Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another McGuire Wedding!!

This past weekend we packed up and headed back to good ol Kansas for another McGuire wedding!!
The trip did NOT start as planned..... i HATE getting to the airport and finding out our flight is delayed for TWO hours!!! Trav on the other hand liked the idea of spending an arm and leg at the airport bar.....
I did not like that idea.....but peer pressure got the best of me.
Friday night was rehearsal and the theme was western.....hince why my husband has on a cowboy hat.....he really likes to get into character :) The groomsmen all got really awesome mugs.....heavy....but awesome. So naturally they had to chug beer.

I didn't really have a good seat at the wedding so i didn't get any ceremony pics....but here's the hubster and me after!!

My in-laws!!!! We're a pretty good looking bunch if i do say so myself!!!

Two of my favorite people!!! Aunt Angie and cousin Hannah!!!

Grandma!!! She's such a trooper!!

The world's best mother-in-law.....ladies, there's still on McGuire boy left, so if you want in on this amazing family you better get on it!!!

Me, Laura and Mac...... I really really really miss these girls!!

My BIL...... aka the groom!!

While the wedding party was taking pics all of us "plus 1's" decided to do our own photoshoot!!

It's not a party till someone shotguns a beer or two!!!

Trav....the best man speech!!! He did an AMAZING job!!

Mother son dance....not gonna lie....i cried.

I'm sooooo excited to have a new sister!!! Kyle couldn't have found a sweeter, more tolerant girl!!! Welcome to the family Bridgett!!!! (That is if you survive the weather in mexico!!!!)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Babies.....Kstate ones!!!

We've established that i want one.....super bad. Like I cry hysterically when someone tells me their expecting. This has happened three times since our loss. And let me tell keeps getting harder and harder!!! But with that said....I'm SOOOOOOOO HAPPY for all of them as well!!! The latest couple (i'm not sure how well known it is so i shall not mention names) to share their news is pretty much the bomb-diggity as far as couples go. I couldn't imagine two more people more perfect for eachother..... it's almost sick really!!! All i know is i'm stocking up on all things kstate for their little peanut, that is if she hasn't bought every last item out there already!! Here's some fun stuff i've already been oogling over.

Ohhhh and I would sooooo get bows/headbands made in purple and white..... maybe even a tutu.

PS.... girls are way more fun to shop for :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Father's day to two of the most amazing men out there!!!! I couldn't have asked for a better father....... Dad you truly are my very own superhero!!
And as far as father-in-laws go.....i lucked out there too!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Me? OCD??? NO!!!!!

So I may be a little obsessed with the gym right now. It could be worse....i could be obsessed with pizza (ok maybe i am) or chocolate (dark chocolate YES!!) or strapless heart monitors (whole different post!). We've been hitting the gym super hard the past couple of weeks. And it's starting to pay off!! I'm down 8 pounds.....2 more to go before the BIL's wedding!!!! (where i shall gain it all back i am sure!!). Trav isn't liking the mucho amounts of cardio i make him do..... but i'm liking what its doin for him....YUMMMMO :)

So anyways....we're spoiled at the gym we go to.

Do you see that???? That my friends is a tv ON the elliptical....AMAZE-BALLS. Ok maybe you guys have these where you work out, but at the old gym....we did not. The treadmills even have them!!! And the bikes.....the have built in FANS!!!! So now i just ellipt my happy ass along while watching Tori and Dean....or if i'm lucky, Kate plus 8 (there's only like 10 channels to choose from, and CNN just does not do it for me!!) So you can imagine my destain on days like today where i get crazy and head to the gym over see, i have to go to the old gym.....the one WITHOUT the fancy stuff. UGH.....

I resort back to my old ways.....reading while ellipting (i'm just making up words here!). I used to read a book a week....i actually kind of miss that. (24 hour don't take that as a hint you can get rid of the TV's...i'll cut you!). My current read.....

For those of you not familar with Jen Lancaster..... all you need to know is that she too, like the elliptical with a TV, is AMAZE-BALLS. This lady is a hoot.... flat out stinking hilarious. I've read every single book she's ever written and i will probably read them again. I laugh...out the gym.... A LOT!!!! I want to be her friend..... maybe just put her in my pocket and carry her around....she's that cool. I follow her blog too..... maybe i'm obsessed with her too???? Anywho....i suggest you run, skip, bike, fly, crab walk to your nearest barnes and noble, library, friends book shelf and READ every last one of her books....i promise you won't be dissapointed. If you are....your not human, and no longer my friend. I'm serious.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Whatcha doin?????

THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!! I was spoiled last week and only worked 3 5 seemed like FOR-EV-ER!!!!(if you don't know what movie that's from your a re-tard) It's been a busy week though....Monday i picked up the hubbster from the airport around 9ish.....which PS nothing makes me go from excited to see someone to and angry more then having to drive in circles waiting for them at the airport!!!! I'm sure he didn't get the welcome he was expecting!!! So we weren't home and in bed till like 11......which i'm normally i'll snuggled in by 930!! Tuesday we went to Film on the Rocks......What is that you ask???? Well it's this place......

