Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If you have nothing nice to blog about......

You really shouldn't blog at all :) But the problem is i have nothing nice...or mean to blog about. That's just further proof that our lives aren't nearly as cool as we pretend they are!!

Trav went to KC last weekend to help out his brother on his house. They redid the bathroom...painted the house....blah blah blah. All stuff that goes in one ear and out the other with me!! I hear it went well though and it got finished. Hubby is now complaning of a broken shin (he's a big baby!) and blisters on his hand. I told him to put some windex on it and shut up!! ok maybe i didn't....but i wanted to! While he was gone i got to spend some quality girl time with friends!! A friend from high school just moved out here (HI ELYSE!!!!) and it's been so much fun catching up with her!! I'm pretty damn excited to add another friend to my collection!! (can i call it a collection when the total is 2??) Although i'm not sure if she'll ever come over again..... maybe after we get fumigated!! I went to feed the muts right as she was getting ready to leave and VOILA, dead mouse in food. Yep. Not lying.... that shit is NASTY!!!! I told travis NEVER again will i be feeding the dogs.... i don't like those kind of surprises, flowers at work nice surprise, mice in dog food bad surprise. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

No big plans coming up for us. Well, unless you consider hubby's little brother graduation a big deal. Personally....i can't believe he made it past 8th grade :) I kid i kid!! we'll be heading back that way mid-may for those festivities....and our next venture will be bach. party and girls weekend! (EEEEK!). I am SOOOO ready to hang out with the girls....i pee my pants a little every time i think about it! I was worried i'd be knocked up and not able to play....apparently God knows me too well and is holding off on that for me!!

ok...enough babbling.... peace out home slice.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Vacation???? Yes please!!

This week i've been on a major vacation kick. I WANT ONE.....i'd go as far as to say i NEED one! Like yesterday!! Now i'm a planner..... it gives me something to do while "working". But i'm having a tough time with this one. I want warm weather....a pool, a beach.... cocktails, and of course good company. The company part isn't as easy as it sounds either folks. Everyone is always quick to respond when asked if they'd like to go on a adventure with me. I mean DUH, everyone wants to go on a vacation! But to actually get people to commit, that's a whole different ballgame. At this point i'm not above going by myself. I make friends pretty easily..... Anywho..... second issue. The green....mula.....dolla dolla bills..... what ever you choose to call them. I have none, and i don't for see that changing anytime within the next ohhhhhhhhhh 4 years or so. And DAMN'T i'm not waiting that long for my fruity cocktail and a tan! So.... here's the criteria.
1. WARM weather....nothing below 80 please and thank you
2. Water. A beach would be preferred, but i'm willing to settle with a pool, puddle or lagoon.
3. Peeps. Someone PLEASE come with me. Don't make me be the weirdo at the bar alone :)
4. Low Dolla dolla bills ya'll. like i said...i don't have it, so it's gotta be low. At least low enough that i can still eat while vacationing. (i'd give that up before giving up my drinking on vaca, duh!)
5. Timing. I want to go meow.... BUT i'm realistic. I'd need at least a month or so to pack my bag. And a little bit of time to prepare my hotmess of a self for swimsuits.
Alright....with all that said. Let's plan.

I heart Vegas....like a lot. So that could be fun. Although Mel already veto'd this one :(

She veto'd Nappa Valley too.....but i'll make it there some day....bet your ass.

Mexico. They do free shots of Tequila at walmart....... enough said.

Cruises are always a grand ol time. Water. booze. casino. clubs. oh my.

Opps how'd that get in there :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who do you owe it all to???

Chase, Mastercard, Visa....... No no....that's not where i'm headed with this.....

I owe it all to these two lovely peeps.....

And to my amazing, beautiful, and talented sisters.....

And maybe a little to that hottie next to me :)

My Dad.....My Knight and shining armor.

Mom....My hero.
There aren't enough words (and even if there were, i wouldn't be good at putting them together!) to express my gratitude towards them for all that they've done and continue to do for me. I'm truly blessed (and maybe a little spoiled too!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Note to Self

Mice Don't like THIS.........
But....Mice LOVE this.....

Two down.....God knows how many more to go.....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why we hate renting.....

