Monday, November 15, 2010

Why i HATE renting....

I feel as though i've touched on this topic once before....but i'm doing it again.
Guess what the temp. it is in our house right now.....go on....guess.....i'll wait.

it's 55 freaking degrees in there!!!
I like to be cold, i like to snuggle up in a blanket wearing sweat pants and a hoodie....but 55 degrees is NOT ok. I think i'm going to have to sleep in my ski gear.
We called the rental company last tuesday to let them know the heat wasn't working....that was almost a week ago. Trav got it to come on a few times....just long enough to heat the house for the night, but then it'd go off again. Great. And that was BEFORE it started snowing here!
So yesterday Trav woke up (i was out of town) and it smelled like rotten eggs.... called the gas company..... we have a bad boiler....and a leak. Great.
Called the rental company again today...sending someone....trav goes home and waits for hour and a half goes by....a furnace company comes. we don't have a furnace. Great.
Called the rental company AGAIN....they'll send a boiler company....trav will have to wait some more. Great.
I officially do NOT want to rent again. EVER


  1. That sucks! Hope it gets fixed soon and you guys can get warm!

  2. I hope it gets fixed before Thursday!