And they were playing THIS movie......

And there were a LOT of these there!!

Ok maybe not a LOT but there was a lot of what hippies like to do going on......Colorado's pretty open with that apparently!!! This was our first Film on the Rocks experience.....and i'd have to say it was a great one!!! They do it every tuesday in the we may venture back!! Only thing i don't like about it is the movie doesn't start till like 9....remember early....i'm in bed by 930.

Soooooo anywho..... we got NO plans for this weekend.....I LOVE it when that happens!!!!!! We were supposed to go out downtown tonight for a friends birthday, but when you only have like $60 to get you thru till next have to limit yourself!!!! We may go for another hike on you have more of those pics to look foward too!!! Alright.....well enough of this pointmess rambling!! Hope you all have a SUPER weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Girls Weekend!!

This past weekend was the much anticipated girls weekend in KC. I was SOOOOOOO looking forward to this trip....and it did not disappoint!!!

I got there Thursday night so Jen and I had some chill time friday before everyone arrived. Pedicures seemed like a great idea!!! (i haven't had mine done since my wedding.....haven't even painted them since!!)
Friday after everyone had arrived and we'd had a few pre-drinks we headed to dinner!! I'd have to say it wasn't the best Houilhans experience we've ever had.....but the company was grand!!!
Saturday we spent what seemed like FOREVER in the car..... went to lunch...went to get Royals shirts....went to get chairs.....went to get ice cream......went to get booze.......

Then it was finally time to get the party started!!!! IT WAS HOT!!! i mean like super uncomfortable wanna take your clothes off and run around naked kind of hot. Some how we managed to tailgate for a couple of hours..... and get Jenna nice and drunk.

THIS....may be why she was drunk.....who knows.

We made it in to the game and in our seats for about 30 seconds before we decided sitting in the HOT SUN was not our idea of fun. So to the bar we went :) Plus we needed to get jenna some food.....and mel and i decided it was going to be a tequila night...... as you can tell from the following pictures.....that went well.

Mel, Sav and I toughed it out and went i am wonderng what in the world i was thinking.....this shall not end pretty.
See......i said it wasn't going to be pretty. I look like i just woke up....... oh well :)

It was a GREAT trip....with my GREAT friends.....and i can't wait to do it all again next year in the windy city......CHICAGO you have been warned!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Colorado Adventure Part Two!

Soooooooo i suppose i should finish the story....even though i don't really want to. Cause i'm tired....really really really tired. Girls weekend is ROUGH, but more on that later.

Alrighty.... up at the butt crack of packed..... backpacks on.....Let's do this.
May have already posted this pic....but i just want to make sure you remember just how F'ING big this mountain was......HUGE!!Pretty Views!!! I think this was ohhhhh about an hour in....when i still hated it....and wanted to cut my legs off because they were in that much pain.....and i was sweating like a whore in church. (Don't worry, legs go numb at some point and we run into snow...problem solved)Had to stop and make wardrobe i said....whore in church.We were super duper lucky and the weather was amazing. I'd say the first half of the hike was on a road type thing. You could drive up to 11,000 feet but we (being as badass as we are) decided to walk the whole thing. (bad bad bad idea). Once we hit treeline (11,000 feet....tree's can't grow much past that) we decided to take our first snack break!! burn 498 calories an hour (well at least for a female my height you do, google that shit) so you need to make sure and keep your energy up!!!
First incounter with lots of snow...... thought about turning around at this point because we had no idea if it was all snow from there out of what. It wasn't...... still wish we would have turned around though!! (this was about three hours in!)I feel like this is when the "real" hiking began. There wasn't that good of a trail from here out.... too much snow and what not. Do you like our walking sticks???? We're cool.It was a little steep...... juuuuuuuuust a little.Makes it ALL worth it!!!! Sooooo pretty once you get closer to the top!! (i'd say this was about 4 1/2 hours in.)This part of the hike took FOREVER!!! It was ALL rock....and not all stable rocks..... plumeting to my death wasn't on my agenda for the day.
Hour 5....we finally decided to stop and eat lunch....then turn around. Things started getting a little you really shouldn't be up at the summit passed tends to turn and no one likes getting stuck in i don't want to have to eat Travis......One of the reasons we turned around.....pic doesn't really do it justice but if you look close you can see little footprints.....that's where we'd be walking.....and the snow was getting soft because of the weather so falling thru or sliding was happening a lot.....not ok with this girl.I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!6 hours....on the way down!!! What a fun crew we had!!! We'll for sure be doing it again!!

Hour 8....FINALLY at the bottom....and what else would you do but crack some beers open????

Welp....there you have it. My first camping/hiking adventure!! I think we're planning a small hike this sunday. It won't be 8 hours.....more like 4/5.....but it shall be a good time as well!!!

Now I'll start working on my girls weekend post......get excited!!!