Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Babies.....Kstate ones!!!

We've established that i want one.....super bad. Like I cry hysterically when someone tells me their expecting. This has happened three times since our loss. And let me tell you....it keeps getting harder and harder!!! But with that said....I'm SOOOOOOOO HAPPY for all of them as well!!! The latest couple (i'm not sure how well known it is so i shall not mention names) to share their news is pretty much the bomb-diggity as far as couples go. I couldn't imagine two more people more perfect for eachother..... it's almost sick really!!! All i know is i'm stocking up on all things kstate for their little peanut, that is if she hasn't bought every last item out there already!! Here's some fun stuff i've already been oogling over.

Ohhhh and I would sooooo get bows/headbands made in purple and white..... maybe even a tutu.

PS.... girls are way more fun to shop for :)

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