Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holy BUSY BEE Batman

I just took a look-see at my schedule....and i pissed myself.

17-19:  My favorite brother-in-law is coming for a visit!!
24-26:  Manhattan to play with the in-laws and maybe visit Stampede

7-10:  GW11.  Also known as Girls Weekend 2011.  Tablerock won't know what hit it.
21-25:  Brekenridge with my family....it's a new tradition and I LOVE IT!
29-30:  Jenna and Ryan visit!  (Stopping thru on the way to a wedding!)

5-7:  Family Reunion in Wichita
13-14:  Rock n' Roll Half Marathon Chicago with my amazing Mother-in-law.
26-28:  Hermann Missouri with my beautiful bride-to-be cousin Jess!!

KSU football starts....lord help us :)
2-4: Manhattan
16-18:  Manhattan

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