Sunday, November 29, 2009

The First Annual McGuire/Lane Thanksgiving!!

This year for Thanksgiving we decided to skip the family thing!!! Well....ok it wasn't that easy. As you all know we have been traveling ALOT, and travis is SOOOO over it :) My family was all headed down to Texas and we just couldn't take the extra time off, or afford to fly...sooooo what's the next best thing to being with family??? Being with the best of friends!!! Meghan and Jade made the journey out here on Tuesday night....we quickly got to business: Ski rental, lots of groceries, lots of booze and then some mexican food!!! We got up early the next morning (jade HATED us for this!!) and headed out to Keystone for some good ol fashioned fun!! Well that's what the plan was anyways!! First run up....this retard drops her one pole for the rest of the day was just going to have to work....then next run down Travis decided to take out a Ski Instructor (long story...but he was pro for 17 years bro...and NEVER has anyone EVER done that to him)...he tried to scare travis and tell him that he was hot passing his lift ticket, meaning he wouldn't be able to use it again until he took a safety so we went and checked on it, turns out he was just on a power trip and doesn't even have the authority to do so!!

After our long day at the slopes we came home and took a much needed nap!! Woke up and did my next favorite thing...EAT SUSHI!!! We took them to our favorite sushi place in Denver, Sushi Sasa....they approved!!!
Thursday morning Meg and I woke up around 8 to get the turkey took us till about 10 to get it in the was a 22 pound turkey.....for 4 of us......but it turned out AMAZING!! Meghan always impresses me with her cooking skills....jade's a lucky man!!!

Needless to say, it was a success.....with lots of left overs!!! Next year, Jade doesn't get to pick out the turkey :) It was great to spend such quality time with these two....they both have a huge place in my heart!!! I know that if i ever needed anything they'd be there for me....and i hope they know i'd do the same!!! I sure will miss them while they're in Mexico....maybe i'll just go with, be there "maid" or something cool like that!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My name is Mrs. McGuire, and I have a death wish :)

...Ok, not like a real live death wish....but to some it may seem that way!

Lately i've been pondering my future....what the heck is it that i want to be when i grow up?? (or pretend, cause lets face it, it's not gonna happen!) I do not do well behind a desk all day....especially when there isn't enough to do to fill my time...i tried the nurse thing for a while, apparently i get attached way to easy and i'd be an emotional basket case every time someone dies (which, even though i would have been a FANTASTIC nurse, would have happend on occasion) my childhood dream was to be an olympic swimmer.... that ship has sailed!! I thought about being an airline attendent (i believe that is what they go by now) once apon a time....i was 12 i think....again, not likely to happen. Sooooooo, then i got to thinking...Ok Abby, what is it that you DO like?? Hmmmmm, I like candy (totally irrelevant but i didn't give myself clear guidlines to the question apparently!) travis (again, not relevant to a job) interacting with people (ok now we're getting somewhere) kids (i'm known as the baby nazi in my family!) spring break, christmas break, thanksgiving break, snow days........(this is why i stayed in college for soooo long!) Can we see where i'm going here???? TEACHING!!! Its Perfect!! I get to have my vacations, not work weekends, not be stuck behind a desk all day, no way would i be bored, get to play with kids all day, AND i'd be molding young minds (those that really know my just cringed i'm sure!) Sounds pretty much perfect right?? Well yes....except this would require me to go BACK to school.... for two more years (that'll be a total of 8....i could be a doctor by now!). And since i'm a pretend grown up already, i'd have to foot the bill this time!! SO, this is a decision NOT to be taken lightly! To test this little teaching theory of mine i decided to go straight to the jungle....... 3rd grade. I forget how cute, clueless and LOUD kids can be!! I thought i talked! All and all it was a great experience, i followed the teacher around like a lost puppy before school started so i got to see pretty much how it, some yummy snacks in the teachers lounge, "oh you look so cute today" "oh you can have another piece of that, we'll just do an extra twenty on the eliptical".....blah blah (girls never change do they!). Then the kiddos arrived!! Poor things had to stay outside till the bell was 23 degrees out there! (if it's over 20 they stay out side!) They all piled in...starting at me....judging....who is that lady?? what is she doing here?? Some brave one's even came up to me and asked.... the teacher explained to me that Monday's are usually i little more hectic, kids are excited to see eachother, talk about what they did over the weekend and all that good stuff, plus they know it's their last week (they get the whole week of thanksgiving off!). I got to go to the library with them and help with multiplication (they DO NOT teach it the way i learned anymore! But they still do the timed multiplication races...which i was the BOMB at!) So at the end of my two hours, when the kids were fixing to head off to PE I was actually sad to go!! Cute little faces looking at me asking why i'm leaving, why i can't stay all day and when i'll be back.

"Mrs. McGuire you should just come everyday all day",

"sorry guys i have to go back to work, but i'll be back Wednsday"

"Are you going to be a teacher someday?"


"Well you should come be a teacher here, you're so nice and pretty"

Who wouldn't want to be a teacher when they dish out comments like that! I go back again tomorrow in the afternoon so i'll get to help with science and social studies. Then after Thanksgiving i go to a 2nd grade classroom!! I'd also like to go to a 1st grade room sometime! But as of right now....i LOVE IT! It's something i could really see myself doing....and ENJOYING! sooooo i guess i'll start applying for schools.....and financial aid (scary).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Home Is Where The Heart Is!

Soooooooo, as most of you know.....I'm home sick. Like. Ridiculously. It's funny how when we're younger we can't WAIT to get away from home (in my case stinky DC). But it seems that more and more people are making that move!! (not necessarly DC, but something like that!!). I think that i took for granted the closeness of my family growing up. The furthest cousin was 45 minutes away, everyone else was in or around Dodge. We had family pizza night every Wednesday, monthly birthday parties, and pretty much the most kick ass cheering section at ANY event we were ever involved in. Now i realize that isn't always "normal", but it was for us, and to be 100% honest with you....i wouldn't have had it any other way! These cousins.... the people that most just see at family reunions, sometimes holiday, or even funerals....they are my BEST FRIENDS!! There isn't a single one of them that I wouldn't do pretty much anything for.... and i'm sure they feel just the same about me! I think that's super.....

I was truely blessed with the most amazing family...... I MISS YOU ALL DEARLY!!!!