Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Girls Weekend...

I'm going to be playing catch-up for a few posts....so bare with me!

Well the girls have come and gone....and i'm STILL feeling the aftermath of it!! WOW!! What an amazingly ridiculous weekend, JUST WHAT THE DR. ORDERED!!!!
Mel and Sav got in Thursday night. My amazing husband picked them up at the airport with a bottle of champagne and a 6 pack of beer....isn't he the best!
Now for the weekend in pitcures....

Me and my beautiful friends at Jing Thursday night.

Budda's Belly....a drink that comes with a flower...you eat it, mouth goes numb....weirdness follows.

We decided after dinner we needed to try out Four Loco's.... we later find out why they are banned.

Friday night, heading downtown for the Alumni Pre-Party...the girls LOVED the lightrail :)

We Love us Some Willie!!

And Willie loves us too!!!

Willie loved us so much he force fed us our beers.....twice.

Yay!!! Can't you tell i'm pumped for this neon blue shot!!

Being force fed beer + Blue Shots = Not being able to sit up on the light rail!

Not to self....Four Loco's makes your balance HORRIBLE! I could NOT do an "S" to save my life!

I love me some Savannah!!

The girls had NEVER shotgunned a beer...how in the world we've been friends this long i have no idea.

Some Senior pictures in the tree...

A bottle of champagne in the car, a bloody mary, and some more beer.....and THIS is what the night ends like :)

AMAZE-BALLS.... that's all i have to say about that weekend!!!!

P.S. Do you know what a Wenis is???

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