Monday, August 30, 2010

Anniversary Week

I like to celebrate in weeks....birthday weeks, christmas week, halloween week (i blame this one on aggieville) i figured we should have an anniversary week as well!!! This Sunday will be Trav and I's FIRST anniversary!! We did it....we made it to a year. Goal #1 accomplished :) So throughout the week i think i'll share some pics..... we'll start waaaaay back when.....

FEBRUARY 2007: This is the first recorded picture of my lifetime boytoy and I....i'm guessing we're at a bar, scratch that , i'm positive we're at a bar....Rusty's outback to be exact!! We weren't dating at the time...just co-workers :)

MARCH 2007: Sort of an item at this was a little complicated in the beginning! So Long Saloon with our good friend Ben!

APRIL 2007: At Lemmy's. I believe this was the night we had a band....and it was crazy.....and i made travis drop a keg to kiss me. we were "together" at this point....i think

LATE APRIL 2007: I think this may be one of the nights trav and I venture out by ourselves, and tried to finish the shoot list at So Long....

MAY 2007: Another night at So Long :)

JUNE 2007: We took a trip to KC for my friend Jamie's wedding, and had a night out on our own before hand!

LATE JUNE 2007: Country Stampede....this needs no explination

JULY 2007: Obviously i had just gotten off of work and found it necessary to go straight to the ville.....ahhhhh college.

AUGUST 2007: Gerwick Wedding. No i did not mean to match him.....sometimes it just works out that way!

LATE AUGUST 2007: Las Vegas.....round #1
So there you have it.... our first 6 months in eachothers lives...... the best is yet to come :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday.....again.

It's my blog i can post twice in one day if i want to (waaaaaay better then only posting once every month...JESSI!!)
I would like to add one small thing to my list.....
I am thankful for......
MY NEW JOB!!!!!!'s official!!! I got a job at Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health (were trav works. but different prevent office shananagins!) I start September 7th!! So my last day here at the ol Holiday Inn is the 3rd.... EEEEK!!

Thankful Thursday.....

*DISCLAIMER*There are MANY things in my life that i am thankful for....and many people....these are just a few! So don't go getting your panties in a wad if i don't mention you!

My Hot Mess of a Husband. He's my best friend, life long boytoy, partner in crime. (and he's pretty stinking cute!)My amazing parents....I owe everything to them. EVERYTHING!

My friends....(these are not ALL of them...but you get the point!) I blame all of my shanangins on them.... even when they don't live here.

And Diet Coke....Heaven in a can.....If i could marry it, i would.

Of course i'm also thankful for a roof over my head, a job (a NEW ONE SOON!!), food on our table, money in the bank (not a lot but hey who's counting), rum, and candy.
Happy Thursday you houligans.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our weekend in Aspen.....

Last Friday we took off work a little early and headed up to our free weekend in Aspen (well lodging was free, THANK BRE AND BEN!!). We took Independence Pass....which should be called Barf Pass. Talk about a narrow, windy road...that if you make one wrong move your catapolting down the side of a large mountain. Beautiful views....but scary as hell!!

The Mr. after arriving in Aspen....He's making fun of me. Says i always lift my shoulder up, and head tilt in pics....whatever.

We enjoyed some cocktails once we got there....and a coffee cup of cheerio's. Don't judge, it's pretty much my favorite thing in the whole wide world to snack on!!
Saturday we headed out on the town to check things out!! This is a pic from the street our condo was on....(i was trying not to head tilt, it's harder then i thought!)

We found Aspen's Saturday market. It was awesome. There was everything from paintings, jewelry, cheese, fresh veggies and little girls selling lemonade! (Obviously trav had already found the Under Armour store....he found some great deal! No luck for me though!)

After walking around town for a bit we decided we needed a beverage and and app. Found a cute little cantina that got the job done!

Nom nom nom.....we LOVE queso!!

More awesome scenery!!

Then we got the crazy idea to rent a scooter. A red one. Like in Dumb and Dumber :)

Trav wouldn't let me drive it....said i'm scary. He did let me go down the street once before we went out and about...he's so kind that man.

It's probably ok that he drove though..... i decided to be super intelligent and take photo's while cruising the streets!!
Aspen Airport.....look at all those private jets!! Most be nice!!

A hill.....moped's and hills do not mix..... we gave up and turned around.
After returning the moped we did what all respectable Aspenites do on a Saturday afternoon....Played Big Buck Hunter and drank beer!! (another reason we soooo don't belong in upity places!!)

Then we tried our smarts out at a little trivia.....

All in all it was an AMAZING weekend. Sunday on the way back down the mountain we stopped at the outlet stores in Coach outlet??? Yes please :)
Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A place where the beer flows like wine.

Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talking about a little place called Aspen.

