Monday, August 25, 2014

Declan - 17 Months

I spent the majority of July thinking you were getting ready to turn a year and a half old....nope.  Good news for me!!

You wanted nothing to do with getting your picture taken.  Actually, you were mad because i ripped your binky out of your mouth.  You had just woke up and still had it....mean mom! 

Weight:  32lbs (guessing)
Height: 33in. (again, guessing)

I have no idea on your stats this have your 18 month check up soon so we'll know more then!

Let's see. Still in all the same sizes.  You don't seem to be having any sort of a growth spurt so i'm assuming we'll be in the 24mo clothes for a bit.  Although you can sport some 2T tops.  It's the belly...fills it out :)

You are obsessed.  OBSESSED with tractor's (Cows are a close second).  You think everything is a tractor.  Including papa's mower.  You get tractor ride's almost daily :)

We've reverting a little on the eating.  Once again you are pretty much too busy to be bothered to eat.  You'd rather I fed you.  Lazy I tell ya!! You will pick at things if they're out while you're playing.  But as far as sitting down and eating a don't like to.  You really like the squeezy deals.  So we do a lot of those.  You are still loving fruit.  And puffs. And M&M's (cringe!).  Those would be your grandpa and grandma's fault.  Grandma always has candy out....and you know exactly where it is.  You'll try and go for that before the crackers or anything else she has out for you.  I have no clue where you get your sweet tooth!

 You went on your first helicopter ride with Gramme!!! She said you loved it!! She had to take your "ears" off because the noise was scaring you, but other wise you did great!! Such a little daredevil!! 

You're newest obsession is cows.  You constantly are mooing, and signing cow.  You find them instantly in all your books...and ask for them ALL the time! So we've been taking many trips out to the feed yard to visit your friends!!

You traveled to Chicago in July!! We went up for Grandpa's birthday, and to run in a 1/2 marathon (obviously you didn't run!)  Once again you were a great little traveler.  It took you a little longer to fall asleep on the flight out there, but you were good non the less.

You had a grand ol time in Chicago. Lots of exploring.  Lots of water...trucks...sights to take in!!

 We bought an attachment for the bike's so you could come with us on bike rides!! You think it's pretty cool!! You just sit there and soak it all in.  It's been a little too hot to get it out much, but hopefully as fall approaches we'll get around it more bike ride's!!

 (You and your buddy Jame's goofn' around.  I see lots of trouble in our future!)

You are still going to daycare twice a week...and you don't cry anymore when i drop you off!!! It took you quite a while to get used to it.  Probably because you don't go very often (and we tend to be gone a lot of Friday's so really just once a week most weeks!)  But from what we are told, you do great there.... 

 Well buddy...another month gone.  As much fun as we are having watching you grow up, learning new things etc.... we'd be fine with you slowing down a bit! 

We love you to the moon and back buddy...