Friday, September 24, 2010


Today we asked a little girl what her life goals were (keep in mind she's 5). Her reply....

"Well I'd like to grow up to be either a fairy or a princess......but probably a fairy, cause you need a PhD to be a Princess..."

Who knew!!!

That's all it takes???

Apparently all i have to do to fix something/get my send it out into the blogospher (i have no idea how to spell that made up word!). I'm no longer thinking about cutting out my woman parts..... this will probably last ohhhh about three weeks and then some one will have to take the scalpel from me.

k well that's all.....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me...being lame.

i know i promised something fun.....but i'm lame.

new job = no fun

well ok maybe i lie..... i've still had fun....but i've been sooooo stinking preoccupied with work (read...orientation...STILL) and plus they just scare you at new jobs with the whole BIG BROTHER crap.... ugh.

So the new job. Starting out...LOVED it! was busy, there wasn't much down time.... all the things i wanted...THEN, the uppers had different plans and moved me to another location (i've learned in the previous week or so that this has nothing to do with me, rather the other person...apparently i'm sooooo amazing at my job they don't think i need all that much supervision....which means i go to the location with less THINGS TO DO!) I'm frustrated...they actually told me to bring a book to work....REALLY!!!!! i'm hoping i'm just assuming too much and there will be things for me to do, and if not, i'm not afraid to ask....beg.... cry....throw fits...until someone gives me work (is that sad...?) I just keep reminding myself.... ok abby, you were super bored at your last job and made less money with waaaaaay less's'll survive. But frustrated i remain. This may be the rum talking....but i think i'm ready to feel feel like i'm actually doing something....making my mark. Weird. So we shall see how this all goes....

On a whole different note....i hate my body (not physically, so don't freak out sarah)....i'm considering having everthing removed.... do they do that???? I'll spare you the details....but just know this matter frustrates the bejesus out of me.

I'll work on pictures....i'm not dumb...i know everyone likes those kinds of posts better :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

My bad....

I've been a bad blogger as of late..... but i have good reason i promise!! With my new job my schedule has changed and it's sort of thrown me for a at first i was scared to get on the internet :) Don't worry, i'm back to my old ways.....

I promise to have something fun and exciting soon.....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

More than yesterday, less than tomorrow.....

A year ago today I married the man of my dreams, my own personal super hero, my best friend, MY EVERYTHING

Here's to many many more.....

Friday, September 3, 2010

Short interruption....

Sorry to break up the Abby/Travis montage theme we have going on....but i just needed to state the fact that today is my LAST day here at the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood. Bittersweet really.... i'm excited to be moving on to bigger and better things (more money, more pto...more stuff to do!) but at the same damn time i can't stop crying. The best thing about this place BY FAR is the amazing people. I've grown super close to my co-workers.... and they've grown to tolerate me...cusswords and all!!! I'm going to miss them....A LOT. I plan on popping back in from time to time, yelling a few F words just to keep them on their toes :)

Thanks for the memories HI lakewood....your top notch!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Travis and Abby montage continues....

Unfortunetly once we moved to Denver i was off the payroll and could no longer afford to change my hair every other these pictures are a little less entertaining :)

SEPTEMBER 2008: Our first Rockies game as Colorado Residents!
OCTOBER 2008: Besides the wedding, BEST DAY EVER!!
NOVEMBER 2008: Our first and only hockey game!!

DECEMBER 2008: A visit from family!

FEBRUARY 2008: Another trip to vegas.... this is obvisouly after we'd enjoyed a few.

MARCH 2009: 80's party.... we're hot.

MARCH 2009 (again): St. Patty's in Manhattan....FAVORITE fake holiday by far!

MAY 2009: In Kansas for Sadie's graduation.

JUNE 2009: We add another member to the McGuire clan...Knox!!

JUNE 2009: I think this is when the tradition of Thirsty Thursdays started.....

JULY 2009: Bach. Party in KC.....

AUGUST 2008: A trip downtown to play with the Fitzgeralds.

SEPTEMBER 4th, 2010: Our last picture as a non married couple!!

And since i'm sure you guys haven't had enough Abby and Travis face time..... NEXT UP
WEDDING PICS!! (try and contain yourself!)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Anniversary Week....Part 2!!

Anniversary week continues!!! I think we'll start right where we left off....(Aug. 07 was last pic!)

SEPTEMBER 2007: I do believe this was on our way to or from Salina. My friend/roomie Sally's wedding!!

NOVEMBER 2007: This would be my beautiful cousin Kalli's wedding.... (i'm becoming rather amused at how often our hair changes, well mostly mine)

DECEMBER 2007: A Random night out in Aggieville..... we LOVE hoody weather! (SEE!! My hair is darker again...WTF!)

DECEMBER 2007: Trav's first Christmas with the Doll clan....he survived!!

JANURARY 2008: New Years in Wamego at our good friends the Gerwicks! (This hair do would be called the skunk, per Travis.)

JANUARY 2008 (again): Our first ski trip together. My first time back on the slopes in over 10 years. I cried the whole way down so we had to go to the bar to build my confidence, IT WORKED! (Now all my hair is gone.....and trav grew some on his face...EWW!)

MARCH 2008: My first spring break trip with the McGuires. I believe this was in Copper...and Trav didn't believe in sunscreen at the time! (Now it's his hair that's weird....)

APRIL 2008: We got our first puppy together, Miss Lillie Anne McGuire

JUNE 2008: Our Second vacation together...The Outer Banks! Travis was in his good friend Matt's wedding out that way and we decided to make a vacation of it!! Besides the food poisoning it was amazing! (annnnnd the blonde is back, and trav's hair is gone. Isn't this fun!)

JULY 2008: Enjoying our LAST summer in Manhattan.

AUGUST 2008: I'm thinking this actually may have been late July, well whatever. A visit to KC for Jenny's benefit. Our last visit before moving!

Welp....there it is, the second installment of the Abby and Travis adventures. Before i would have said we haven't changed much.....but apparently we have, especially my