Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another McGuire Wedding!!

This past weekend we packed up and headed back to good ol Kansas for another McGuire wedding!!
The trip did NOT start as planned..... i HATE getting to the airport and finding out our flight is delayed for TWO hours!!! Trav on the other hand liked the idea of spending an arm and leg at the airport bar.....
I did not like that idea.....but peer pressure got the best of me.
Friday night was rehearsal and the theme was western.....hince why my husband has on a cowboy hat.....he really likes to get into character :) The groomsmen all got really awesome mugs.....heavy....but awesome. So naturally they had to chug beer.

I didn't really have a good seat at the wedding so i didn't get any ceremony pics....but here's the hubster and me after!!

My in-laws!!!! We're a pretty good looking bunch if i do say so myself!!!

Two of my favorite people!!! Aunt Angie and cousin Hannah!!!

Grandma!!! She's such a trooper!!

The world's best mother-in-law.....ladies, there's still on McGuire boy left, so if you want in on this amazing family you better get on it!!!

Me, Laura and Mac...... I really really really miss these girls!!

My BIL...... aka the groom!!

While the wedding party was taking pics all of us "plus 1's" decided to do our own photoshoot!!

It's not a party till someone shotguns a beer or two!!!

Trav....the best man speech!!! He did an AMAZING job!!

Mother son dance....not gonna lie....i cried.

I'm sooooo excited to have a new sister!!! Kyle couldn't have found a sweeter, more tolerant girl!!! Welcome to the family Bridgett!!!! (That is if you survive the weather in mexico!!!!)

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