Monday, May 24, 2010


You know..... there was bound to come a day when i realize that i'm 26 years old. I'm an adult...I have responsibilities. I am NOT in college anymore. It's OK to have a few drinks and stop..... no need to drink the WHOLE keg or drink for 8 hours straight.... Some people don't like cussing..... some people don't like loud drunk obnoxious people.

GOOD NEWS.... Today was that day. Ring the bells....sound the horns..... that's right people..... I figured it all out,

I think i'm over it. I think....wait for it......waaaaaaaait. I'm taking a drinking hiatus. Well just until the 4th....then i'll take a hiatus from my hiatus to play with my BFF'S.....but that monday...back to business. I figure there will be days (thursday usually) that i'm just plum READY for a drink. I shall fight the urge....or if i can't fight it....give in and have ONE drink. I think my liver will thank may even be soooo happy it lets me get pregnant.....and keep it :) Now how fun would that be. Plus....pregnant drunks are usually frowned upon so i'm just kicking the habit in preperation!! So.....all of you inablers..... stay away from me.....peer pressure is a bitch..... there for you are too!!! Yes Elyse.....i just called you that.


  1. As someone older and wiser (27) I just want to let you know that you're never too old for drinking for 8 straight hours. It may hurt a lot more but it's still GOOD. Also, cussing is fucking awesome. Do you wanna be creepy blog friends and meet when I come to Denver? I will force you to drink something though. I figure it can't be too creepy, you are a wildcat.

  2. I just got your message!!!! I'd LOVE to be creepy blogger friends......or did i already miss my chance???