber....

These two hotties are headed my way TOMORROW!!!!

I sure hope she brings that'll be a hit at the tailgate :)
We have a weekend of sushi, drinks, shopping, drinks, tailgating, drinks, football, drinks, and snuggling planned!!!! Ohhhhh how i need some girl time!!
We've been busy....and we'll continue to be busy till after Christmas it seems!!
i went home last weekend to help my mom clean out her basement....that lady has A LOT of stuff!!! I think my parents are having a midlife crisis. They have redone their whole upstairs (new floors, new furniture, new kitchen appliances, new toilets, and they even took off the popcorn ceilings!!) Now mom's focusing on the basement....which holds a LOT of stuff. It'll be weird to come home for'll be a whole new house!! THEN they up and bought a new fancy car yesterday...... midlife crisis i'm telling you!! (or their bored....either way!!)
This weekend my peeps are here....
Next week is Thanksgiving....we're headed to Wakeeny to hang with the McGuires.... and hopefully we'll be able to get some skiing in on Saturday!
Week after that we have an appointment with a specialist!!!!!! and then i'm headed to CHICAGO!!!!!!!! Bach. party in the windy city...don't mind if i do!
Week after that is my Birthday.... i'll start excepting gifts any time :) No big plans as of yet... but i'm sure we'll figure something out!
After that it's Christmas..... geesh.....
And on top of all that.....i think we're going to start SERIOUSLY looking for jobs in Kansas. Either that or i'm going to need all my friends and family to start looking for jobs out here. I'm cool with either. Sooooooo if any of you Kansans know of any sweet jobs....let us know.
And....I think trav's going to go back to his masters. Exciting stuff!!! I think i may go back as for my masters. I've mentioned before that i would LOVE to teach...sooooo i think i'll start taking classes two or so at a time to get the ball rolling. Maybe by the time i'm done, they'll be hiring teachers again :) I just feel like i need some direction....a career....something!!!
Hmmmm well i suppose i've rambled on enough....

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