Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me...being lame.

i know i promised something fun.....but i'm lame.

new job = no fun

well ok maybe i lie..... i've still had fun....but i've been sooooo stinking preoccupied with work (read...orientation...STILL) and plus they just scare you at new jobs with the whole BIG BROTHER crap.... ugh.

So the new job. Starting out...LOVED it! was busy, there wasn't much down time.... all the things i wanted...THEN, the uppers had different plans and moved me to another location (i've learned in the previous week or so that this has nothing to do with me, rather the other person...apparently i'm sooooo amazing at my job they don't think i need all that much supervision....which means i go to the location with less THINGS TO DO!) I'm frustrated...they actually told me to bring a book to work....REALLY!!!!! i'm hoping i'm just assuming too much and there will be things for me to do, and if not, i'm not afraid to ask....beg.... cry....throw fits...until someone gives me work (is that sad...?) I just keep reminding myself.... ok abby, you were super bored at your last job and made less money with waaaaaay less's'll survive. But frustrated i remain. This may be the rum talking....but i think i'm ready to feel feel like i'm actually doing something....making my mark. Weird. So we shall see how this all goes....

On a whole different note....i hate my body (not physically, so don't freak out sarah)....i'm considering having everthing removed.... do they do that???? I'll spare you the details....but just know this matter frustrates the bejesus out of me.

I'll work on pictures....i'm not dumb...i know everyone likes those kinds of posts better :)

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  1. hey now, thats not fair! It was jessi that commented last time.

    I think its tough....hard to find a happy medium. In my experience, work is always too much or not enough. To make your mark you have to know what kind of mark you would like it to be. You have a long time to figure it out lady. Let your life work itself out....and for now just enjoy the ride.