Friday, June 6, 2014

Declan - 15 months

Weight: 27lbs 12oz
Height: 32in.
Head: 18.75cm

Oh son.  You have been a cheese ball this past cheese ball.  You have such a fun personality, i just want to bottle it up!!! Here's the scoop on the past month.....

Still wearing size 4 diapers (5 in your night time one's).  I have a box arriving today, and after that we're switching to 5's across the board.  So that's fun.  Clothing wise you are in all 18 months things.  Some of the shorts are a little long, but they fit that belly well (oh man i love that belly!) And we bought you some new size 6 sandals.  There's room to grow, so my guess would be that you're actually a 5 1/2.

Still eating baby food.  Gotta work on this.  I stand by my previous comment that you're just too busy to be bothered with feeding yourself.  But maybe you just like being pampered.  Goal for 16 month update...say you eat more normal food!  You eat breakfast first's usually a small bowl of oatmeal with fruit, a yogurt, and if there's still room, some cereal to munch on.  You usually have a little snack in between that and lunch.  You love teddy grahms still, but dig the gold fish.  You LOVE oranges...grapes, and lunch meat too.  Lunch is whatever we're having chopped up all sorts of little, and maybe a jar of baby food.  You usually want a bottle before your nap as well. You'll snack again... and then it's dinner time around 5:30.  Annnnnd then at 6:15ish you have a full bottle before we put you down!

You love to push things.  Doesn't matter what it is...if it has wheels you want to push it.  Your mower is a favorite.  You also love your motorized cars.  You don't always want to ride them. Half the time you just want to push them.  You push around your golf bag too.... it's cute :)  You love little cars too.  You'll entertain yourself for quite a while with them...just scooting them along the floor (or walls).  You get pretty proud of yourself when you make one go far…..

You unofficially say Momma.  I say unofficially because i don't think you know what your saying.  You understand when someone says Momma.  You know to look for me.  But i'm thinking the whole saying momma think is just rambling.  But i'll take it.  (You aren't even 3 months old hearing wise.  I don't know many baby's that say their first word that early.  So you're ahead of the game!)  Gramme seems to think you say Up.  I've never heard it.  She makes things up every now and then so we'll wait to make that official until I hear it myself.

You are a signing machine lately!! It's soooo cute.  You are very good at asking for milk, water, food....the important stuff.  You know Daddy, bird, dog, book, mom, and papa.  We are on a break from our sign class, so your dad and I have to start practicing more so we don't forget what we learned these past 4 months! We really want you to be bilingual with it!

You got sick...AGAIN.  Double severe conjunctivitis in your eyes.  And a nasty nasty cold.  sinus I think.  And i say that because I got it two days later.  This was a doozy.  We got you on antibiotics ASAP.  So you were only sick for a couple of days.  But was bad.  I would go to get you up in the morning and both of your eyes would be matted shut and you'd have a hard snot covered nose.  I felt so bad for you.  And you hated me cleaning you off....hated it.  But we replaced that hatred with the hate you have for me making you take medicine.  it's a vicious cycle.

You found your tongue.  And you think it's hilarious.  Sometimes you'll just come right up to, stick out your tongue and laugh.  Sometime's if you stick ours out at you, you'll do the same...and my favorite, sometime's you'll see yourself in a mirror and do it.  Such a ham.   Oh you also decided that your belly button, and your father' awesome.

We made one trip to Denver this past month, for more mapping.  We wont' go back to see Ms. Jackie until August now!!! You did great per usual.  She said she continues to be SO impressed with your're basically a poster child.  I love hearing this....i just know your going to kick ass and take names when it comes to all things hearing/speaking/life :)  You are basically hearing at the level you always will be at this point (volume wise), so now it's just small tone tweeks.  It will be easier to do this once you can talk to us.  But like i said, we'll go back in August and then not again until February!

We also made a family trip up to Emporia to watch "Aunt" Savannah graduate from nursing school!! You were once again a great travel buddy....we're truly spoiled in this department.  You loved getting to see some of your favorite "aunties"....but the party was just too much and you crashed at 9pm :)  Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Manhattan for Uncle Corbin's graduation!  We missed seeing him walk, but we were at the house when everyone got back.  You spent the day playing with your cousin Gage (more like tackling him) running around like a crazy person in the back yard, chasing birds, eating pineapple, and hanging with lots of family.  It was a great weekend to say the least!!!

This month we have no big plans….so hopefully we'll get you to the pool a lot…the zoo… maybe home depot :)  We love being able to spend all weekend with you, no car trips, hotels etc.  So we have been looking forward to the un-busy months!!!

You are growing up SO fast…. I hate it, but at the same time it just keeps getting more fun!!! We continue to soak up every second of every day with you….and love you to the moon and back buddy!