Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our weekend in Aspen.....

Last Friday we took off work a little early and headed up to our free weekend in Aspen (well lodging was free, THANK BRE AND BEN!!). We took Independence Pass....which should be called Barf Pass. Talk about a narrow, windy road...that if you make one wrong move your catapolting down the side of a large mountain. Beautiful views....but scary as hell!!

The Mr. after arriving in Aspen....He's making fun of me. Says i always lift my shoulder up, and head tilt in pics....whatever.

We enjoyed some cocktails once we got there....and a coffee cup of cheerio's. Don't judge, it's pretty much my favorite thing in the whole wide world to snack on!!
Saturday we headed out on the town to check things out!! This is a pic from the street our condo was on....(i was trying not to head tilt, it's harder then i thought!)

We found Aspen's Saturday market. It was awesome. There was everything from paintings, jewelry, cheese, fresh veggies and little girls selling lemonade! (Obviously trav had already found the Under Armour store....he found some great deal! No luck for me though!)

After walking around town for a bit we decided we needed a beverage and and app. Found a cute little cantina that got the job done!

Nom nom nom.....we LOVE queso!!

More awesome scenery!!

Then we got the crazy idea to rent a scooter. A red one. Like in Dumb and Dumber :)

Trav wouldn't let me drive it....said i'm scary. He did let me go down the street once before we went out and about...he's so kind that man.

It's probably ok that he drove though..... i decided to be super intelligent and take photo's while cruising the streets!!
Aspen Airport.....look at all those private jets!! Most be nice!!

A hill.....moped's and hills do not mix..... we gave up and turned around.
After returning the moped we did what all respectable Aspenites do on a Saturday afternoon....Played Big Buck Hunter and drank beer!! (another reason we soooo don't belong in upity places!!)

Then we tried our smarts out at a little trivia.....

All in all it was an AMAZING weekend. Sunday on the way back down the mountain we stopped at the outlet stores in Silverthorne....um Coach outlet??? Yes please :)
Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!!

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