Thursday, September 2, 2010

Travis and Abby montage continues....

Unfortunetly once we moved to Denver i was off the payroll and could no longer afford to change my hair every other these pictures are a little less entertaining :)

SEPTEMBER 2008: Our first Rockies game as Colorado Residents!
OCTOBER 2008: Besides the wedding, BEST DAY EVER!!
NOVEMBER 2008: Our first and only hockey game!!

DECEMBER 2008: A visit from family!

FEBRUARY 2008: Another trip to vegas.... this is obvisouly after we'd enjoyed a few.

MARCH 2009: 80's party.... we're hot.

MARCH 2009 (again): St. Patty's in Manhattan....FAVORITE fake holiday by far!

MAY 2009: In Kansas for Sadie's graduation.

JUNE 2009: We add another member to the McGuire clan...Knox!!

JUNE 2009: I think this is when the tradition of Thirsty Thursdays started.....

JULY 2009: Bach. Party in KC.....

AUGUST 2008: A trip downtown to play with the Fitzgeralds.

SEPTEMBER 4th, 2010: Our last picture as a non married couple!!

And since i'm sure you guys haven't had enough Abby and Travis face time..... NEXT UP
WEDDING PICS!! (try and contain yourself!)

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