Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holy BUSY BEE Batman

I just took a look-see at my schedule....and i pissed myself.

17-19:  My favorite brother-in-law is coming for a visit!!
24-26:  Manhattan to play with the in-laws and maybe visit Stampede

7-10:  GW11.  Also known as Girls Weekend 2011.  Tablerock won't know what hit it.
21-25:  Brekenridge with my family....it's a new tradition and I LOVE IT!
29-30:  Jenna and Ryan visit!  (Stopping thru on the way to a wedding!)

5-7:  Family Reunion in Wichita
13-14:  Rock n' Roll Half Marathon Chicago with my amazing Mother-in-law.
26-28:  Hermann Missouri with my beautiful bride-to-be cousin Jess!!

KSU football starts....lord help us :)
2-4: Manhattan
16-18:  Manhattan

Friday, June 3, 2011

Playing Catch Up!!

It's been ohhhhhh close to forever since i posted.  So i figure i should do a little update, as our lives have been a little chaotic!!

The house is coming along nicely.  We spend last weekend decorating!! I am sooooo in love with the prints I ordered of Etsy and had framed....i promise to take updated pics soon!  We also got the rest of our couch in, so the living room is pretty much complete!! Trav even figured out how to hide those pesky TV cords :)

Our bedroom is in transition as well.  We got all the pieces in, but the footboard had a big ol chunk out of the corner so back it goes! Hopefully by next weekend we'll have that and can finally put the bed together!  We need to hang some stuff in there as well....and i'm on the look out for a cure chair to go in the corner,  the one we have now is a little big. 

Remember the purple polka dot bathroom....well it shall no longer be that way after this weekend!! I'm painting it sort of a burnt red (brick if you must).  My mother is a firm believer that every house needs a red wall, so why not the bathroom!!!

Mel's room is sort of just sitting there....patiently waiting on her to come decorate it :)  It's almost done though, just need to hang some pictures and little nic naks.

Trav has been obsessed with his yard.  It looks GREAT!!  It's amazing what a little TLC can do to a lawn!!  We also just bought a bunch of flowers to plant in the front of the house (under our window) so that's another weekend project!!  (again, i'll post pics when it's done!).

As far as travis and i go.... we're a hot mess of a couple this past week!  Last Wednesday trav text me at work and said he thought he had appendicitis.  Um ok...that came out of no where!  I made him go to the doctor since we were heading out of town that night for my appointment in wichita.  He had to have an emergency appedix removal.  He checked into the ER at like 445 and i don't think i got home home till after 11.  It was a looooooong day.  And we had to get up early to head to wichita since he botched those plans right up!  Got news while we were in Wichita that I'd be needing surgery.... great grand wonderful!!  So that went down yesterday.  I feel ok....but then again i have some sweet pain pills helping me out with that!  We'll be heading back up to Wichita Tuesday night for a Wednesday appointment, and then again the next Thursday night for a Friday appointment.  Lots of driving, but hopefully it'll all be worth it!

Other then that...works keeping trav busy.  His rotation at this time is Feed.  So he is to work by 3am and home around 4pm.  It's exhausting...so he's in bed by like 8 :)  He'll only be on that schedule for another month, then he's off to the Mill for a couple of months....then the Big Boy Office!!!! Dad wants him in the office before KU basketball starts so he can take off, leave travis behind, and go to all the games.  Smart man that Steve.

My work is picking up....so that's nice.  I still enjoy it for the most part, and have gotten used to the drive.  Thank God for Kid Kratic in the morning :)  and coffee.... and diet coke.

Oh and Sunday marks 10 weeks till the 1/2 in Chicago.  I'm going to attempt to train again...but NOT over do it like last time!!  So you have those recaps to look forward too!!!

K well that's all i know for now, i'll get some pics up ASAP!