Friday, January 21, 2011

Well.... it's a start!

We headed west last weekend. It was a sneak peak into our future.... sort of, well not really, ok kind of. I had three interviews, trav went and shot guns with my dad, we looked at houses, and ate at El Charro....and Kate's....and Quizno's..... and Bad Habits....and Jalisco's. I'm sure i'm missing some place. Obviously there isn't a whole lot of cooking going on at the Doll house. That'll be changing when the two new roomates move in (if your slow...that's me and travis).

Interviews. First of all...they're stupid. I hate interviews. I hate the questions....tell me about yourself, what qualities do you think you have that would benefit this position, what pay are you looking for (HATE!!) and do you know any old people. Old people???? Um...sure i guess. My first interview was my lasted an hour and a half, good sign no??? Second interview...bleh. Part time, no benefits, no bueno. Third...they loved me. Called me literally 10 minutes after the interview to come back for another. They offered....i declined. Not enough money. Stupid money. In my defense it's like 10g's less then i make now....and i do NOT make the big bucks. So we shall see. We're waiting to hear back from the first place. Apparently they're having a super hard time picking. I should send them something....cookies, chocolate, beer or a big picture of me :)

Houses. Um....i really need to NOT have such great taste. Really. Well that or i need to win the lottery. Or both. Win the lottery and not like nice things....that should work out. I found our house. It is perfect....only 5 years old....and only about a mile from my parents!!!! So what's the problem?? Um...i need a J.O.B. Ugh. Stupid jobs. Stupid money. Stupid stupid stupid. So no house. We'll be basement dwellers for a while it looks like. Which is fine by rent. no bills. just save save save!! or buy lots of things i really don't tv's, purses and small children.

And that how we feel about that.


  1. Really looking forward to your post on purchasing small children. Do they sell those in DC?

    Good to see you last weekend!!!

  2. Oh make me laugh. Glad you'll be moving a little closer. I'll send up some prayers for your job hunt. I know that can be frustrating! Hang in there!!!
    Amy Nelson
    ps~tell Trav to be nice to me on facebook. Thanks. :D