Monday, October 7, 2013

Declan - 7 month

Weight: 21.5 pounds (home scale)
Height: 27.5in.  (total guess)

You are wearing 6-9month, 9 month and some 12 month clothes.  Which we are running low on.  It's funny how stocked up we were on newborn/3 month and then it seems like we have hardly anything from here on out.  Guess mom just has to go shopping...shoot.  

Still hanging out in the 3's.  I think we'll stick with those for another box and then move on to the 4's.  We've been having some blowouts...and I'm not sure if we're just bad at putting the diapers on, or if you're just too big for them already.  Your weight is still within range...but son, you have the McGuire butt, and it may just be too big for the 3's :)  You most def get it from your daddy!!!

You son...are a eating machine!!! (obviously!!) You are doing so well with your solid foods!! The only thing you really haven't liked is peas...and from what i hear that's pretty common.  You tried green beans (loved!), mango (super loved!), plums (by far your fave!), carrots, chicken and beef! I'm still making your food...with the exception of the meat.  I am too chicken (pun intended!) to make meat in the blender.  So we have just been purchasing some Gerber's...and as i suspected, you are phased at all! I'm super glad we have Uncle Ben's organic applesauce and pear sauce...those have been a lifesaver! We also use his plums!  You eat three times a day...fruit for breakfast, fruit and veggie at lunch, and fruit and meat/veggie at dinner!  You take a bottle in between breakfast and lunch...again after lunch before your nap, and then usually another one around 7 when you're ready for bed.  Such a porker :)

You aren't crawling yet....and babe, I am perfectly fine with that! I'm not sure I'm ready to chase you all over!! You still LOVE to stand and pretend walk. You just laugh and grin from ear to ear anytime you are up on your feet.  I'm almost wondering if we'll just skip crawling all together and go straight to walking!  Whatever floats your boat bud!  Dad's been working with you like crazy to get you to at least get up on your knees....but you just despise it.  Gramme thinks it's because you don't have knees, just rolls :)

You just got your 3rd tooth!!! (Right eye tooth) I knew it was've been fighting sleep a little more then normal, and acting a little crabby.  But honestly, teething has not been that hard on you! We've been VERY blessed!  I just hope you continue to take it well...momma doesn't like it when you don't feel good!

You start going to daycare this week (Oct. 9th).  I'm excited for you.... I really think you'll love being around your buddy James.  I just hope you two don't kill Lynde in the process!! You'll be going Wednesday's and Friday's for now.  Gramme Doll just wasn't ready to give you up full time....and I'm not sure she ever will!  You two just have a blast together! I don't look forward to when you can talk...and tell me you'd rather stay with her.  It'll happen...I'd put money on it

You've started doing a head tilt.  It's hilarious.  It's like you're trying to look under something, but more time's then not, there's nothing to look under.  It's like you are trying to see from a different angle.  You're a goof.

This past month we've gone on a few short little trips.  First to visit Great Grandma in Wakeeny.

We went up twice this month and each time you were just an angel.  You travel so well now!!  Your Great Grandma got to love on you did your Aunt Dana!! (Who came to watch you for a couple days while Gramme was out of two had a BLAST!! plus you scored all sorts of new toys! The bath toys have been you're favorite, especially the crab! We loved having her here and can't wait for her to come back!)

You also traveled to Wichita to cheer me on in my 3rd 1/2 marathon!!! Crossing that finish line was SO much sweeter with you and dad right there to welcome me!!! 

That same weekend we got your 6 month photo's taken!  You were a little grumpy, since you decided to wake up at 6am instead of your usual 7.  So these were right around when you wanted a nap....I'm still super happy with them!! 

And here's some 7 month photo out takes.... you were being a ham!

You have grown SO much this past month...and it's been so fun to watch you discover new things.  I can't wait to see what the 7month of life brings you.... 

To the moon and back buddy...