Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Before 30.....

That damn Sally put me up to this...... Although I'm not sure i can even come up with 30....maybe it'll be a work in progress.

1.  Start a family (dear lord PLEASE let this happen by 30!)

2.  Learn how to Sew (Debbie Doll please!)

3.  Travel to Europe (again) with Travis
4.  Kentucky Derby...big hats holla!!

5.  Sky Dive

6. Bungee Jump

7.  Get a Lab puppy

8.  Plant a fruit tree

9.  Learn how to make cinnamon rolls (sarah doll!!)

10. Run a total of 4 1/2 marathons (one down, three to go!)

11.  Take Trav to Chicago

12.  Visit Ranaye in Cali

13.  Visit Meghan in Mexico

14.  Ride my bike to Cimarron and back

15. Take up swimming regularly

16.  Finish our basement (starting next week!)

17.  Attend a FULL season of KSU football

18.  Meet Bill Snyder (

19.  Make out with Bill Snyder....kidding

19. (for real) Learn some spanish.  I'm not committing to speaking it fluently, but at least understanding a bit!

20.  Watch Savannah graduate from nursing school

21.  Staying Debt free..(not counting mortgage)

22.  Watch Mel get married.... hehe It COULD happen!

23.  Run a FULL marathon...eek, can't believe i just said that.

24.  Go meatless for a FULL week! (don't tell my dad)

25.  Eat dinner at the table...for a week (this will be impossible!)

26.  Visit Jenna in KC (at LEAST once a year!)

27. Attend church on the regular

28.  Volunteer

29.  Buy a Range Rover :)  This should be on my 80 before 80 list, but hey a girl can dream right!

30.  Find my calling.  What i'm supposed to do with my life....a job that makes me happy!!

Ok, well that's all i could come up with for now....and some are stretching it :)  At least i posted steps.  I'll probably be back in like a month!!