The McGuire's are headed to ASPEN this weekend!! (we'll be taking a car, not a scooter!)

Soooo fun post to come monday!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today is stupid

August 12th..... a stupid stupid day. I'm going to act like we skipped right over it and moved on the friday the 13th (weird!). I did get some pretty amazing flowers out of the deal though. So there's that.

I"ll have pics and what not from our Brek trip soon. I've been distracted by this stupid day...

Didn't get that stupid job.....apparently they went with someone internal. whatever. another interview friday with same company different told if they like me it's mine. we'll see.

Stupid part-time job starts this weekend (possibly). Good bye weekends....good bye week nights.... stupid money trumps free time.

Hubby gets his stupid wisdom teeth out tomorrow. We're stocked up on ice cream, pudding, mashed potatoes, and smoothies.

Theme for today is apparently "stupid". Just go with it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

...I've lost my mind.

Sooooo i've become a bit compulsive and have taken to working out over lunch AND after work. . Anyways.... i only have an hour for lunch so by the time i get there i have about 35/40 minutes to get my sweat on. (If you ever come visit me at work, come before lunch, i'm not red/sweaty/smelly then!) On the way to the gym today I got this crazy idea..... it consists of running.... which i despise.....especially long periods of runnin, and fast running. 5K... 3.1 miles. Sounds easy enough right??? Mmmmmm Riiiiiight. (to all you silly marathoners/tri athlete's you my friends...can suck it.!) So my idea.... let's run a 5k over lunch today...just to see if I can do it/survive/move for the next three days/catapolt myself off the treadmill etc. etc.

Sadly....I did NOT fall off the treadmill...... i did NOT die...... and so far i can still walk. (ask again tomorrow!) I know nothing about decent times for these sorts of things.... but i managed to do all 3.1 miles without stopping (walked for the first minute) in 28:45. That's olympic qualifying time no??? Ok probably not.....but i felt pretty damn good about it. Maybe i'll even try it again....... or maybe i'll regain my sanity.

I may have up and done it......

Welp. As we all know by now i'm always SOOOO busy here at busy in fact just the other day i filled out a few applications online to some random places. Honestly, i didn't really think anyone would call...i'm not even sure IF they get those damn online applications. I'm not even sure i was serious about getting a part-time job..... fast forward to yesterday. Phone call from Sports Authority (All that Under Armour!!!). Interview this morning....pretty much have a job. Ummmmm did that just happen? Brad (my new BFF) said they'll call me on monday to set up a time for me to come in, fill out some paperwork, and get a schedule set for training. HOLD THE PHONE. Next week?? I haven't wrapped my head around this yet..... i've never worked retail, why the F would someone give me a job THAT fast. Apparently (according to Brad, my BFF) i have a GREAT personality and plenty of experience in Customer Service which is of uber importance. Um....ok then, here goes nothing!! (and probably all my money since i'll get a sweet discount....ugh)

And an update on the other job search know...the one where i'm not bored all day and make more dollar bills. I'm happy to report there has been some developments!! I shall not bore you with all the details...mainly for the fear that i'll jinx it, but let's just say it'd be the bomb dizzle. More money...WAY better benefits.....and NO boredom!!! I have a flipping THIRD interview (they seem to pass me around alot) on Monday, so keep your fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed please and thank you!

We are headed to Brek this weekend to spend some quality time (hiking, biking, eating) with my peeps (parents and sisters). I called this morning and got the low down on the shack we're staying in. Apparently the tv is as big as my mom's car (so she says....) and it's "heaven". I"ll be the judge of that!!! I'll do my best to take LOTS of discriminating pictures of my family....and maybe even myself!! Hope you all have a SUPER weekend!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

To Part-time or Not to Part-time....

That IS the question!!
Trav got his part-time job at Colorado Ski and Golf back this season (Hurray FREE ski pass!!) so it got me to thinkin..... Should I? or Shouldn't I???

Here's the issue:

1. What would i do?

We all know i've done plenty of this..
Problem with that is I"ve been super spoiled with working at AWESOME places....not corporate, not ran by dick's on a power trip....pretty loyal and awesome i'd hate to start doing that now. And there really just aren't all that many places around here that meet my unless Willie's makes it way out here...i'll pass.

Alright so what about retail?

Problem here is these jobs usually come with a discount. And that's dangerous to me. Thought about Target....yep there goes paycheck. Thought about Sports Authority....Under Armor is my fave so there goes that paycheck. You see where this is going.

2. Free Time

I really....REALLY like getting off at five....heading to the gym.....home to cook dinner....some tv with the hubster....bed.....Repeat. If i had another job that would skrew up my whole damn routine....and that would just SUCK! However. With Trav having his job back, he won't be home for me to there's that.

Maybe i just need to start playing the lottery.....or gambling.....or find a sugar daddy.....or rob a bank......