Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm a fibber...and bear.

I lied. Well technically I haven't lied yet....but i'm guessing it's gonna happen. Member two posts down when i said i was going to not drink this weekend...... and you all laughed. Well DAMN YOU ALL!! It's a holiday weekend..... BBQ's....pools...... REALLY!!!! We didn't partake in our usually Thirsty Thursday, and that in itself is an acomplishment. So maybe i'll just go with that. No more thirsty steps ya'll. I don't really for see a whole lot of drinking happening this weekend anyways. We opted out of going to Estes with my friend Elyse. Thought we'd enjoy a nice quite weekend at home.......should have known better. I think my husband has been talked into camping (not by me of course!) Saturday night.....on the mountain....where there are bears. They can smell the menstration you know!!! **I will check and double check with all females involved that there is none of this going on...or i'm out** Then waking up at what i'm sure will be a RETARDEDLY early hour to hike..... this won't just be a hike around the bottom of the mountain....ohhhhhhhhhh no. We're doing a 14er. Meaning it's higher then 14,000 feet. Denver is high enough at one mile.....but noooooo we've got to test that out. It takes ALL day. So you have to start early so you don't get snowed on (WTF it's 90 degrees at the bottom!) and to make sure your back down by dark (bears....lots and lots of bears). I'm excited (Ha!)....nervous (bears!!)...... and ummmmm ya that's it, excited and nervous. So if you don't hear from me after this weekend it's safe to assume one of several options...... 1. I was eaten by a bear. 2. Travis pushed me off the mountain because i wouldn't stop talking about the bears. 3. I started my period while on the mountain and became a snack....of the bears. 4. I ran into Baloo and decided bears weren't all that bad after all and i'd just stick with them.
Hope you all have a Fan-freaking-tastic Memorial Weekend. Try to act like the responsible adults that I know you all are :) MUAH!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

....TEN MOTHER F'N DAYS!!!!!!!

TEN!!!! TEN mother f'n DAYS kids...... oh my goodness I thought this day WOULD NEVER GET HERE!!!!!!

Next Thursday at ohhhhhh 8:45 pm I shall be leaving on a jet plane......a super fast jet plane that will get me to my besties as fast as humanly possible!!!!! I'll run off of the plane into this beauties arms.....

There are no plans for Friday during the day.....i plan on sleeping till my heart is content..... maybe laying out if i must. THEN....this beauty will get off work.....

Her very loving and adorable hubby has agreed to let Jenna host this AMAZING weekend at their new house.......he may regret this later. I'll let you know! And soon after she's home....these two hotties shall arrive.....

Now that we're all there and accounted for.....the fun shall begin!!! We plan on just staying in friday night i think, trying to cook (maybe head out to see the new SITC2). I do know that copious amounts of booze are already purchased and waiting for all of this...... so that's good. Saturday there are BIG plans...HUGE :) First we'll go here....

And then here......

And then if we're still alive and functioning....maybe here

It shall be GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the best part is I don't have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to jump on a plane...... i'm not leaving till 430!!!!!

I'm obviously beyond excited for our FIRST ANNUAL GIRLS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010


You know..... there was bound to come a day when i realize that i'm 26 years old. I'm an adult...I have responsibilities. I am NOT in college anymore. It's OK to have a few drinks and stop..... no need to drink the WHOLE keg or drink for 8 hours straight.... Some people don't like cussing..... some people don't like loud drunk obnoxious people.

GOOD NEWS.... Today was that day. Ring the bells....sound the horns..... that's right people..... I figured it all out,

I think i'm over it. I think....wait for it......waaaaaaaait. I'm taking a drinking hiatus. Well just until the 4th....then i'll take a hiatus from my hiatus to play with my BFF'S.....but that monday...back to business. I figure there will be days (thursday usually) that i'm just plum READY for a drink. I shall fight the urge....or if i can't fight it....give in and have ONE drink. I think my liver will thank may even be soooo happy it lets me get pregnant.....and keep it :) Now how fun would that be. Plus....pregnant drunks are usually frowned upon so i'm just kicking the habit in preperation!! So.....all of you inablers..... stay away from me.....peer pressure is a bitch..... there for you are too!!! Yes Elyse.....i just called you that.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Right now.....i don't have any. Right now I just want to go hide in the bathroom and cry. Right now i'm questioning my faith..... Right now i am confused as to WHY bad things happen to such good people...such deserving people. Right now I just don't believe.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jealous Bones.....

I have a lot of these right now..... Actually i'd venture to say almost every bone in my body is a jealous one right now. Shall we discuss???

1. High School Graduation. Last weekend we made the long trek back to Wichita for my BIL's graduation.

So young..... so clueless to all of the wonderful things he'll learn/experience in college...... I WANT TO GO BACK!!!! I'd pay LARGE sums of money to start over in college again. Sure there are things i'd do different....ohhh like actually attend class..... but there are many many things i wouldn't all of the AMAZING people i met..... the lifelong friends i made...... the life leasons i learned.....Aggieville...... $2 pitchers...... oh wait i'm getting of track here. I think one of the MAJOR things i the lack of responsibility I had. Sure...i was in charge of getting myself to class (Fail)...feeding/bathing myself (sometimes also a fail).... part-time jobs..... but other then that (i understand i was lucky...and that others didnt have it so easy) i had no big responsibilities. No full time job..... no insurance payments..... no husband to please (that in itself is a FULL TIME JOB!) Remind me again why i left???? (in case you don't know this answer...after 6 years, parents said no more!! damn them!)

