Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Declan - 16 months

Weight: 31 lbs (this is a guess)
Height: 32.5 (again, a guess)
I'll update once i can actually weigh and measure you!

This month it seems as if things have just clicked.  You have changed SO much....

You are still wearing size 4 diapers, and size 5 night time.  Although if i'd let you go commando all day you HATE getting your diaper changed these days.  It's become almost a sport for us to try and change you.  If we're lucky we get out of it without poop all over something! Still fitting into your 18 month things.  But have also added a few 24 month/2T tops  I can't believe I have a child that can wear 2T tops already.  Just doesn't seem possible!!  Wearing size 6 shoes.

Eating wise we are doing a lot better! You don't seem to care too much if i don't feed you baby food anymore so we've switched to regular mostly full time. (you'll still get yogurt...don't worry!).  For breakfast we've done some of those mini pancakes, some waffles, we've done eggs.  Usually serve those up with fruit.  Lunch and dinner your are LOVING chicken.  I mean you inhale that stuff.  I hate to tell people this...but your very favorite thing is Walmart Popcorn chicken (from the deli).  You get SO excited when we walk past there and request it almost every time.  You have been known to eat the whole cup in half a day.  Impressive.You still love your snack...mostly teddy grahams and those puff things.  Oh and you LOVE to use your fork and spoon, you just smile from ear to ear while you do proud of yourself!  You are also getting better at drinking from a sippy cup.  I can't seem to figure out how to get you to transition fully to one.  The night time bottle is the hardest!

You now say momma, up, bye,quack, papa, and according to your gramme several other words (we think she makes things up sometimes!)  This is SOOOOOO awesome.  You aren't even 4 months old hearing age yet.  I don't think i've ever heard of a 4mo old baby saying any you may just be a child genius :)  Oh and you started signing when you are ready for bed.  We ask you if your tired by putting our hands up to our cheek and learning our head....if you are will do this back.  It's the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!!!  You've also started telling me when you're done rocking and want in your crib.  You will just sit up, point at the bed and off we go!  I love that you are able to communicate with us now!

Speaking of being a genius.  You had your evaluation with Wanda (our early intervention specialist) and man oh man did you blow it out of the water!!!!!!  We could NOT be more proud of are exceeding everyone's expectations and more.  She constantly tells us how impressed with you she is but we don't usually have anything to compare that to.  The evaluation looks at all your skills...gross motor, fine motor, communication, etc. The top row of numbers is what would be expected for a child your age with out any disabilities.  The second row is what you scored......

Like I said....CHILD GENIUS!!!!  I am soooooooo so so so pleased with this!!! It takes a village we can't take all the credit.  We have a lot of people to thank for helping you along.  Obviously your Daddy is a big part of all of this.  And your hearing dream team; your audiologist Jackie, Stephanie, and Dr. Yoon.  Wanda, who comes to visit once a week and gives us all sorts of good info and support!  And your Grandparents!! You spend soooo much time over at Gramme and Papa's, and Gramme works with you all the time on your words and signs.  She takes you to fun places and shows you new things constantly.... she's definitely a HUGE part of you doing so well!  The rest of our family has been a huge support we must thank them as well!! You just remember this list when you are accepting your first big award!!

For the most part you've stayed healthy this last month! Thank goodness!! You did start to get a gooey eye again but it cleared up pretty fast.  I've kept giving you allergy medicine daily and I think it helps a little.  I'm afraid to stop to see what happens....

You attended your first ever Cousin Camp!! Your grandma and grandpa McGuire decided that every summer they will hold "Cousin Camp" for you, Gage, and Tara (until she thinks she's too old!).  Tara's really just there for help...and from what I hear she was a BIG one!!!  I took you up to Wichita on Thursday night, and left Friday morning.  Throughout the weekend I received many updates...lots of sprinkler fun, park, zoo and bath pics!!! I think everyone had a great time...and i just know it's something you will look forward to every summer! (it will eventually last longer, as you guys get a little older!)

You continue to INSIST on being outside....ALL. THE. TIME.  You get soooooo upset when we make you come inside. And when you are inside you stand by the door pointing out, or pounding on it.  I for see a lot of camping out in your dads future!!!The only way you are happy inside is if you are playing with your cars.  You love those things...and I constantly find them everywhere!! The joys of being a boy mom :)

Every month just gets better and better.  It is SO fun to watch you discover new things and to see you learning new things....I don't want time to go any faster...but i don't dread the days/weeks ahead because I know they'll be even better!! We love you the moon and back....