Friday, September 30, 2011

My fives....

I"m jumping on the "My Fives" bandwagon.  I'm too lazy today to come up with my own post....even though there's a lot ot discuss (Football, shopping, Knox, blah blah)

Ready, Set, Go.....
Last five people I talked to on the phone:
1.My nurse...i'm the crazy patient that calls about EVERYTHING :)
3.Kim (my awesome mother-in-law)
4.My nurse....see i told you
5.Jessi  (this is all the way back from Saturday...i apparently NEVER talk on the phone)

Last Five Meals I Ate:
1.My usual weekday lunch.  Tortilla with turkey and honey mustard, and an apple.
2.My usual weekday breakfast.  Banana and Strawberry smoothie.
3.Bowl of Cin. Toast crunch....SOOOOO good.
4.Lots and lots of homeade chex mix.  I don't know why i make it..i just eat the whole damn batch in like 2 days!
5.And my usual lunch again.

Last five places I’ve traveled:
1.Wichita, KS
2.Manhattan, KS
3.Kansas City, KS
4.Hermann, MO
5.Chicago, IL

Next five places I will go (outside of my hometown):
1.well i'm currently at work, which is out of town.
2.Wichita, the nurse can tell me to my face how annoying i am :)
3.Manhattan, KS...for the Mizzu game and to see my besties!!
4.Lawrence, KS...for the KU KSU game...and too see another of my besties!
5.Manhattan, KS for the first annual McGuire 5k race!! (it's actually the KSU homecoming 5k, but whatevs)

Last five workouts:
1.30 min. elliptical, 25 bike....arms AND legs.  I hadn't been to the gym for a while so needed to cram it all in there!
2. Ran over lunch with Rocky....1hr.
3. Ran over lunch with Rocky....1hr.
4. Ran over lunch with Rocky...1 hr.
5. Ran around Mulvane 5 miles, then ran that evening with the hubs and Lillie 2 miles (funny story.  lillie literally layed down in the middle of the road after about 1.5 miles.  she was DONE!)

Five things making me happy right now:
1.My little sister is coming home from Denver tonight.
2.I get to babysit the neighbor girls tonight....they're super cute!
3.Jess's bach. party is tomorrow night, its going to be awesome! Murder Mystery!!
4.K-State football.  K-state in general makes me happy :)
5.It's Friday.  Thank the Lord....this has been a LONG ASS week!
6.Yes...yes i can add another if i want, this is my blog damn't.  TRAVIS.  Such a cutie :)  Love him to death!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm notorious for splurging.  Most of the time i'm pretty reasonable....if not cheap.  I usually can't bring myself to spend $50 on a shirt or $150 on jeans.  I like my clearance American Eagle $30 jeans and $10 tee's just fine.  But sometimes....when the mood strikes....or when i am just in a "oh F it" kind of mood....i splurge (Hello Coach purse!).  And splurge we did this weekend.

We like K-State and we  like to make sure people know it by wearing at least one KSU item daily.  We also single-handedly like to keep Kansas Sampler and Varney's in business.  Your welcome.


Trav mentioned he wanted a new gun.  Usually i'd be like....ohhhh ok hun, someday we'll look into that.  But nope not this weekend.  I said...Ok, let's go get one then (enter confused look from husband).  So we did.

You get a gun, I get a diamond of equal or higher value. 

We justified the last two by saying they were our anniversary gifts to eachother....or maybe that's how i justified it to Travis....i would have done it anways ;)

(the first one needs no justification, i feel that at least 15% of our earnings should go towards KState clothes/tickets/hats/shoes/posters/wallpaper/tattoo's/parking spaces)

Friday, September 2, 2011

KSU Tailgating!!

I LOVE tailgating....and KSU....So therefore I LOVE TAILGATING FOR KSU FOOTBALL!!!

I've had some pretty great times...... with some pretty great people!

We even ventured to Lawrence for a game...we didn't care much for their style of tailgating.


By far one of my favorite pictures.....ohhhh if you only knew!

This was a good day. We were all still drunk from the night before, jenna spent about an hour in the porta-potty....and we enjoyed eggs from our hands :)

Some CU tailgating! 
Tailgating in Boulder!

And this is what Mel looks like after a LONG day of Four-lokos and beer.  (She was just called a lesbian and was thrilled about it!)

KSU-KU game!! How can we be lovers if we can't be friends??
Of Course a tailgate isn't complete without shotgunning.  If i remember correctly (which i barely remember this at all) he kicked my ass.

We fell in love with the scratch cups....and put them to good use!

And the McGuire clan in Manhattan!!!

We're headed up for the season opener tomorrow!!! GO CATS!!!