2. Reproduction. Maybe we missed the memo and are doing this all wrong. They haven't changed the way babies are made have they??? NO??? Damn....didn't think so. I'm struggling with this one.... like a lot. Probably because i'm the world's most impatient person. Probably because i had a taste of it....and had it taken from me. Probably because i'm the world's biggest baby person and it's what i've always wanted.....either way...... God's being mean to me. I know i know....we've only been trying since body may not be ready again yet..... i'm stressing too much about it......trav may be slipping me the pill when i'm not looking...... I've got a whole list of reasons why it's not happening. sucks. I know that there are people out there that have been trying MUCH longer then me....that are having to deal with MUCH more, and my heart aches for those people. If i'm going this crazy over 3 months of trying.... could you imagine what a year or more would do to me????

Yep....that'd be me. (if i turned into a red-headed man apparently!). So I'm going to TRY and take everyone's advice (including my Dr. whom i am sure is super annoyed with me and my 10,000 emails!!) and RELAX....enjoy life not being preggo (drinks anyone???) and just let God's plan play out. I said TRY promises!!

3. Range Rovers. Those that know me....know this is my DREAM car. Those that know me....know this will probably never happen..... a girl can dream right??? EVERY day....every stinking day....on my drive to work....i see at least FIVE.....and this is within ohhhh like a mile radius.

To clarify.... I don't work in an upity place...... i just so happen to work very close to one of Denver's more upity Private schools (we're talking $25,000 for a year!). So basically i get to drive along all these range rover, audi, benz, volvo owning stay at home mothers....... *sigh*......someday.......someday.

4. Happy People. Ok...i'm a happy person (generally)..... but i'm not a happy person at work. Might have something to do with the fact that my job.....blows. Know what else blows....the unemployment rate. Damn damn damn. Guess i'll just suck it up for a bit longer.....

I"m sure there are like 5,000 other things i'd like to bitch about....... but those 4 will do for now......

P.S. Don't take this wrong. I'm very very very grateful for all the things i have.... the life i live.... and all the people in it......k???? ok then.....with that said have a freaking great weekend. I"ll be sitting on a patio enjoying this amazing weather while it lasts!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My slice of in Denver!!

Alright.... i'm going to let you in on a secret...... are you ready???

I LOVE Frozen Yogurt.

I mean....I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

In Manhattan there was a TCBY at the mall.... like i needed ANOTHER reason to be at the mall all the time :) But i was said to discover that the only TCBY within driving distance to me out at the airport. Let's be real here people.... i'm not going to the airport JUST for yogurt... instead i just schedule pointless trips and pack a bag, all for the LOVE of my TCBY. So just the other day there i was....laying aroung day dreaming about frozen yogurt when i got the urge to google it. (i've done this many of times! and am alwasy disappointed when it STILL says DIA is the closest!!) HOLD THE PHONE!!!!! Does that say what i think it does??????? YEP.... about 5 minutes from my house.....A TCBY!!! (insert angels singing....LOUD!!) I thought maybe it was a joke....i wouldn't put it past my husband to take out a phone number and fake address add on google just to get me all excited. So i called.....ohhhh they're real people.....they're real!!!! Of course i wanted to go right then....Sunday at 7:45pm..... and of course they close at 8. With promises of going a different day i let that one go..... but man oh man did i have some AMAZING yogurt dreams that night!'s been a week. And i've YET to have my TCBY (trav doesn't like it so that complicates the whole deal!) But....there i was..... walking around CHerry Creek mall like I actually belong there (with negative bank account....i do not!). When this broad strolled past me....with a bright pink cup..... and eating what i could swear looked like yogurt. Well that just must be ice cream...cause i would KNOW if there were some kind of yogurt place here...... MAN WAS I WRONG!! (write that down, it won't happen again.


Look closely folks...... right there!!! Self serve yogurt.....of many many flavors..... AND....wait for it....wait for it...... self serve toppings!!!!! I just died and went to yogurt heaven!! (I understand these places exist california..... in my defense.... i don't live bite me....let me have my moment!) I was like a kid in a candy store....i ran from yogurt to yogurt trying to decide what in the world i needed.... so i basically got a little taste of each... i had some cake batter....some peanut butter and chocolate....some strawberry.... and vanilla. Before you go calling me a lard ass re-read my sentence..... a LITTLE taste of each. I"m not a monster people....i have SOME self control :)

I googled this little shack of a yogurt shop when i got home....and with further research found out that a yogurtland is coming this way too!!!! Remember when i said i wanted to move back to may have to drag me kicking and screaming (while carrying all my yogurt of course) now!!!!