Monday, August 30, 2010

Anniversary Week

I like to celebrate in weeks....birthday weeks, christmas week, halloween week (i blame this one on aggieville) i figured we should have an anniversary week as well!!! This Sunday will be Trav and I's FIRST anniversary!! We did it....we made it to a year. Goal #1 accomplished :) So throughout the week i think i'll share some pics..... we'll start waaaaay back when.....

FEBRUARY 2007: This is the first recorded picture of my lifetime boytoy and I....i'm guessing we're at a bar, scratch that , i'm positive we're at a bar....Rusty's outback to be exact!! We weren't dating at the time...just co-workers :)

MARCH 2007: Sort of an item at this was a little complicated in the beginning! So Long Saloon with our good friend Ben!

APRIL 2007: At Lemmy's. I believe this was the night we had a band....and it was crazy.....and i made travis drop a keg to kiss me. we were "together" at this point....i think

LATE APRIL 2007: I think this may be one of the nights trav and I venture out by ourselves, and tried to finish the shoot list at So Long....

MAY 2007: Another night at So Long :)

JUNE 2007: We took a trip to KC for my friend Jamie's wedding, and had a night out on our own before hand!

LATE JUNE 2007: Country Stampede....this needs no explination

JULY 2007: Obviously i had just gotten off of work and found it necessary to go straight to the ville.....ahhhhh college.

AUGUST 2007: Gerwick Wedding. No i did not mean to match him.....sometimes it just works out that way!

LATE AUGUST 2007: Las Vegas.....round #1
So there you have it.... our first 6 months in eachothers lives...... the best is yet to come :)