Monday, April 5, 2010


Well I really have Nothing nice to i shouldn't say anything at all..... buuuuuut i will fill you in on our ohhhhhhh so happening lives!!

*These will be in random order....and you may not care at all about most of them, but this isn't your blog now is it???*

1. Weather here has been AAAAAAMAZING. Like, makes me want to run around in shorts and tank tops amazing (i have no shorts....or skirts......shit!) It got up to 85 here the other day. Trav was beside himself. We played in the yard some....planted my flowers and worked on getting his little vegetable garden ready. They may all die before we get them in the ground....stay tuned.

2. I used tools. POWER tools. Like big serious power tools. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but i'm pretty damn good with a power saw :) I don't even know what to call what we built....all you need to know is it was for the dogs, and it keeps them from eating shit in the shed.

3. We lost our minds for a sec, and took a suprise trip home to Wichita. Note to self. You hate that drive..... you hate it with a passion. You never leave there really Ab, dont ever think a surprise trip to Wichita is a good idea. Mel wasn't even in town. I should have known that was a sign..... oh well. No one died, we only pissed one person off and I only ran into one car.

4. I hate reproduction. Why i ever thought trying would be fun (well besides the obvious). Seriously.... as far as i know we're going about it the right way. Well unless all that changed since sex ed and no one filled me in. Which is seriously possible.

5. Money is still stupid, always has been always will be. (unless you're planning on sending me some in which case i'm just kidding)

6. Our Dogs.....STINK. I think while we're at work they eat dead animals or something.... nothing that smells THAT bad should come out of any living creature..... But besides being super smelly, they LOVE their yard....i mean LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Best thing we ever did :)

7. Baseball. The time is upon us!!! Opening day here in Denver is Friday and i'm pretty damn stoked!! We didn't actually get tickets to the game, they're not cheap (see number 5). We plan on just heading downtown and joining the party! I hear it's quite a good time.....i'll let you know. We ARE going to the game Saturday night though..... rumor has it the Rockies may be pretty good this year..... i hope i don't jinx them.

8. Jewelry. I got suckered into hosting a stupid jewelry party this month. I seriously have like 3 friends in Denver, i warned the lady it's gonna be a shitty party when it's just me and my 3 friends....but she didn't care. The only reason i am going thru with it is because it's an excuse to make my husband clean the house and for me to drink :)

9.Trav is headed to KC the last weekend of April to help his brother do some manly stuff to his house. His bro's footing the i'm assuming there will actually be work done. I"m thinking i'll head to DC that weekend. Haven't been back since Christmas....that casino is calling my name (and ALL my non-existing money!)

10. I still like Travis..... so i suppose i'll keep him around a while longer!!

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  1. Money is stupid, can't I just save all summer for a new pair of doc martin's again. I mean no one ever told me to save to pay bills, and that is no fun anyway. I think it is great that you two get out and are trying to be part of the denver culture. Rockies baseball is a good time, I have been to a few games. Love to hear all your randomness it gives me a since of hope that I too can someday be random and not bogged down by school. Kisses and hugs to you Denver Folk