Thursday, December 26, 2013

Declan - 9 Months

Sooooo I had your 9 month post ALL done...and then some how I deleted it. Mom Fail!!! So i'm just going to post some pics and a few random things from 9months, and i'll get everyone all caught up in your 10 month post k?!?!

WEIGHT: 23.4lbs
Height: 29"

Wearing size 4 diapers still.  And a mix of 9 month and 12 month clothes.

Still eating like a champ.  Starting to be more interesting in feeding yourself.

Still the happiest baby i've ever seen!!! I sure hope this never changes!

Your eye still gets matted after you sleep, but it's getting better slowly!!

Love remotes.  Especially dads.

First trip to Phoenix for Thanksgiving was a success!!!

You slept 90% of the flights.  Such a good boy :)

The little bit that you weren't sleeping, you were hamming it up for everyone around you!

I told him he wasn't really a small fry....he didn't like that obviously.

You look SO big next to a new baby.  This makes my ovaries hurt.

Loved the Zoo!! I see many zoo visits in your future!!

You loved the horse.  No i won't buy you one

This was the first time I ever found you standing up in the morning.  You were pretty proud of yourself.

Ugh.  This 9 makes me look fat.

Trendy boy in your sperry's :)

This was a really fun month.  You are starting to pick up on more and more everyday! Your expressions are getting MORE animated (if that's even possible!).... you are just one HAPPY baby.  And that makes us some very HAPPY parents!! We love you to the moon and back buddy....

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Declan - 8 months

Weight: 21.5lbs (you lost weight while sick this month!)

Height: 28in

Oh man.  This past month has been interesting buddy.  Now I'm not complaining...because you are still such an EASY baby.  But this past month, you've been "off", so it was just different!  It was still a great month've grown SO much!!

You are now wearing mostly 9 month clothes, with some 12 thrown in there (carters) and 6-12 month (gap).  The selection isn't quite as extensive as it was in the smaller sizes.  (So note to #2, don't buy so much 0-3, 3-6....spread the love out a little :) ) 

We made the move up to the size 4 diapers.  After many blow outs, we took it as a sign it was time.  We also started using night time was getting a little tired of having to change your sheets every morning because you'd leak out! So far they've fixed the problem!

You are going to daycare twice a week.  You seem to really like it! You and your buddy James got into a routine pretty quickly! Your first day there, and you guys napped at the same time, going down and waking up just minutes apart!! Lynde sends me pics daily, which I LOVE!!! I think putting you in daycare was the right move....the interaction with the other kids is priceless for your development!

We had our first experience with vomit....and it was heart breaking to say the least.  We took you in to get your flu shot at 1:30pm, by 3:30 you were throwing up...everywhere.  You continued to throw up everything you drank for the rest of that night.  I cried.  You were just so wouldn't drink anything, so you eventually had nothing to throw up and would just heave.  You'd look at me with those big ol eyes, like Why Momma...why?!?! I'd have given anything to make you feel better. You were mostly recovered by that weekend, but weren't quite back to your normal happy self.  You are just now (2.5 weeks later) starting to eat like normal.  We're supposed to take you back for the other half of your flu shot in a week, but that's NOT happening. way. (Side note: I got sick two days after you, and your dad/grandma three days, so that's fun)

Like I said your eating has been a little off.  But we continue to make your vegetables and fruit at home.  You haven't really turned anything down, so you're still a good little eater.  We've started giving you some finger food (you's adorable), like crackers, cut up fruit, think you're big stuff.  You don't quite do it yourself though.  I hand it to get all excited, look at it, then throw it.  I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually!

We're working on tooth #6 now.  You have both bottom middle, both top eye teeth, and your right front tooth. #6 is the other front tooth....and it's making you ohhhh so happy. :)  You just get a little fussy, which is out of character for you, so i know it's bothering you. Nothing a little Tylenol can't fix though!

This past month you attended you second football game in Manhattan.  You did well! I have no doubt that you'll grow up a big fan just like mom and dad!!! (as if you have a choice!!)  You probably won't make the last two games of the season with us....but we'll have to wait and see what the weather's like! You get one more year before we have to buy you a we'll for sure be going next year again! (After that, you should probably start working so you can buy yourself a seat!)

You still refuse to crawl.  You HATE when we try and help you.  Something about being on your knees just ticks you off.  You really really want to move scoot, lean waaaaay over, but no forward motion.  You still LOVE to walk (while holding on to us).  We got out some of the walking toys, thinking that may help you we'll keep working on that as well!

You (more like I) survived 4 whole days apart.  I went to Disneyland for a training, and then to see Granny K and Ranaye in San Fran for two days.  That was the longest we've been apart and I can tell you that I won't be leaving you  for any longer then that...ever.  It was rough.  But we Face Time daily...several times a day.  The first morning I was gone I actually watched dad get you out of bed, feed you breakfast and get you ready!! It was almost like i was there!! What did people ever do before technology?!?!

Your first Halloween went really well!! You were a golfer, and it was adorable!! We just went over to Grandma and Grandpa's….were the Martinez's visited, as well as the Heeke's!! After that we came home and your friend James came by!! You weren't too sure about the costumes, but you handled it pretty well!

We moved you into your big boy carseat!  You don't seem to mind it much, I personally think its a pain in the ass to get you in and out of, but we'll get the hang of it!

And here are some random photos from the month…we only have a billion :)

(You have recently started making this face randomly when i'm taking your's adorable!)

I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that in 4 months, you will be 1.  It seems just like yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital.  Time really does fly....and I'd be perfectly fine with it slowing down!!!  Words can't even begin to describe the love we have for truly bring SO much joy to us..

To the moon and back big guy!!