Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Home Is Where The Heart Is!

Soooooooo, as most of you know.....I'm home sick. Like. Ridiculously. It's funny how when we're younger we can't WAIT to get away from home (in my case stinky DC). But it seems that more and more people are making that move!! (not necessarly DC, but something like that!!). I think that i took for granted the closeness of my family growing up. The furthest cousin was 45 minutes away, everyone else was in or around Dodge. We had family pizza night every Wednesday, monthly birthday parties, and pretty much the most kick ass cheering section at ANY event we were ever involved in. Now i realize that isn't always "normal", but it was for us, and to be 100% honest with you....i wouldn't have had it any other way! These cousins.... the people that most just see at family reunions, sometimes holiday, or even funerals....they are my BEST FRIENDS!! There isn't a single one of them that I wouldn't do pretty much anything for.... and i'm sure they feel just the same about me! I think that's super.....

I was truely blessed with the most amazing family...... I MISS YOU ALL DEARLY!!!!

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