Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter X Games

This past weekend the Hubster and I traveled to Aspen to watch the Winter X games!

A few things I learned this weekend....
The X games are SMALL, TV makes everything look so much bigger! And you can't watch everything!

The X Games is a DRY event...GASP!!!! I suppose it makes for easier crowd control, but some heads up would have been great. (Don't worry, there's ways around it...or you could join every other hippie out there and smoke the wacky tabacky....but i prefer booze)

And if you were to ask my opinion..... One full day of the X games is enough.

But with all that said, i'm super glad we went. It was fun to experience in real life!!!

This week is our last week of work here at ADMHN..... then we're headed to the big city of Dodge!! Not excited to pack up.......especially if it stays this damn cold!! BRRRRRR!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Well.... it's a start!

We headed west last weekend. It was a sneak peak into our future.... sort of, well not really, ok kind of. I had three interviews, trav went and shot guns with my dad, we looked at houses, and ate at El Charro....and Kate's....and Quizno's..... and Bad Habits....and Jalisco's. I'm sure i'm missing some place. Obviously there isn't a whole lot of cooking going on at the Doll house. That'll be changing when the two new roomates move in (if your slow...that's me and travis).

Interviews. First of all...they're stupid. I hate interviews. I hate the questions....tell me about yourself, what qualities do you think you have that would benefit this position, what pay are you looking for (HATE!!) and do you know any old people. Old people???? Um...sure i guess. My first interview was my lasted an hour and a half, good sign no??? Second interview...bleh. Part time, no benefits, no bueno. Third...they loved me. Called me literally 10 minutes after the interview to come back for another. They offered....i declined. Not enough money. Stupid money. In my defense it's like 10g's less then i make now....and i do NOT make the big bucks. So we shall see. We're waiting to hear back from the first place. Apparently they're having a super hard time picking. I should send them something....cookies, chocolate, beer or a big picture of me :)

Houses. Um....i really need to NOT have such great taste. Really. Well that or i need to win the lottery. Or both. Win the lottery and not like nice things....that should work out. I found our house. It is perfect....only 5 years old....and only about a mile from my parents!!!! So what's the problem?? Um...i need a J.O.B. Ugh. Stupid jobs. Stupid money. Stupid stupid stupid. So no house. We'll be basement dwellers for a while it looks like. Which is fine by rent. no bills. just save save save!! or buy lots of things i really don't tv's, purses and small children.

And that how we feel about that.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sometime's right where you started from.....

Is right where you belong.
(Sarah, I stole this from your mantel, don't be mad!)

Well.....I sure hope so, cause that's where we're headed.... right where i started from (no not my mother's uterus, you weirdo's).

The McGuire's are OFFICIALLY moving back to Dodge City, Kansas. (GASP!!!!)

We gave our notices this week...started packing up the's really happening!!!!

There's a mix of emotions floating around... Excited (for our new adventure)....Nervous (that we won't get used to the smell and totally regret it!)..... Anxious (to get settled, to start new careers)..... worried(We won't fit in)......
PUMPED (to be close to family/friends)....
(These girls will be a Little closer!)

(These beautie's live in Dodge...BONUS!!)

(Some QT with the parentals will for SURE happen)

But most importantly....THANKFUL for this amazing opportunity!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow = Idiots Driving

Living in Colorado you'd think everyone was used to driving in snow...and would be at least remotely good at it right? (this is NOT in colorado, hince the european tags, it's just for effect, deal with it!!)
Ummmmm NOPE!!!! In denver drivers defense this is only the second time it's snowed this winter, but still....come on people get a flipping grip!!!!!! It's's icy.... you WILL slide if you are going fast or slam on your breaks.... if you slide in my direction i will go all Chuck Norris on your ass....that's a promise.

Ok...that's my CO drivers rant.

Nothing really fun to report (Just wait!!!). We spent the weekend hanging out with family! Saturday over at our aunt and uncles watching basketball/football, then we the evening we spent in Boulder with Bre and Ben. Sunday it started therefor any motivation was out the window and all we did was grocery shop and take a nap while watching football.

This week i have dr.'s appointments coming out the wazoo....ok not really...just two. And both on wednesday so it seems over whelming when it really isn't!! We'll hit the road Thursday after work for good ol Dodge City! We have Friday AND Monday off....i plan on doing a LOT of relaxing and maybe some drinking with Jessi and Jamie if they'll have me :)

Stay warm friends!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Do you want to know what this BOMP did all weekend??? If you think i got dressed up in my skankiest outfit, went downtown, paid a$20 cover charge at the door and $10 for my rum/'d be wrong. We did pretty much NOTHING!!!!! Well that's not true.....we watched every single episode of Weeds....

I'd heard about this show before, but really wasn't interested in watching....till i was so bored i had no other option Thursday night. Fast foward to Sunday night and we're still watching!!! With breaks for these things... bathroom, food, gym, massages, and movie theatre. Other than that....we were super unproductive ALL weekend. I'd like to say it was glorious....but to be honest with you i was annoyed. I wish we would have had something cool to do....plans with trip.... streaking in the quad....something, anything!!!! I may or may not have cried at the gym while talking to trav about what we were going to do for the next two straight days....i felt like a loser....a planless loser. Thank God trav doesn't have his second job anymore and was home with me the whole weekend....i may have gone batshit crazy otherwise.

Welp....anyways. It's 2011.....i'm not sure how i feel about that. Well that's not true....i'm GLAD 2010 is over. I hated 2010. 2010 was a mean bully of a year. So my plan is to show 2011 who's boss. I'll let you know how that goes. I'd do resolutions....but i think they're the same as my plans for my 27th year of life.... Big things...HUGE things are coming my way this year....i can just feel it :)