Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow = Idiots Driving

Living in Colorado you'd think everyone was used to driving in snow...and would be at least remotely good at it right? (this is NOT in colorado, hince the european tags, it's just for effect, deal with it!!)
Ummmmm NOPE!!!! In denver drivers defense this is only the second time it's snowed this winter, but still....come on people get a flipping grip!!!!!! It's's icy.... you WILL slide if you are going fast or slam on your breaks.... if you slide in my direction i will go all Chuck Norris on your ass....that's a promise.

Ok...that's my CO drivers rant.

Nothing really fun to report (Just wait!!!). We spent the weekend hanging out with family! Saturday over at our aunt and uncles watching basketball/football, then we the evening we spent in Boulder with Bre and Ben. Sunday it started therefor any motivation was out the window and all we did was grocery shop and take a nap while watching football.

This week i have dr.'s appointments coming out the wazoo....ok not really...just two. And both on wednesday so it seems over whelming when it really isn't!! We'll hit the road Thursday after work for good ol Dodge City! We have Friday AND Monday off....i plan on doing a LOT of relaxing and maybe some drinking with Jessi and Jamie if they'll have me :)

Stay warm friends!!


  1. Yay for relaxing! I know what you mean....Utah Drivers SUCK when it snows ha! I love that you dream about carbs when you try to cut them too!!! Your wedding picture is insanely gorgeous! Have a great day!

  2. Ummm... I'll allow it. :)

    Yea Dodge City!