Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter X Games

This past weekend the Hubster and I traveled to Aspen to watch the Winter X games!

A few things I learned this weekend....
The X games are SMALL, TV makes everything look so much bigger! And you can't watch everything!

The X Games is a DRY event...GASP!!!! I suppose it makes for easier crowd control, but some heads up would have been great. (Don't worry, there's ways around it...or you could join every other hippie out there and smoke the wacky tabacky....but i prefer booze)

And if you were to ask my opinion..... One full day of the X games is enough.

But with all that said, i'm super glad we went. It was fun to experience in real life!!!

This week is our last week of work here at ADMHN..... then we're headed to the big city of Dodge!! Not excited to pack up.......especially if it stays this damn cold!! BRRRRRR!

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