Friday, April 16, 2010

Vacation???? Yes please!!

This week i've been on a major vacation kick. I WANT ONE.....i'd go as far as to say i NEED one! Like yesterday!! Now i'm a planner..... it gives me something to do while "working". But i'm having a tough time with this one. I want warm weather....a pool, a beach.... cocktails, and of course good company. The company part isn't as easy as it sounds either folks. Everyone is always quick to respond when asked if they'd like to go on a adventure with me. I mean DUH, everyone wants to go on a vacation! But to actually get people to commit, that's a whole different ballgame. At this point i'm not above going by myself. I make friends pretty easily..... Anywho..... second issue. The green....mula.....dolla dolla bills..... what ever you choose to call them. I have none, and i don't for see that changing anytime within the next ohhhhhhhhhh 4 years or so. And DAMN'T i'm not waiting that long for my fruity cocktail and a tan! So.... here's the criteria.
1. WARM weather....nothing below 80 please and thank you
2. Water. A beach would be preferred, but i'm willing to settle with a pool, puddle or lagoon.
3. Peeps. Someone PLEASE come with me. Don't make me be the weirdo at the bar alone :)
4. Low Dolla dolla bills ya'll. like i said...i don't have it, so it's gotta be low. At least low enough that i can still eat while vacationing. (i'd give that up before giving up my drinking on vaca, duh!)
5. Timing. I want to go meow.... BUT i'm realistic. I'd need at least a month or so to pack my bag. And a little bit of time to prepare my hotmess of a self for swimsuits.
Alright....with all that said. Let's plan.

I heart a lot. So that could be fun. Although Mel already veto'd this one :(

She veto'd Nappa Valley too.....but i'll make it there some your ass.

Mexico. They do free shots of Tequila at walmart....... enough said.

Cruises are always a grand ol time. Water. booze. casino. clubs. oh my.

Opps how'd that get in there :)


  1. How about Miami? I hear Will Smith and Jay-Z like it there. Oh! And those lovely Kardashian girls. :)

  2. your posts always make me laugh so hard!!

  3. How about a beach wedding in Mexico? I hear December is a good time, December 11th exactly. We may or may not have a solution for the shortage of dollar bills too. :)