Wednesday, August 4, 2010

To Part-time or Not to Part-time....

That IS the question!!
Trav got his part-time job at Colorado Ski and Golf back this season (Hurray FREE ski pass!!) so it got me to thinkin..... Should I? or Shouldn't I???

Here's the issue:

1. What would i do?

We all know i've done plenty of this..
Problem with that is I"ve been super spoiled with working at AWESOME places....not corporate, not ran by dick's on a power trip....pretty loyal and awesome i'd hate to start doing that now. And there really just aren't all that many places around here that meet my unless Willie's makes it way out here...i'll pass.

Alright so what about retail?

Problem here is these jobs usually come with a discount. And that's dangerous to me. Thought about Target....yep there goes paycheck. Thought about Sports Authority....Under Armor is my fave so there goes that paycheck. You see where this is going.

2. Free Time

I really....REALLY like getting off at five....heading to the gym.....home to cook dinner....some tv with the hubster....bed.....Repeat. If i had another job that would skrew up my whole damn routine....and that would just SUCK! However. With Trav having his job back, he won't be home for me to there's that.

Maybe i just need to start playing the lottery.....or gambling.....or find a sugar daddy.....or rob a bank......


  1. I agree. I love my current work would be so hard to mess that up!

    And thank you for your encouragement. It is great to see you healthy and beautiful and gives me hope for my sister.

  2. I can get Travis an in with the mob....interested???