Oh where or where to begin. Well besides the obvious....throwing money away.... there are MANY reasons we've decided we HATE renting.
**Sidenote....if you ask Travis, he'll say this is ALL my fault, and he'd buy in a heartbeat but his crazy/emotional/sometimes delusional wife thinks their going to move back to Kansas**
In college we never really had renting issues. Well there was my one creepy landlord who'd show up unannounced and send my pantless cousin running in a frenzy. We also thought these strange white things on the ceiling were spy cameras....... we could never prove it though. I had some Reba loving Fiesta neighbors once....they were fun. But never really a landlord problem. Trav's parents were his landlord for the last three years of college, so that was easy peasy. (See guys, this is yet ANOTHER reason i NEVER wanted to leave College....EVER!) Now fastforward to the our Colorado experience. First landlords seemed like they were going to be super, lived in Seattle, but seemed like they'd be uber helpful if we ever need anything. And for the most part they were. It was the crazy ass neighbors that gave this place a big ol thumbs down (on occasion, it wasn't a thumb being used!). Now this can be partially blamed on us. We should have looked more into this little neighborhood. Apparently the requirements to live there were that you had to be a fun hating grandma/grandpa who never ever raised their voice while outside and NEVER left the dogs on the porch, and NEVER EVER stayed outside past 9pm. We DO NOT fit any of those (just to clear things up....i'd hope to god you would know that). We had the HOA called on us a number of times.... were given many of warnings..... all by one CRAZY ass lady that lived across the way. We seriously contimplated leaving poop on her doorstep....possibly lighting it on fire. If we did.....well that's between us, some poop and a crazy lady now isn't it. Moving along. Stop number two in Colorado would be our present day humble abode. It's on Corona street....sounds like heaven right??? Um....if you consider the dirtiest place you've ever stepped foot in with gutters falling off heaven then yes...that's just what this place was when we moved it, heaven. (we've cleaned...i promise) After sending off our long, LOOOOOONG list of things that were wrong with the place (i believe this is mandatory when renting from a property manager....so we don't get charged for it later) we didn't hear from anyone for ohhhhhh 3 weeks. We'd called, emailed....pretty much done everything but showed up at these people's personal residence to try and get them to pay attention to us. Anyways, they finally call....say they have to talk to the owners they'll be getting back to us within a few days. Well that was about 3 weeks ago. Yep...you guessed it, they haven't called. Oh but don't worry we called them....right after we realized that MICE have been helping themselves to my tortillas!! Wanna know what they said??? We've had several complaints from our properites, set up mouse traps and if you catch more then 4 let us know. um...... F-U. Bugs, i can do....Mice, not so flipping much!!! So we set up stupid mouse traps..... that's how we learned ants love peanut butter.....and that we have an ant problem too. Who's coming to visit??? I bet i get a whole crap ton of visitors now......NO???
So....there you have it. Reason's why I HATE RENTING!!! I'm sure i'll have more as the year goes on..... and i'm sure i'll share them with you......because lets face it, nothing else cool is happening to me. I suck.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Well I really have Nothing nice to say....so i shouldn't say anything at all..... buuuuuut i will fill you in on our ohhhhhhh so happening lives!!

*These will be in random order....and you may not care at all about most of them, but this isn't your blog now is it???*

1. Weather here has been AAAAAAMAZING. Like, makes me want to run around in shorts and tank tops amazing (i have no shorts....or skirts......shit!) It got up to 85 here the other day. Trav was beside himself. We played in the yard some....planted my flowers and worked on getting his little vegetable garden ready. They may all die before we get them in the ground....stay tuned.

2. I used tools. POWER tools. Like big serious power tools. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but i'm pretty damn good with a power saw :) I don't even know what to call what we built....all you need to know is it was for the dogs, and it keeps them from eating shit in the shed.

3. We lost our minds for a sec, and took a suprise trip home to Wichita. Note to self. You hate that drive..... you hate it with a passion. You never leave there happy....so really Ab, dont ever think a surprise trip to Wichita is a good idea. Mel wasn't even in town. I should have known that was a sign..... oh well. No one died, we only pissed one person off and I only ran into one car.

4. I hate reproduction. Why i ever thought trying would be fun (well besides the obvious). Seriously.... as far as i know we're going about it the right way. Well unless all that changed since sex ed and no one filled me in. Which is seriously possible.

5. Money is still stupid, always has been always will be. (unless you're planning on sending me some in which case i'm just kidding)

6. Our Dogs.....STINK. I think while we're at work they eat dead animals or something.... nothing that smells THAT bad should come out of any living creature..... But besides being super smelly, they LOVE their yard....i mean LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Best thing we ever did :)

7. Baseball. The time is upon us!!! Opening day here in Denver is Friday and i'm pretty damn stoked!! We didn't actually get tickets to the game, they're not cheap (see number 5). We plan on just heading downtown and joining the party! I hear it's quite a good time.....i'll let you know. We ARE going to the game Saturday night though..... rumor has it the Rockies may be pretty good this year..... i hope i don't jinx them.

8. Jewelry. I got suckered into hosting a stupid jewelry party this month. I seriously have like 3 friends in Denver, i warned the lady it's gonna be a shitty party when it's just me and my 3 friends....but she didn't care. The only reason i am going thru with it is because it's an excuse to make my husband clean the house and for me to drink :)

9.Trav is headed to KC the last weekend of April to help his brother do some manly stuff to his house. His bro's footing the bill....so i'm assuming there will actually be work done. I"m thinking i'll head to DC that weekend. Haven't been back since Christmas....that casino is calling my name (and ALL my non-existing money!)

10. I still like Travis..... so i suppose i'll keep him around a while longer!!