Monday, April 12, 2010

Why we hate renting.....

Oh where or where to begin. Well besides the obvious....throwing money away.... there are MANY reasons we've decided we HATE renting.
**Sidenote....if you ask Travis, he'll say this is ALL my fault, and he'd buy in a heartbeat but his crazy/emotional/sometimes delusional wife thinks their going to move back to Kansas**
In college we never really had renting issues. Well there was my one creepy landlord who'd show up unannounced and send my pantless cousin running in a frenzy. We also thought these strange white things on the ceiling were spy cameras....... we could never prove it though. I had some Reba loving Fiesta neighbors once....they were fun. But never really a landlord problem. Trav's parents were his landlord for the last three years of college, so that was easy peasy. (See guys, this is yet ANOTHER reason i NEVER wanted to leave College....EVER!) Now fastforward to the our Colorado experience. First landlords seemed like they were going to be super, lived in Seattle, but seemed like they'd be uber helpful if we ever need anything. And for the most part they were. It was the crazy ass neighbors that gave this place a big ol thumbs down (on occasion, it wasn't a thumb being used!). Now this can be partially blamed on us. We should have looked more into this little neighborhood. Apparently the requirements to live there were that you had to be a fun hating grandma/grandpa who never ever raised their voice while outside and NEVER left the dogs on the porch, and NEVER EVER stayed outside past 9pm. We DO NOT fit any of those (just to clear things up....i'd hope to god you would know that). We had the HOA called on us a number of times.... were given many of warnings..... all by one CRAZY ass lady that lived across the way. We seriously contimplated leaving poop on her doorstep....possibly lighting it on fire. If we did.....well that's between us, some poop and a crazy lady now isn't it. Moving along. Stop number two in Colorado would be our present day humble abode. It's on Corona street....sounds like heaven right??? Um....if you consider the dirtiest place you've ever stepped foot in with gutters falling off heaven then yes...that's just what this place was when we moved it, heaven. (we've cleaned...i promise) After sending off our long, LOOOOOONG list of things that were wrong with the place (i believe this is mandatory when renting from a property we don't get charged for it later) we didn't hear from anyone for ohhhhhh 3 weeks. We'd called, emailed....pretty much done everything but showed up at these people's personal residence to try and get them to pay attention to us. Anyways, they finally call....say they have to talk to the owners they'll be getting back to us within a few days. Well that was about 3 weeks ago. guessed it, they haven't called. Oh but don't worry we called them....right after we realized that MICE have been helping themselves to my tortillas!! Wanna know what they said??? We've had several complaints from our properites, set up mouse traps and if you catch more then 4 let us know. um...... F-U. Bugs, i can do....Mice, not so flipping much!!! So we set up stupid mouse traps..... that's how we learned ants love peanut butter.....and that we have an ant problem too. Who's coming to visit??? I bet i get a whole crap ton of visitors now......NO???
So....there you have it. Reason's why I HATE RENTING!!! I'm sure i'll have more as the year goes on..... and i'm sure i'll share them with you......because lets face it, nothing else cool is happening to me. I suck.

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  1. how do the mice know if you are renting or buying? they are smarter than i thought...