Friday, August 6, 2010

...I've lost my mind.

Sooooo i've become a bit compulsive and have taken to working out over lunch AND after work. . Anyways.... i only have an hour for lunch so by the time i get there i have about 35/40 minutes to get my sweat on. (If you ever come visit me at work, come before lunch, i'm not red/sweaty/smelly then!) On the way to the gym today I got this crazy idea..... it consists of running.... which i despise.....especially long periods of runnin, and fast running. 5K... 3.1 miles. Sounds easy enough right??? Mmmmmm Riiiiiight. (to all you silly marathoners/tri athlete's you my friends...can suck it.!) So my idea.... let's run a 5k over lunch today...just to see if I can do it/survive/move for the next three days/catapolt myself off the treadmill etc. etc.

Sadly....I did NOT fall off the treadmill...... i did NOT die...... and so far i can still walk. (ask again tomorrow!) I know nothing about decent times for these sorts of things.... but i managed to do all 3.1 miles without stopping (walked for the first minute) in 28:45. That's olympic qualifying time no??? Ok probably not.....but i felt pretty damn good about it. Maybe i'll even try it again....... or maybe i'll regain my sanity.


  1. I'm just gonna throw this out there. You have me worried. Take it easy, Ab. You don't need to go overboard on this working out thing. You are absolutely beautiful and you should focus all your efforts on being as healthy as possible. Be careful.